Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Some of us feel more adventurous and are willing to take a leap of faith with pretty much anything.

If you’re the kind of customer who always likes to play safe and trust a lot what other people say, a popular hair blow dryer is the best choice for you. Therefore, if ever in need and don’t have the patience to find the best option for you or to look careful into the details, stay safe and simply get what everyone around you gets for a hair dryer.

Is there something special about the Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer?

This may sound like a cliché, but the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer does stand out on the market with an impressive quality and attractive price and these are for sure its main strengths.

Not the cheapest and far from being the most expensive option, the Babyliss Pro Ceramix doesn’t disappoint with its performance and doesn’t empty your pockets either.

The hair dryer is a strong model that comes with 2000-watt power and it’s made with ceramic technology. This means it’s able to give even far-infrared heat that is gentle for your hair, protecting it from damage.

The extra-high wattage and the professional AC motor ensure a reliable performance and the dryer is made to take the use for quite some time.

What’s to highlight about its features and build?

The dryer is well made and is going to take the use for a long time. The AC motor matches the build and it’s not only strong, but also long lasting.

The adjustability of the dryer is another thing to highlight. You get to use no less than 4 temperature settings so you can have better hair styling every single time. The dryer also comes with a cold shot button so it’s easy to seal in the hair style, for that impressive final touch when you’re done with the dryer.

The dryer has also adjustable settings and even the low setting is quite powerful. The hot setting is really hot, but your hair is remaining soft and smooth when you’re done.

The concentrator nozzle fits just fine and eases up your efforts.

The power cord is long and you get plenty of freedom for easier styling. The dryer has a well thought design and the buttons are placed just right.

The dryer comes with a filter that is easy to remove for cleaning any now and then, for extending the dryer’s lifespan.

Most consider the dryer to have just the right weight. Due to its design, the strain on arms and shoulder isn’t high and it’s not tiring to hold the dryer for long time. You’re not going to have to hold it for long either as the dryer dries your hair quite fast.

The Ionic and Porcelain Ceramic technology protects your hair so you may confidently use it no matter your hair type.

Well-made and build to take the use for a long time, the dryer has a durability feel attached to it.

Is it difficult to use?

even though the hair dryer is powerful, it’s not difficult to use it. The buttons are well placed so that the risk for accidental pressing is minimal. They’re placed on the handle so you get easy access to them at all time.

The handle has an ergonomic design and you get to try various hair styling, without tiring your arms or shoulders.

The weight is just right and not many complained about it.

The line-attracting body does catch your attention and the dryer looks nice for sure.

What are the main takeaways?

We appreciate many things about the dryer, but listing them is going to be handy when shopping:

  • The dryer is very powerful
  • It comes with ionic and porcelain ceramic technology
  • It offers 6 heat/speed settings
  • It also features a cold shot button
  • The concentrator nozzle is easy to use
  • The dryer dries your hair fast, leaving it smooth and shiny

As for the downsides, we can’t complain much as they’re not major:

  • Some may need to learn how to handle the nozzle for easier styling
  • The dryer isn’t on the quiet side
  • The switches are a tad slippery

Is it a go or not?

Powerful, reliable and popular, the dryer dries your hair fast and easy, leaving it smooth and shiny every time. You get to adjust its heat and speed and no longer have to worry about the flyaways. It’s well made and this is money well spent any given day, if you ask us.

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