Are you bored with your curly or wavy hair? Is it quite often that you get obsessed with people’s shiny, glossy, and straight hair? Well, the answer must be Yes! Because girls with curly hair do want to straighten them, as curly hair sometimes hinders them from making different hairstyles. A quick and easy tip that straighten your hair and make them appear glossy and healthy look is – using a flat iron. Flat irons or Hair straighteners work with the help of heated plates that straighten your crumbled and curly hair when your hair is pressed between them. No matter what your curl type is, either your hair is wavy or thick swirled locks, a flat iron would straighten your hair greatly, as compared to a common hair blow dryer or brush. The main thing to know about hair care in this regard is that you chose the best flat iron for a curly hair type that wouldn’t let your hair damage.

Flat irons or straighteners are not only for the girls who have curly or wavy hair, but it can be used on the straight here to curl them – Yes, but it needs to be handled trickily. There is no shortage of flat irons, as you get to have in many sizes, shapes, and materials, so it becomes difficult to choose the right and suitable one. Choosing it wisely is crucial as it concerns your hair health. So, spare some time on thinking about your flat iron and choose carefully. These appliances last for long enough time, and your users should be safe enough for your hair. Follow these five tips that would help you decide the right type of your hair straightener.

Choosing The Fine Shape

As a name suggests, “flat iron,” one might tend to think that it would only be flat. But the edges of the flat iron can have a great difference. A slight roundness in the plates and edges suggests that the flat iron would easily work as a curling iron, other than a straightener. A flat iron having sharp edges is not much adaptable but is good at giving you slight straightness in hair.

Plate Width Also Matters

It gets very frustrating when we tend to use the straightener, and it takes a great deal of time! It happens when we choose straighteners with narrow plates. No doubt they are handy and can be picked up in your anywhere you want in your purse, and also, they are good for girls with thin hair. But, girls with thick hair and volume should prefer straighteners with a wide width of plates. Applying straighteners with wider width can damage thin type hair.

Temperature is The Main Feature

There are several companies that sell the straighteners, but sometimes customers come up with complaints about them as they don’t pose to be good heaters. For straightening hair quickly, the appliance needs to provide high heat. Again, every hair type requires different hair temperature. When the hair is completely curly, high heat works well, whereas hair some hair type (thinner ones) need less heat exposure, as this hair type is prone to get damaged easily if exposed to high heat.

Moreover, straighteners’ temperature can be adjusted for reducing any risk of damaging the hair. Cheap products might be fascinating to buy, but they might have poor heat quality. Overheating can cost you a great deal of hair damaged!

A tip for all the girls – always chooses a hair straightener that offers you multiple heat settings. You can easily manipulate the temperature, avoiding any excess heat that would harm your hair.

Choosing The Right Plates

Many metals and other substances are used to make plates of straighteners. You don’t need to stick to one good type of plates used in the straightener recommended by other people, but instead, you need to choose the plates based on your hair type. Classic plates are all-rounders. They can be chosen for all hair types. The one with rounded edges is good at forming great waves.

Now let’s talk regarding the material of the plates to be considered. If you have extremely curly hair, and your hair is dense too, you would need a plate that would heat quickly. For such type, Titanium irons are a good pick. They might be expensive, but there is no need to buy them if your hair isn’t curly to much extent.

Another example of a hair straightener plate is ceramic irons. They are effective and well-versed, but the only problem is that by the time they might lose their effectiveness and your straightener might lose the evenness of heat as it used to give in the early days after you bought.

Now let’s talk about damaged hair type. We often avoid straightening our hair if they are fragile, as the heat would further damage them. If you want to straighten them and want something that would reduce any chance of damage, tourmaline plates are a good pick for you! These plates are also termed as ionic plates. These plates reduce frizz and seal the hair shaft by producing negative ions, more than the positive ones.

It’s Worth Depicts Its Quality!

Many may prefer to go for cheaply priced hair straighteners, but there is the bad news for them! Cheap straighteners can damage your hair, and they are not suitable for styling either. Moreover, they can be broken quickly. Professional hair stylists prefer to buy branded hair straighteners as they assure good quality. The payment you make on expensive and quality rich straighteners is worth it. Would you like to save some money and buy a cheap product while giving away your hair quality? Which might take ages to repair back! Good quality straightener prices start from € 40 to € 250 or may go beyond that. It’s always worth choosing a quality product rather than sparing money on any damage caused by it. Have happy hairstyling!