Detangling Brushes Reviews

Choosing the right hair brush is important and there are many things to consider. From the hair type to the style you’re going for, the brush may be your best friend or, by contrary, your enemy.

Getting the right detangling brush is important as it’s not only going to reduce risk for breakage or damaging your hair, but it’s also going to eliminate your need to use an impressive number of hair care products.

What to look for in a detangling brush?

You know you got the right detangling brush if it helps you detangling your hair without any snagging, for one. It ensures salon quality results from the comfort of your home and you no longer have to go to the salon anymore.

Only using the right detangling brush isn’t going to do it, so you also need to use the right method. It’s also important that you brush your hair the right way, stimulating but not injuring your scalp, sustaining the oil glands. The right detangling brush is also going to clean the hair follicles and the hair shafts too.

The market gives us plenty of choices and you can select from brushes made with synthetic bristles, natural bristles or a combination of them.

One piece of advice

Checking the details on the detangling brush is going to help you not to end up with a lemon or, even worse, damaging your hair for a long time.

Additionally, you want to use the brush on your wet or damp hair, but after you applied the styling product that your hair needs for a specific situation. Don’t forget that there are also detangling brushes that you may use in the shower with your conditioner of choice, for thicker and better moisturized hair altogether.

Top 3 Detangling Brush Reviews

1. Truth be told, the cute colors of the Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush is going to strike you the most, but the brush is more than meets the eye.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush review

The brush comes with strong, yet flexible bristles that glide nice and easy through any hair type for eliminating knots and tangles.

You may confidently use the brush on wet and dry hair, but also on wigs or extensions. However, it gives the best results on wet hair.

The soft IntelliFlex bristles detangle your hair without pulling, no matter if your hair is curly, straight or thick.

The handle ensures comfortable and sturdy grip and the brush ensures hair detangling with little strain on your arm. It’s well made and the bristles have a durability feel to. The brush feels nice against the scalp and the brush comes in pretty colors. Let’s not forget that the price is affordable too.

Here’s what we like the most about the brush:

  • It’s well made and has a durability feel to it
  • The bristles are strong, yet flexible
  • It detangles the hair without pulling
  • It has a comfy grip and looks nice

No worries when it comes to the downsides as they’re not major:

  • Some would have liked for the bristles to be longer
  • It doesn’t perform great on wet hair

All in all, for a good price, the brush eliminates knots from your hair without pulling it and looks nice too. And this is more than enough for most out there.

2. Even if its popularity strikes you, the Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush is one of everyone’s favorite out there for some good reason: it detangles nice and easy your hair.

Detangling Brush - Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush  review

The detangling brush stands out with an interesting cone shape that is very comfortable and ensure an easy use. The plastic bristles are very efficient for separating the hair sideways and not down, eliminating the most annoying tangles or knots. It does this in a gentle way so no kid is going to complain after brushing the hair.

The plastic bristles are quite soft so they’re able to massage the scalp and improve circulation, which ultimately sustain the hair growth. you can confidently use it on both wet and dry hair, with minor risk for split ends, breakage or hair loss. The brush even smooths out the cuticle layer, improving the healthy glow of your hair.

You should brush your hair in small sections, on wet hair, after conditioning. The brush detangles the curly hair and speeds up the whole detangling process, which is always a good news for the parents!

Let’s list our favs:

  • The brush is easy and comfortable to use
  • It eliminates knots in a gentle way
  • It massages the scalp, improving the circulation
  • You can use it on both wet and dry hair

We’re not worried about the inherent flaws:

  • It may not give results to everyone
  • Some think it comes for a steep price, but it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a detangling brush

All in all, for a very good price, you’re getting a popular, dependable and easy to use brush that leaves no knots behind.

3. Whenever you’re feeling like paying the high dollar for your detangling brush, wait no more and put your money at stake with Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush.

Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush. review

Rather a long time investment for the health of your hair on the long run, the brush is going to serve you for quite some time.

It comes with nylon bristles that glide nice and easy through coarse and thick hair, even if it’s wet. The brush may be used throughout the whole year and turns the detangling into a nicer and calmer experience for everyone involved in the process.

The brush isn’t just going to detangle your hair without pulling or breaking it, but it’s also going to help your hair look better. It eliminates the split ends and gives your hair a healthy glow.

As for the build, no comments on that. The brush is made to take the use for a long time and everything about it has a durability feel to it. The grip is sturdy and the brush is easy to use, even for longer time with no risk for tiredness of your arm. It sits just right in your hand as it has the right size and shape, easing the brushing.

Let’s go over the best parts briefly:

  • It detangles the hair without pulling or breaking it
  • It works great on thick and coarse hair
  • It has a good build and a durability feel
  • It features nylon bristles for fast and easy detangling

Don’t let the minor issues stand in your way when shopping:

  • Some don’t like the plastic parts
  • It’s not a cheap brush, for sure

Even if the price tag may be the deal breakers for some, when it comes to performance and durability, you shouldn’t doubt about getting the brush at all.

Best Detangling Brush for Natural Hair

4. Easy to use and great for detangling all sorts of hair, natural hair including, the ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush is a great set to try.

ArtNaturals Detangling Hair Brush review

The set includes 2 brushes that have an ergonomic design and an interesting shape. They are well made and have a durability feel to it.

The bristles sit rather on the softer side and they’re great for massaging gently your scalp during brushing. However, they’re firm enough to detangle your hair without pulling or breaking the hair.

The cone-shaped bristles eliminate efficiently the tangles and the knots, reducing the risk for damaging your hair, but leaving your hair shinier and prettier.

The brush fits just right in your palms, which ensures strain-free and easy detangling. It works great for kids as well.

Made of high-quality plastics and paraben-free, the brushes come for a great price too. They come in a stylish box and are easy to clean.

Let’s list our favs:

  • The brushes detangle nice and easy natural hair, no matter how coarse or thick it is
  • They have an ergonomic design and a good size
  • The bristles are soft and massage the scalp
  • They’re well-made and look sleek

Don’t let the minor cons change your mind:

  • Some don’t like the fact they’re made of plastic
  • One may think the bristles are bit short for their needs

Affordable, pretty and dependable for detangling the hair with no drama, the brushes are a good investment to make any given day.

Best Detangling Brush for Thick Hair

5. When it comes to the Boar Bristle Hair Brush set for just one price, you’re going to get two brushes that you can efficiently use for two different things. One brush is going to detangle even the thickest hair without pulling or causing any tears, whereas the vented hair brush is great for blow drying.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush set review

The detangling hair brush has also nylon bristles that glide through thick hair and leave no knots behind. It massages the scalp and the combination of natural boar bristles and nylon pins is great for detangling the hair. Additionally, the brush also spreads oils from the root to the tip of your hair.

As for the vented hair brush, it’s a dependable choice to use when blow drying your hair.

The head of the brush is oversized and has a curved shape, which ensures good contact points and angles with the scalp. This design also makes the brush able to stimulate the natural oils in your scalp.

Made of flexible plastic material, the brushes adjust and fit just right in your palm. The handle provides a good and steady and non-slip grip.

On top of everything else, the brushes come in a nice box and have a durability feel.

Let’s focus on the best parts:

  • The detangling brush glides nice and easy through the thickest hair
  • The vented hair brush speeds up the blow drying
  • The design is ergonomic and the grip is good
  • The set is great for many

You shouldn’t worry much when it comes to the inherent flaws:

  • The brush loses its bristles in the beginning, but then it stops
  • It may generate some static electricity

All in all, the set is a wise investment to make for the well-being of your hair, any given day.

Best for Curly Hair

6. Cute and fun looking, the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangle Hairbrush is quite the winner ticket when it comes to detangling the curly hair.

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangle Hairbrush review

The brush is very good at removing knots and tangles on contact, while reducing breakage. Once you’re done with detangling, there’s very little hair lost during the process.

Made with memory flex technology, the brush is the perfect choice for the wet and dry hair. It gives your curly hair a nice glow and eliminates split ends. It stimulates the scalp through the gentle massage and improves the whole detangling experience.

The brush is award-winning and features the patented and one-of-a-kind designed teeth which flex as you’re brushing your hair.

Easy to clean, the brush comes in a pretty pink color and is comfortable to hold.

Let’s list the main good things:

  • It removes knots and tangles, with minor risk for breakage
  • It gives a nice shine to your hair and eliminates split ends
  • It features unique design for the teeth
  • It looks nice and glides through the curly hair

We’re not worried about the minor problems:

  • The bristles are a bit short, for some
  • The grip could be improved

Detangling nice and easy the curly hair, the brush is a valid option and looks cute too.

For Wet Hair

7. It may be the cute color that catches your attention when it comes to The Wet Brush 1 Count Pro Select The Original Detangler Punchy Pink, but the brush isn’t just a “pretty face”.

The Wet Brush 1 Count Pro Select The Original Detangler Punchy Pink, review

The brush comes with good quality bristles that glide through all sorts of hair, dry and wet alike. It eliminates knots and tangles without tugging or causing any discomfort.

You can also use the brush on wigs and extensions. It’s designed especially for the wet hair so it’s a keeper if you’re looking for one. It doesn’t cause any static electricity, which is also a good news.

The brush features IntelliFlex bristles that run through the hair, detangling it with no risk for pulling or damaging your hair. It goes easy on your scalp and doesn’t scratch it.

The design is well thought-out and the brush is easy to use by both left and right handed. It has just the right size and the handle ensures a steady and comfy grip every time.

The brush is well-made and takes the use for quite some time.

Let’s review the best parts about it:

  • It’s especially made for the wet hair
  • It detangles without tugging the hair
  • It doesn’t cause static electricity
  • It has an ergonomic design and looks nice

The downsides aren’t major:

  • It has a chemical smell in the beginning
  • Some think the bristles are too soft for their needs

As the good outweighs the bad, we see no specific reason for which you shouldn’t dry the brush for detangling your wet hair, no matter your hair type.

For Fine Hair

8. Even if some may need some time to adjust to the interesting shape of the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush, once you feel comfortable using it, you’re not going to be disappointed for sure.

Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush, review

The brush reduces the risk for damage, breakage and splitting and it’s a great choice for the fine, fragile or chemically treated heir. It features “flex bristles” that remove nice and gently the knots and tangles, with no pain. The bristles also eliminate the split-ends without breaking or pulling your hair. Due to their shape and build, the bristles are also smoothing the cuticle layer, improving the circulation in your scalp.

Soft and easy to hold, the brush comes in a joyful color and it’s both comfortable and fun to use. The bristles bend, but they’re firm and feel nice on scalp. Their build makes the brush safe to use on hair extensions too.

Even if the design and shape are a bit unexpected, the brush is still comfortable to hold and the grip is sturdy too.

The brush is well-made and it’s ready to take the use for quite some time. The price is affordable and you shouldn’t skip it when you’re shopping.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The brush has an interesting yet ergonomic design
  • The bristles are flexible, yet firm
  • It’s great for the fine, chemically treated and fragile hair
  • It comes in a fun color and it detangles without pulling

There’s always place for improvement and this one is no exception:

  • Some may find it a bit difficult to hold it in the beginning
  • It performs better on wet hair

Even if the brush isn’t all roses and rainbows, it still stands as a dependable brush for easily and gently detangling your fine or fragile hair.

For 4c Hair

9. As much as you’d love your stubborn 4C hair, it’s only fair to admit that you do hate it when it comes to detangling it. The Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles (9-row) is far from being a high dollar product, but this doesn’t mean it fails on detangling the challenging 4C hair.

Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles (9-row) review

By contrary, the brush is going to impress with its long lifespan, handling the intense use for a good amount of time. It comes with smooth nylon pins that sits on a natural rubber pad. The pad eliminates the risk for static electricity, so that’s another good thing about the brush.

The brush detangles nice and easy your 4C hair, leaving your hair smoother and better shaped. You may use it efficiently for detangling the curls, even if they’re very thick. It comes with 9 rows of nylon pins which are durable and gentle on your scalp.

You can also use the brush for blow-drying the hair or in the shower, on wet hair. cleaning the brush isn’t difficult either and the brush is easy to take apart for that.

The design and size of the bristles recommend the brush for long and thick hair.

The handle ensures a sturdy and non-slippery grip and the brush is comfortable to use altogether.

What we really like about the brush:

  • It’s great for 4C hair
  • It comes with soft, yet efficient nylon pins
  • It detangles the hair nice and easy, gently massaging the scalp
  • It’s comfortable and easy to use

We do have some comments to make regarding the downsides:

  • The grip could be improved
  • It’s not a small brush so make sure this is the size you want

Having said all that, the brush is one valid option to consider when you’re ready to detangle your 4C hair nice and easy every single time.

For Kids

10. No more tears and frustration when brushing your kid’s hair thanks to the Knot Genie Detangling Brush.

Knot Genie Detangling Brush. review

The brush is created especially for detangling the kid’s tangled hair, with minor risk for breakage or damage. It makes brushing easy and fast and, more importantly, more fun!

Standing out with its one-of-a-kind cloud shape, the brush fits nice in your palm and ensures easy use no matter if you’re right or left handed. It comes in great colors so your kid is going to like it even more. You can surely have your pick from Metallic Blue, Metallic Purple, Metallic Silver, Puff of Purple, Metallic Pink, Cloud Blue, Camouflage and Fairy Pink.

The bristles are soft enough for gently massaging the scalp, yet firm enough to efficiently detangle the hair. The brush eliminates knots and tangles without pulling or tugging and nobody ends up crying when you’re done with brushing.

Lightweight and pretty looking, the brush is well-made and its body has a durability feel to it.

No matter how curly, gnarly or knotted your kid’s hair may be, the brush is going to glide through nice and easy, no pain attached.

Listing our favorite parts about it:

  • The brush comes with soft, yet efficient bristles
  • It detangles the hair with no pain
  • It comes in great and fun colors
  • It has a good build

Don’t let the inherent downsides back down:

  • It doesn’t have a handle, so one may find it difficult to use it at first
  • Some may feel like it’s not that cheap

Regardless of the minor problems, as it’s efficient for detangling your kid’s hair with no pain, the brush is a definite “yes” and looks fun too.

For Black Hair

11. As long as you’re willing to take the challenge of adjusting to the unexpected shape of the Tangle Teezer The Original, Wet or Dry Detangling Hairbrush, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever for detangling your black hair.

Tangle Teezer The Original, Wet or Dry Detangling Hairbrush, review

The brush is very good at detangling your mane after shower, but works just fine on dry hair too. It gives you control over your hair and reduces the risk for static electricity as well. It goes nice and easy through knots and tangles, cutting the time for brushing in half.

The palm-shaped design ensures an easy grip, even if a small hand may find it a bit challenging in the beginning.

The two-tiered system makes the brush stand out. The brush comes with long teeth that detangle and short teeth that are going to smooth the hair cuticle.

Let’s not forget to mention that the brush is an award winning brush that eliminates knots and tangles with less breakage, fuss or damage. It gives your hair a healthy shine and eliminates the split ends as well.

The brush is great for 4A, 4 B hair but manages to detangle the weaves and hair extensions as well. It’s gentle and looks cute too.

Let’s go briefly over the main good things:

  • It’s great for black hair, but also for hair extensions and weaves
  • It detangles nice and easy, reducing risk for static electricity
  • It doesn’t pull or break your hair
  • It has an interesting design and looks cute

We’re not worried about the minor problems:

  • Some don’t like the lack of the handle
  • One may doubt its durability

Even if you’re going to find it a bit tricky to hold it at first, the brush is going to remove the knots from your black hair nice and fast, so you need to decide how much effort you’re willing to put into it.