BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer

At the expense of sounding like an old record, finding a great hair dryer for a good price isn’t mission impossible nowadays and you can end up with a great deal if you know what to look for.

Everything happens with the speed of light today and nobody has the patience of spending too much time for drying up their hair. And when that hair is also long, thick and coarse, the bar raises high when it comes to the performances you’re expecting from the hair dryer.

Is Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium different?

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer stands out with its power, speed and slim profile which surely explains its popularity out there.

Not only does this hair drier make a nice impression with its cute looks and playful color combination, but it also draws your attention with its 2000 watts of power.

Packed with features and giving you the choice to customize it according to your needs, the hair dryer isn’t the dryer to skip on.

What’s to say on a closer look?

Sure enough, the dryer makes a nice first impression and its blue color is easy to notice on any shelf. Add the ergonomic handling and the well thought design and you get yourself a pretty hair blow dryer that doesn’t strain your arms and looks cute too.

The hair dryer also is quite a power horse and its 2000watt power means you’re going to dry your hair fast every single time. The build is something to highlight as well and the dryer is well made, taking the use for a good amount of time.

Adjustability is a fundamental feature for any hair blow dryer and the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium is able to check that box too.

Therefore, you get no less than 6 heat/speed settings so you can dry your hair as fast or slow as you want. You can also set the temperature that you know is good for your hair. Nevertheless, the hair dryer manages to dry your hair fast and easy even without lot of heat, which is always a good news.

The cool shot button helps you seal in your hair style, for a great final touch. The concentrator nozzle allows various styling choices so you can rely on the dryer in many situations.

The dryer provides intense heat and dries your hair evenly every time. Despite its power, it doesn’t sit on the loud side either.

The power cord is long so you get plenty of freedom for movement while drying your hair. The lint filter is easy to remove for cleaning when in need.

The dryer is rather lightweight and has a good balance so you may use it for a long time with less strain for your arm and shoulders.

As it presents Ionic technology, not only your hair is going to get dry fast and easy, but it’s also going to remain shiny, soft and frizz-free.

What’s to mention about the use?

Thanks to its good balance and ergonomic handle, the dryer is rather easy to use. Even if you’re holding it for a while, you’re not going to get tired while using the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium.

The buttons are placed on the front of the handle and most think this is a great design feature. You get easy access to the buttons and don’t have to stop for it.

You may hang the dryer when you’re done with it too.

Well-made, the dryer has a durability feel attached to it.

What are the things we like the most? Do we hate anything?

The dryer is a solid choice anytime so here’s a short list of good things:

  • It’s powerful yet quiet
  • It has various speed/heat settings
  • It comes with Ionic technology
  • It dries your hair fast and easy, leaving it shiny and frizz-free
  • It’s lightweight and has a good balance
  • It’s well made and long lasting
  • It looks nice and has an ergonomic design

We’re not changing our minds over some minor issues, but we think there’s always place for improvement:

  • The concentrator could use a better fit
  • Some don’t go for the placement of buttons

Should you get it or not?

Well-made, powerful, lightweight and drying your hair fast, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer is a great option to consider. If you’re in need of a dryer, take the plunge and get it!

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