Since centuries makeup has become an obsession for women all over the world, from time unknown women wanted to look great in all aspects, take Cleopatra for instance, but how did these women know that what is going to suit their skin, of course, the mirror manufacturers were there to help these concerned ladies. 

Having antique makeup is not a necessity but in my opinion, it is a luxury, you need to have that because after all, makeup is itself a luxury for those women who are adamant to make themselves and their environment as good as possible.   

In earlier times women tend to take their makeup mirrors along with them, and the society would gauge her standard and class through the shine of her makeup mirror, nowadays women are not in any such habit, but these current trends can not beat the elegance and class of those manners.   

Antique mirrors can help you transform your makeup into a piece of art and glamour. You simply need to add some little light and elaborate the intrinsic antique mirror frame within your makeup environment. Alas, this fancy touch will help add an elegant and classy touch to your makeup.  

What Makes a Mirror Antique?


Antique mirrors are contemporary interior design craving of today’s homeowners. They create a beautiful elegant feel and a sense of luxury to any living space, especially the makeup. Antique mirrors, as evident from the name, are considered to be dated from the previous era. They are a valuable piece of art that not only possess the beauty of their age, but also the silver backing instead of aluminum. Most importantly, the beauty of an antique mirror lies within its elaborated frame that enhances a beautifully refined vintage look within a room environment. That’s not all.

Antique mirrors had certain characteristics in common:

  • They were not smooth or free of bubbles
  • In the original antique mirrors, mercury spread over a layer of tin with glass. So, with time, old mercury created a sparkly effect.
  • The mirror coating depleted overtime, thereby highlighting blotchy or dark spots and making it unique.  

Most importantly, the style of the mirror is what appeals and makes it unique and attractive to this contemporary world today. Now, let’s head on to some of the popular antique mirror styles known and liked in this modern society. 

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What Are Some Prominent Antique Mirror Styles?

Antique framed mirrors polished and decorated with royalty and luxury were once adorned in the ballrooms and elegant parlors of the royal palaces. Today, they are embellished and welcomed in our sophisticated modern homes. 

Some of the prominent antique mirror styles that ruled then and now are:

Gothic Mirror:

The gothic mirror was popular during the 12th to 16th centuries and again in the 19th century as Victorian Gothic. These mirrors were made of walnut or oak wood reflecting a church window style with carvings and pointed arches favoring framed oval mirrors. 

Baroque Mirror:

These were popular during the 17th century inspired by Moorish, featuring moldings using gold and silver gilding. Moreover, framed mirrors used ebony and tortoiseshell carving angels, flowers, leaves, and fruits. 

Rocco Mirror:

Rocco mirrors are from 18th-century styling rectangular or oval shape with a flat base. These mirrors were also gilded gold carved with flowers at the top of the frame.  

Georgian Mirror:

These mirrors were styled in rectangular shape focusing on symmetry and paler style colors. The style in these mirrors held no carving except for the top edges.

Regency Mirror:

These mirrors gained popularity in the 18th century for their gold-gilded mahogany food frames with elaborate carvings. The carvings often consisted of flowers and leaf motifs. 

That was not all! Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Neo-Classical, and French mirrors are also some of the antique mirror styles that are still remembered and adorned today. 

Is Adding an Antique Mirror in Your Makeup a Good Idea?


Well, if you ask us, it is a definite YES!

Antique mirrors create a stunning statement to your contemporary makeup. If you are planning to renovate your makeup and need a makeup mirror; try an antique makeup mirror! The aged mirror with few beautiful imperfections will create a mix old-new positive vibe. At times relying on the vintage look is better than a modern look. 

Imagine a beautiful flowery carved gold gilded antique makeup mirror standing beside a bathtub enlightened with soft lights that will create a serene environment in your makeup.  

How Should You Care for Your Antique Mirror?

Antique mirrors create a mesmerizing and vintage charming look in any environmental setting. But ensuring its credibility and durability is up to the hands of the owners. They are fragile and thus need proper care and attention, so its ornamentation remains protected. Remember, the improper cleaning techniques would make your antique mirror dusty and smudgy at the same time. So, follow the tips below:

  • Always be gentle
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Regularly wipe it with a linen cloth free of lint
  • You can also try lint-free cloth dipped in lukewarm water and vinegar or dipped in methylated spirit. 

Yes, that is all! Caring is better than regretting later. 

Where Can You Buy One for Your Makeup?

Are you planning to buy an antique mirror for your makeup? If yes! Head on. You have made the right choice; at times vintage look is better than a modern factory setting look. It will enhance the elegance and will blend smoothly within your contemporary makeup scheme. So, if you are looking for some contemporary and traditional vintage look style frames, Fab Glass and Mirror offers a wide variety at discounted rates. You can also order custom cut mirrors that can adjust to any frame of your choice. Renovating and restyling your makeup has never been so comfortable with Fab Glass and Mirrors’ unique antique mirror style.