Electric Shaver for Black Men Reviews

As if shaving wasn’t enough of a problem, shaving for black men brings even more issues to the table because of the particularities of their facial hair. Selecting a good electric shaver becomes, therefore, quite challenging.

What do you have to look for?

The risk for the natural curls to cause razor bumps is quite high and many times the bumps may break out all over the face and neck.

A common shaver cuts the hair at an angle, leaving sharp and exposed to penetrating back into the skin. An electric shave for black man should be able to lift the hair and cut it straight. It also has to get and cut longer hairs that have different grow directions.

A sensitive skin is going to need to wait a couple of days until shaving, leaving the skin time to heal. This is why you want your electric shave to be able to capture and cut longer hairs.

Add to the problem the reality that black hair typically curls, so you get it why shaving isn’t as easy when you’re a black man.

The most important features

Dull blades and/or a less powerful motor are the main causes for pulling and tugging, most of the time.

A good shaver is going to allow you fast and smooth shaves, with little to none pressure applied. The risk for getting hot during operation are minimal too. However, you do need to change the blades and foil on regular basics, especially if your skin is sensitive.

One last tip

A good electric shaver for black man is also going to be able to shave on dry and wet just as well. This isn’t a must, but it gives you more versatility when shaving, for sure. There are many critics out there that electrical shaving has nothing to do with wet shaving, but you may give it a try if nothing else works.

The choices are many and, as long as you’re paying attention to the details and your wallet, you should be able to make a wise choice at the end of the day.

TOP 5 Electric Shaver for Black Men Reviews

1). When you’re on a tight budget but still don’t want to end up getting a lemon for an electric shaver (who does anyway?), put your trust and faith in a classic one like the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver.

The electric shaver may surprise you with its long list of good things and the first one to put down the list is its flexibility. You can use the electric shaver both cordless and corded and a 5-minute fast charge gives you enough power for one shave.

Once it’s fully charged, the electric shave runs cordless for an hour, so the battery lasts quite long. You don’t have to wait very long for a full charge, only two hours or so.

Another good thing about the electric shave is the design of its head that you may adjust to keep a very close contact around your jawline, chin and neck. The surgical steel foils follow the angles and lines of your face really close, ensuring a nice and comfortable shave every time.

Going farther with the details, we also need to mention the Intercept Shaving Technology that means that the integrated intercept trimmer cuts up to three days of growth pretty easy.

The electrical shaver features a pop-up trimmer and a LED power display for easier use.

In order to maintain its good performance, you need to clean it after each use. You may also wash it clean as it’s washable.

The electric shave doesn’t leave any razor bumps and is both powerful and fast.

Here is a very short list of pros:

  • You may use it corded or cordless
  • It follows the contours of your face for a cut and clean shave every time
  • It’s powerful and fast
  • It’s washable and shaves all kinds of hair

We’re not forgetting the inherent flaws:

  • It’s a bit noisy
  • It’s not as lightweight as you may expect

However, for the reliability, versatility and power, you should definitely give it a try especially if you’re wallet isn’t impressive.

2). Even though the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men’s Electric Razor / Electric Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry may not be the toughest or the most powerful electric shaver for black men out there, you can definitely give it a go.

The electric shaver is in fact quite a nice surprise considering its price tag as it presents MicroComb technology, meaning it catches and feeds more hair, in a faster way.

It has a simple and intuitive design, giving good performance most of the time. The shaver goes in straight, intuitive strokes so you don’t have to go over the same place twice. The risk for skin irritation is minor as well.

The specialized cutting elements are pressure sensitive and they give a clean and close shave as they’re also protected by a patented metal mesh. Additionally, the shaver is designed and engineered in Germany for a better precision.

The shave also features a trimmer on the back that is both large and accurate, sustaining your efforts for shaping sideburns or trimming beards before shaving.

100% waterproof, the electric shaver may be used for both wat and dry shave. It comes with 2 strong Ni-Mh batteries that are easy to recharge and need less than 2 hours for a full charge. A 5-minute charge is going to be enough time for 1 shave.

The shaver also features a LED display that informs you when it’s time for you to charge it.

Comfortable, the electric shaver has a good grip, no matter if your hands are dry or not. It’s easy to take care of it and to maintain it.

Here’s what we like the most on the shaver:

  • It’s good to use for both wet and dry shave
  • It comes with Triple Action Cutting System for a fast and clean shave
  • It’s 100% waterproof
  • It’s easy to use and features a trimmer as well

We do realize it presents some limitations:

  • Some feel it’s a bit bulky
  • It may not be the most durable shaver out there

As long you’re focusing on the positive features, which aren’t few, you’re on a safe side when getting the electric shaver.

3). When it comes to the Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100, there are many things to highlight and only few minor issues caught our attention.

The electric shaver comes with a Gyroflex 2D contour-following system that adjusts smooth and easy to every line of your face, minimizing pressure and thus reducing the risk for irritation.

We notice the Dual Precision heads that feature slots to better shave the longer hairs, but also holes for the short stubble. You may easily get a wet shave with the shaver as it presents Aquatec Technology, protecting your skin no matter how you shave.

The Super Lift &Cut action is going to lift hairs, cutting just below skin level so the cut is clean and close. The shaving runs smooth and easy every time thanks to the SkingGlide feature of the shaver.

In order to get best performance, it’s wise to replace the shaving head once a year.

Here are its best qualities:

  • It’s good for both wet and dry shave
  • It’s easy to use
  • It leaves a comfy feel in the hand
  • It cuts clean and close

We’re not making a drama out of the minor problems:

  • It’s not the best option for travelling
  • You can’t run it while it’s charging

Nevertheless, as it’s cordless, reliable and gives a smooth shave every time, the electrical shaver is a safe buy anytime.

4). Spoil yourself and spend the extra buck for a durable electric shaver like the Braun Series 7 7865cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver / Electric Razor, Wet & Dry, Travel Case with Clean & Charge System.

The electric shaver is part of the Series 7 so it’s a smart model that reads and adjusts to your beard.

The design and build of the shaver are impressive, explaining its performance. The shaver features 4 shaving elements: 3 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard, all of them working together to get in just one stroke what other shaver get in two.

The shaver stands out from the crowd also with its Innovative AutoSensing motor that sustains shaving even if the beard is dense. The 10,000 micro vibrations and the adaptive shaving motor are reliable for efficient shaving every time.

The list of good things continues with the 5 Turbo/sensitive modes so you get to choose which shaving mode fits the best your skin and face.

An important asset of the shaver is also the 8-D Contour adaptation feature which means the shaver comes with an 8 direction flexible head and floating shaving elements, that are smoothly adapting to your skin for a close cut even in the more challenging areas.

The shaver comes also with a 4-action alcohol-bases Clean&Charge station that eliminates 99.9% of germs with only pressing one button. Additionally, it also automatically lubricates and charges your shaver.

The Li-Io battery of the shaver needs only one hour for a full charge and the premium display show you how much battery time you have left.

Quiet and 100% waterproof, the shaver has a great overall feel and comes with a great battery life. It has a good build and leaves your skin nice and smooth.

Highlighting the best features:

  • It’s quiet and 100% waterproof
  • It comes with an efficient automatic cleaning system
  • It gives a clean and smooth cut
  • It has a great overall feel and a solid build

Don’t let the minor issues stay in the way when deciding:

  • The charging system could use some improvement
  • The travel case is a tad flimsy

For those of you who are always willing to invest for themselves, the electric shaver is a wise investment of the money, that is worth every penny.

5). When price tag is the last thing you check on an electric shaver, you should have a leap of faith and get yourself the Panasonic ES-LT71-S, Arc3 Electric Razor, Men’s 3-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Convenience.

The electric shaver come with 3-blade cutting system that is highly efficient. It also features very sharp 30-degree Nanotech blades that offer a quick, close and smooth shaving every single time.

The list of features continues with the 13,000cpm linear motor drive and the very thin Multi-Fit Arc 3 foil. The head is both flexible and pivoting which means it’s going to glide nice and easy over your face, neck and chin.

The build of the shaver matches its performances and the shaver is entirely waterproof so you may confidently use it for both wet and dry shaving. You may also use it in the shower, over the skin with gel or foam.

Another big asset for the shave is the Premium Automatic Cleaning &Charging station that not only cleans, but also charges the shaver with just a touch of a button. This saves you a lot of time and trouble too.

Let’s not forget to mention the electric shaver features a built-in pop-up trimmer that trims a mustache or some detailed sideburns.

The shaver has a good grip and leaves a nice feel in the hand. It presents a 5-stage LED that shows you the power status.

Coming with universal voltage and a travel pouch, the electric shaver has also a switch-lock button and is high quality on so many levels.

Our favs would be:

  • It may be used for both wet and dry shave
  • It comes with an automatic Cleaning System
  • It cuts smooth and close
  • It’s easy to use and high quality

There’s no such thing as the perfect electric shaver (just yet), so here are the cons:

  • The trimmer could be better
  • It’s a bit pricey

As long as you’re determined to get a reliable, performant and easy to use electric shaver that only comes with few downsides, you shouldn’t sit on the fence when running into the shaver.