open Freelance Make-up Artistry BusinessAt $532 billion, the beauty industry is certainly doing well for itself.

The industry’s growth has also seen several other related work opportunities gain prominence, among them, make-up artistry.

If you are an excellent MUA in your own right, the next step you probably want to take is to build your own freelance make-up artistry business.

Here, read a step-by-step guide that will help you do just that.

Build a Portfolio

When it comes to proving yourself as a make-up artist, the value of a picture cannot be overemphasized.

Think about giving a few freebies to friends and family. This can be in exchange for before and after photos to showcase your work. Ensure the people you pick have varied skin types and skin tones to show your versatility to a diverse client base.

Another thing that will come in handy is a good camera. If you do not have one or are not good at photography, consider investing in professional photography to get the lighting and angles right.

A good portfolio is an investment worth every dollar.

Think Marketing

Marketing helps you spread the word regarding your services.

Word of mouth works reasonably well in the initial stages of a business. So tell people in your circle about your venture and ask them to spread the word.

Social media is a great, low-cost marketing tool you can take advantage of. Think about who your target market is and where you can find them on social media.

Aside from opening a business page, make posts in other social media groups and pages where prospective clients might be.

You can then post links to your portfolio, so interested clients can view your work, and hopefully contact you.

Perfect Your Craft

Make-up is a highly dynamic field, with trends changing every other day and your clients will expect you to keep up with these changes

While you want to remain true to your calling, you must expand your skill base to serve the different needs of clients. For example, eyelashes extensions are all the rage lately, but only an expert can do it right. You might want to take up some eyelash extension courses to be on top of the game.

Besides giving you a grasp of a technical skill, such certifications add credibility to your business and showcase you as a serious professional.

Work on Pricing

Matters of pricing can be challenging to navigate.

If you charge too low, your services might be perceived as below par. On the other hand, charging too high can drive prospective clients away.

To find an acceptable range, look at what your competitors are charging and find a price point that allows you to remain profitable without pricing customers out.

Factor your experience in this decision as well. For example, you cannot charge the same as professionals that have been in the industry for ten years.

Take this as well as your target market’s purchasing power into account. Sometimes, you need to charge conservatively and gradually increase your prices as you get a stable client base and build your brand.

Follow the Money

A business is only as good as the profit it brings in. You will need to keep tabs on your finances to see if you are profitable.

While this might be easy to do in the inception stages, it might get more complicated as you get a heavier workload. When this happens, and bookkeeping gets overwhelming, consider using bookkeeping software.

Such software automates all your transactions, helping you keep a firm handle on your business finances without negating customer needs.

Keep at It

As fulfilling as running a business is, success hardly comes easy.

However, once you set the ball rolling, you are well on your way to a successful business.