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America wouldn’t have been the independent nation that it is today without the services of courageous men and women soldiers, who fight for the country and aim to protect their beloved homeland at all costs.

These brave individuals sacrifice their vacations, birthdays, parties and their valuable lives to defend the region.

So it is necessary to always remember the importance of the actions and decisions they had to take. We should also be grateful to them and give kind appreciation upon their arrival home after they risk their lives overseas in order to maintain peace.

The Veteran’s Lives:

As mentioned by a U.S. Census, there are currently over 19 million retired veterans in the States and more than half of these brave chaps are over 65 years old.

We should take it upon ourselves to show gratitude towards these wonderful and very special people. If you see a veteran going about their day, it would give them the joy to mention your thankfulness for their service to the nation.

But of course thank them along with their families, who have to take the responsibility to run the house without the head figure of the family.

It is never easy to lead a soldier’s life, and that is why they deserve our special admiration.

How you can make a Soldier’s day delightful:

There are many soldiers stationed in the country right now. They serve to secure many government organizations or are present for training.

A simple kind gesture can make their day better, as they fulfill their duties tirelessly round the clock.

A large majority of these young gentlemen and women cannot fly to their homes in different states because of long distances and commitment to duty. That is where you can chime in to help!

And there is definitely no better way to show thankfulness to them than opening the doors of your house for them, enjoying a meal with them and sharing a prayer.

This can be done by volunteering for different ‘adopt a soldier’ programs, where you can call groups that arrange your sharing a holiday with a troop. What could be a better way to celebrate the holidays?

How businesses can help Veterans through employment:

Every year, approximately 200,000 valorous men and women resort back to their civilian lives. And upon their arrival back home, they require employment in growing institutions.

Assistance in the hiring of a veteran can be a great way to spend your valuable time. These brilliant chaps possess strong devotion to work, discipline, and great leadership qualities, making them a treasured asset to any company.

If you do run a business or have good relations with other businessmen, it would be a bright idea to hire returned servicemen and women. If you work in the human resources department, you can provide decent jobs to the veterans.

Not only is this ethically right and a marvelous way of showing your love and support, but the skills of these individuals will always be handy and valued!

AvaCare Medical’s great example of Supporting the Veterans:

avacare medical logoA bit about AvaCare Medical:

AvaCare Medical is an online supplier of medical products, ranging from small bandages to wheelchairs and walking aids. The store is based in New Jersey.

The company has been in business for over 35 years, delivering across the country. But they did start from a small garage setup. If you have questions about their skyrocketing growth, this is because of their kindness and belief in serving the society.

The company has run several successful programs; helping medical students with scholarships, funding and promoting people’s campaigns, donating to charitable causes and so on.

But one program that piques the interest of many is the Veterans Initiative program; a salute to the valiant veterans and active servicemen.

How does AvaCare Medical pay tribute to the heroes of our nation?

AvaCare Medical firmly believes that no medical requirement should be a luxury. Every man and woman should be able to afford the services they need. That is why they keep their prices as low as possible.

And certainly, these medical supplies should not be costly for the veterans and troops, who spend years of their lives protecting us. That’s solely the reason for AvaCare Medical’s Veterans Initiative Program.


The Veterans Initiative Program:

 AvaCare Medical proudly states in the initiative;

All active, reserve, retired or disabled U.S. veterans and immediate family members (including parents, siblings, and children) with a valid military ID are eligible for a 5% discount on any order placed on AvaCare Medical. No application necessary; simply fill out your U.S. military ID number at checkout to receive 5% off your entire order

This basically means that anyone who has served or is serving as a soldier can benefit from the program.

Any direct relative including such as a parent or a child can also benefit from the use of the troop’s military ID.

Avacare Veterans Initiative ProgramA 5% discount is offered on all goods purchased through the website.

To receive the discount, you would have to fill out the shipping details with your U.S military department ID number.

This gesture by the company is an efficient way of showing the respect and love AvaCare Medical has towards the marvelous efforts of our country’s pride, the servicemen and servicewomen.

What other businesses can learn from AvaCare Medical:

It is no doubt that AvaCare Medical’s Veteran Initiative Program has poured love and genuine appreciation towards the lionhearted army troops.

Other businesses can learn from AvaCare Medical to show their support for the veterans and active fighters by offering discounts on their retailed products.

This is the least a company can do to show their affection. This not only benefits the business by surrounding it with a somewhat positive opinion, but it is morally right to give back to those who have missed out on so much.

To Sum Up

It must be mentioned that we, as civilians, should all try to make the lives of soldiers better, thank them when we have a conversation, offer them jobs and give better services because of the uncountable sacrifices they made for the country.