Lightening Cream for Black Skin ReviewsEveryone dreams of a flawless skin. There are times in life where your skin loses its shiny appearance and healthy feel, despite all your efforts.

Exposing too often to sun, pollution and stress count so much when it comes to the appearance of your skin. When you’re not trying to take care of it accordingly, it’s only a matter of time until your skin looks tired without the healthy glow. Additionally, the early signs of aging start to show even more obvious.

What to look for in a lightening cream?

Even though hydroquinone may be the most popular ingredient in the whitening creams (its controversy counts a lot also as people talk about it a lot more), there are other ingredients that are able to whiten your skin.

You may choose to go with natural products, as many plants do have the ability to remove dark spots, age spots or all sorts of hyperpigmentation. The list of natural ingredients that address the matter is quite long: lemon juice, tomatoes, yoghurt, milk, and so many others.

There are also cosmetic products that lighten your skin, even though they don’t contain hydroquinone nor natural ingredients. Many manufacturers give you a combination of ingredients that are able to fade skin hyperpigmentation.

One last thought

Getting informed before you start using a cream like this is very important. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to a dermatologist as well as he/she’s the one able to give you professional advice.

Nevertheless, there are many lightening creams over the counter that are safe to use. Pay attention to your skin and stop the moment you notice some adverse reactions.

Staying healthy is far more important than removing some barely noticeable dark spots. Ask around so that you can decide which one is going to work for your black skin the best.

If you’d rather prefer advice on a proper cream containing hydroquinone, head on to this article.

TOP 5 Lightening Cream for Black Skin Without Hydroquinone Reviews

1). As long as you’re using right, you shouldn’t wait very long until you start noticing your skin lightening up when using the Secretkey Snow White Cream.

The strong formula of the cream is based on niacin amide which moisturizes and conditions at the same time. The cream is going to remove dark spots, lightening your skin.

Not only the cream whitens your dark spots, but it also moisturizes it enough so you don’t need to use another moisturizer. Practically, you can put on your make-up after applying the cream. Some may feel the cream to be too rich for them, but there’s always the possibility to put on the cream before going to sleep.

You should pay attention to your skin and use it only a couple of times a week if it’s too much for a daily routine.

When it comes to its smell, we kind of sitting on the fence. Even if it’s not a strong or a long lasting smell that we’re talking about, the opinions are quite various: some really like it, some really don’t. in the end, smell is a matter of taste, so let’s leave it like that. Nevertheless, the smell doesn’t linger for long and it’s quite nice, for most of us.

Don’t let the small recipient scare you. A little goes a long way so the cream is going to be around for use for a long time. On the other hand, it’s easier to travel with due to its smaller size, right?

Here are the best parts about it:

  • It lightens dark spots on all sorts of skin types
  • A little goes a long way
  • It may be used in the morning and at night
  • Its main ingredients are niacin amide

We’re not making a fuss out of the minor issues:

  • Smell may be its flaw for some
  • It may not work on blemishes

However, for the money you’re paying, the cream is a good option that doesn’t contain hydroquinone, but does lighten your skin.

2). Good things come to those who wait and you should have this in mind when you start using the Dark Spot Corrector Best Dark Skin Age Spots Removal for Face, Hands, Body No Hydroquinone.

Made in the USA, the cream includes skin whitening ingredients, but you’re not going to find any hydroquinone in it. The cream is able to whiten dark spots, age spots, liver spots or brown spots from various parts of your body.

In order to have results, it’s best to use the cream twice a day, no matter your skin type. All skin types may benefit from the cream, sensitive and combination including.

The formula of the cream includes natural ingredients and no hydroquinone. It moisturizes nicely your skin and gives it a nice glowing feel as well.

The light texture of the cream gets easy and smooth into your skin.

Efficient and easy to use, the cream has a subtle smell that doesn’t linger for long at all.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The cream doesn’t include hydroquinone
  • It’s made in our USA
  • It works for all skin types
  • It whitens skin and moisturizes it as well

The cons aren’t major:

  • It works kind of slow
  • If you like more smell for a cream, this isn’t for you

All in all, as it’s efficient without the hydroquinone, you should give it a go when in need.

3). The Spa quality of the SKIN LIGHTENING Whitening Cream Mask. Use as Dark Spot Corrector to Brighten Dark Skin is one thing that comes to mind when using the cream.

The formula of the cream includes high quality plant-based extracts, Vitamin C, natural clays. This is why the cream brightens and lightens your skin. The list of ingredients also contains lactic acids, magnesium, vitamin B3, niacinamide and several plant extracts or oil.

70% of the cream is made of natural ingredients: morus alba root extract, jojoba seed oil, papaya extract, and bentonite clay.

The cream addresses the fine lines, age spots, wrinkles and dark under eye circles. It’s safe for all skin types, sensitive and combination skin including.

Your skin whitens and gets smoother. The fruity smell is nice and nothing about the cream is chemical. It may also clear acne.

Made fresh, the cream is a great natural choice that whitens skin, no matter its type.

What we really like about the cream:

  • The cream whitens skin
  • It includes several natural ingredients
  • It may be used daily for all skin types
  • It smells very nice

Some issues need to be mentioned:

  • Some may be allergic to some of the ingredients so you should double check before using it
  • It’s a bit thick as texture

Nevertheless, for a good price, you can get a natural cream that doesn’t just whitens your skin, but also smells very nice.

4). Try something new when it comes to your skin and have some confidence in a cream like the Skin Brightening and Lightening Cream – Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots Corrector.

The cream lightens up your skin, making your skin look younger as well. It evens your skin tone and whitens your skin. Its formula is strong and includes Retinol, AHAs, Glycolic Acid and efficient active natural ingredients. All of them remove dark spots, hyperpigmentation, whitening your skin.

You’d have to wait around 1 month until you notice the results, but your skin may surprise you and react even sooner than that.

The cream is a multi-purpose product that only includes natural ingredients. It’s paraben free and includes also aloe Vera and essential oils.

The smell is amazing and a little goes a long way, so you’re not going to finish it any time soon.

Boosting collagen and elastin, the cream sustains cell turnover and growth, which results into nicer and more glowing skin.

Addressing all skin types, the cream is money well spent at the end of the day.

Our favs about it:

  • It includes natural ingredients
  • It whitens skin as it removes dark spots
  • It works for all skin types
  • It smells amazing

Don’t let some minor negatives hold you back:

  • Some noticed break outs after using it
  • It doesn’t remove acne scars

Regardless of the minor problems, the cream is an exquisite and efficient option for anyone willing to open up the wallet.

5). When money doesn’t stress you much, take a leap of faith and pamper yourself with the Meladerm 1.7 oz. Skin Lightening / Whitening Cream for Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Scars, Discolorations, Uneven Skin Tone.

Despite its price, the cream is quite popular, which means only one thing: it does work. The explanation behind its efficiency comes from the 10 ingredients from the formula. They all work together so that they remove dark spots, giving you the lightening results that you were expecting.

The cream is safe to use for all sorts of skin types and may solve various skin issues and hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots or even melasma.

If you’re patient and curious enough to check the list of ingredients, here’s what you’re going to read: Bearberry, mulberry, licorice, Niacinamide, lactic acid, Kojic acid, citric acid and so on. All of the ingredients are known for their ability to remove dark spots, which explains why the cream works.

Another thing that matters for the value of the cream is the fact that it doesn’t include any hydroquinone, mercury or any other bleaching substances.

The cream has a nice texture that goes smooth and easy into your skin. It lightens your skin, but moisturizes it at the same time.

There’s no obvious fragrance on the cream and no greasy feel afterwards either. A little goes a long way and the cream is going to last for quite some time.

Recommended even by the professionals, the cream is made in our USA and this may seal the deal for many.

Highlighting the main qualities:

  • It includes a long list of ingredients that whiten skin
  • It has a nice texture and moisturizes your skin
  • It has no smell and leaves no greasy feel afterwards
  • It works on all skin types and ethnicities

We do have to mention the slight negatives:

  • Price is going to count a lot for many
  • You need to be patient until you notice the results

As long as you have the patience and the money for it, the cream is going to be a sure buy, most of the time.