custom name engraved necklaceJewelry is some of the most popular gifts nowadays. When you receive a piece of jewelry, you definitely feel special and appreciated. Many pieces of jewels work fantastically as a romantic gift. Necklaces are some of the best choices, and when they’re meaningful, they’re even more appreciated than expected.

Why get a meaningful necklace for your girlfriend?

When you care enough for your girlfriend, you should find a way to show it. Engraved or meaningful necklaces are one option to use. He/she is going to appreciate your gesture even more due to the effort you’ve put into finding something special. When you give something that you cannot deliver to somebody else, that somebody is going to feel unique in your world.

A meaningful necklace is going to become a lovely memory until the end of time. It can express emotions that words cannot express. It says a lot about the love and affection you carry for that special someone.

What makes a necklace meaningful?

Many types of necklaces fall within the category. Merely giving it to your beloved girlfriend can make it meaningful enough for her, but some types of necklaces stand out right from the start.

For instance, engraving the coordinates of the location where you have your first kiss can really make an impression on your girlfriend. It only takes a 1in bar made of sterling silver (you can go with other materials, of course) and attaches it to a chain. One can customize the bar with the coordinates, names, initials or anything defining your feelings. Some go with Roman numerals for expressing their love.

Engraving a special message or the name that you love so much is a great way to turn a regular necklace into a meaningful one. “You’re the one” can take your relationship to a whole new level. What better way to make someone feel special but with a meaningful engraved message?

When you travel away from your girlfriend, a meaningful necklace is going to ensure her that you’re committed to your relationship. Even if you’re away from each other, you are still close to each other thanks to this necklace. If it’s a picture necklace, your girlfriend can take a peek at your picture together when she misses you the most.

Engraved necklaces are just one example of meaningful necklaces that you can offer to your girlfriend. There are many other suggestions that you can use.

What is the top 5 meaningful necklace for your girlfriend?

Unlike rings, that have to come in the right size, and earrings that may irritate some skin types, a necklace is a sure thing 9 times out of 10. As long as you know which taste your girlfriend has in metal (rose gold, gold, silver or platinum), finding the right necklace for her shouldn’t become mission impossible.

As you’re in for the surprise effect, it may be a bit difficult to find the right type of meaningful necklace. There are many out there that include some customization, and you need to decide which one you fancy the most.

Without any further ado, here are our top 5 suggestions for meaningful necklaces for your girlfriend:

1. A necklace engraved with the coordinates of somewhere useful

custom coordinates necklaceYour love is unique and one-of-a-kind, right? You may stamp the coordinates of the place where you had your first kiss, or you said “I love you” for the very first time. The bar for engraving doesn’t have to be significant. 1-in is going to be enough most of the time. You may attach the bar to the necklace (there are many lengths to choose from).

2. A picture necklace

You can show your girlfriend that they hold the key to your heart with a heart-shaped locket. There are many designs and details out there so choose one that your girlfriend may like. Most of the lockets present a secure magnetic closure, holding a small photo of a particular moment.

personalized heart photo pendantA picture necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that always makes an excellent impression. At you’re going to find not only picture necklaces but also some helpful recommendations about the trends in terms of jewelry. Practically, if you don’t know much about jewelry, you’re going to be able to get ideas for all sorts of occasions. From the trends and styles in jewelry nowadays, the site is going to be such a great help for you. You only need the patience and the time to go over the suggestions and the most inspired choices in terms of jewelry right now.

3. A delicate heart necklace that comes in a beautiful finish

If you’re a simple man of few words, a necklace that says “I love you” in the most straightforward way is going to be a good choice for you. A mini heart charm necklace is something that your girlfriend can wear all the time.

You may find one that is made of gold and is accurately cut with lasers for a distinctive shine and look. There are gold and silver finishes, so you need to know which type your girlfriend prefers. Even if this isn’t a deal breaker, you should also pay attention to the necklace and its locking mechanism. Some look better and take use for a longer time.

4. An infinity necklace that declares your forever love

silver infinity necklace with blue heart stoneA sterling silver (it can also be any other material that your girlfriend fancies) infinity pendant can be another way of saying “I treasure you in my life until the end.” The charm can only be 1-in big, but it’s best that it comes with an adjustable chain so that it stays really close to the neck. It’s going to show a lot better like that.

Look for the necklaces that are easy to clean and are both nickel and lead-free.

5. A necklace set so that you both have a piece of each other. Forever and ever

together forever split heart necklaceYou may show your love and appreciation to your girlfriend with some cute puzzle piece necklaces. You may engrave each of the gold/sterling silver puzzle pieces with several letters/numbers. This way you’re going to customize it completely. You may select the chain lengths for the perfect fit for both of you.

Here’s an instructional video from Kattvalk on how to make your own photo pendant:


7 Meaningful necklaces for girlfriend