When it comes to the natural skin whitening remedies we all know that no impressive results are going to show overnight. Sure, there are many natural ingredients (vitamins, mineral oils, plant extracts and various fruits) that are well known for their whitening abilities, but none of them and even a combination of them isn’t going to brighten the skin in just a few days.

Patience is a virtue and this should be your motto when using a natural skin whitening product. Not only you need to be patient until you get to start noticing the gradual brightening of your skin (as it’s going to happen, for sure), but you also need to give the natural remedies a bit more time for applying and waiting until their time is up.

What is the Ambi black soap?

Ambi Black Soap

If this is the first time you hear about the Black soap, you should know this: it’s the women in Africa that you need to thank. It was them, some centuries ago, that started using this type of soap.

They are the ones who mixed specific plants that gently cleansed the skin and hair. The African black soap was made for many years with secret ingredients, but today’s African black soap includes also aloe, oats and honey.

The main ingredients of traditionally made African black soap are: cocoa pods, shea tree bark or palm tree leaves and plantain skins.

After the plant matter is collected, it’s sun dried and roasted at a specific temperature, until it turns into ash. The ash is combined later on with water and several fats like coconut oil, palm oi, shea butter, palm kernel oil or cocoa butter. The process continues with the heating of this mixture, as it’s hand-stirred for one day. After a while, the mixture starts to solidify so it needs to be scooped out and left to rest for a couple of weeks.

What does the Ambi black soap do to your skin?

In order to give you a clearer image about the benefits of African black soap, here’s a list that might help you:

  • Works for all skin types

No matter if you have dry, oily or combination skin, you may safely use an African black soap. Due to its addition of oil (coconut, shea butter and palm oil), the soap is able to fight the dryness of your skin, while hydrating it deeply. It adds moisture to the skin, which is why it’s good for an oily skin, controlling an overactive sebaceous gland at the same time.

  • Cleans the skin

All soaps should cleanse well, but the African black soap truly does it. The lauric acid in palm kernel oil and coconut oil is antimicrobial, creating a gentle lather as well. The shea butter is going to clean your face and body, leaving the necessary oils in your skin.

  • Evens skin tone

Sun, acne, inflammation and various skin injuries lead to increased melanin production, which translates into the darkening of an areas of your skin. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that controls melanin and when it’s not functioning well, the melanin is going to increase. The effects are the liver spots, dark circles under your eyes and some other patches of discolored skin.

Cocoa pods may inhibit tyrosinase activity, which gives lighter skin tones. It may also naturally absorb UV light, protecting the skin from sun damage (that gives the dark spots in the first place).

  • Fades scars&blemishes

The special combination in the African black soap makes it efficient for minimizing the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks or past skin wounds.

Shea butter is a popular ointment for repairing skin tissue, while sustaining collagen production. Red palm oil is also a great source for Vitamin E, which is essential for keeping your skin nice and healthy.

Let’s not forget the essential fatty acids from red palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil that help with the regeneration of skin cells, fading away the scars.

  • Helps with eczema

When your skin is red, sensitive and itchy, you may have to fight an eczema. An African black soap is an easy solution as it doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals that may irritate a sensitive skin. It’s full of ingredients that minimize inflammation, adding moisture to your skin at the same time.

Shea butter, coconut oil and red palm oil hydrate deeply your skin, calming the pain and the swelling that typically come in case of eczema.

  • Exfoliates skin

As African black soap is organic and raw, it may come with some fine particles of vegetative matter inside. The grainy quality makes it an efficient gentle exfoliator.

  • Fights acne

African black soap includes nutrients and fatty acids that fight against acne. Coconut oil is well-known in acne treatment as it includes capric acid, Vitamin E and caprylic acid that balance your skin’s pH levels, soothing an irritated and inflamed skin.

Palm oil also heals acne breakouts as it’s rich in beta carotene, linoleic acid and oleic acid. The fats present also anti-inflammatory properties, becoming a barrier that maintains moisture in. As for Vitamin A, you may know that it’s an essential nutrient for a healthy skin.

The Ambi Black Soap

The Ambi Black Soap with Shea butter is a great cleansing bar that also moisturizes your skin.

The soap contains Vitamin E and its nourishing formula is efficient on many levels. The formula also includes Shea butter and Aloe Vera that both moisturize and restore your skin.

The soap creates a rich, yet nice lather that washes away from the surface of your skin all impurities. You may use it in the morning and in the evening as well. It rinses easy and fast, leaving your skin nourished, smooth and soft.

The scent is subtle and nice and some may not even sense it. The soap works for sensitive and oily skin as well, and even an acne prone skin may benefit from it.

Many noticed the black soap improved the appearance of age spots. The black soap keeps the pores small and brightens skin complexion.

Feeling so soft to the skin, the soap doesn’t necessarily fall in the fading soaps category (even though no soap on its own is able to do that). However, used on regular basics, twice a day, it may remove dark spots, black heads, acne and blemishes.

Even though you may use it frequently, the soap lasts a long time and it’s a great deal as it’s affordable.

Skin is so different and some did experience breakouts when using it. Also, some didn’t notice any whitening or any kinds of improvements to the skin when using it either.

Keep in mind that you also have to be very careful around the eyes, as it may burn in contact with eyes.

A fair conclusion would sound like this. Even though the soap isn’t going to whiten your skin overnight, it may improve the appearance of your skin, removing dark spots, blemishes and even age spots. If you’re going for a bleaching effect though, you may have to use a lot more than a black soap.

Ambi Black Soap Lighten Skin