Liner Clippers ReviewsWhether you’re cutting your own hair or do it for a living, it’s only a matter of time until you realize that the key for a great haircut isn’t just a steady hand, but also a great clipper.

What are the liner clippers?

A liner clipper is a tool that comes with plenty of attachments that are going to help you get to that sharp line along the edge of the hair.

Many liner clippers come with special blades that ensure clean cuts and nice line every time.

What to look for?

You’d want your liner clipper to come with all the attachments that you need for getting that line nice and sharp. No matter how great your skills are, sometimes it comes down to having the right attachment for working on the details.

You should also check for the liner clipper to come with adjustable and easy to change blades. The blades should be sharp so that you always do a good job.

A liner clipper should come with a good grip, leaving a nice feel in your hand. A good build and long lasting performance are also boxes that an efficient liner clipper is typically checking.

As for the price tag, this is entirely up to you. The price range is quite impressive and you may find a reliable liner clipper for less than you could expect. This doesn’t mean that high priced clippers are always the best. They may last for long though, which makes it for the higher price.

To keep in mind

Finding a liner clipper that fits your needs and wallet isn’t impossible. It helps a lot though if you know your skills and what you’re heading to when it comes to hair cutting, as well.

TOP 5 Liner Clippers Reviews

1). If you’re having trouble finding a clipper that works good for the line ups to, give it a try with the Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000.

The clipper is a highly versatile tool that you may use for all sorts of grooming jobs. It comes with 13 attachments: a steel precision trimmer, full size steel trimmer, 3 beard trimming guards, 3 hair trimming guards, a nose and ear hair trimmer, and a stubble guard as well. You don’t need to worry about storing them as they all come in a nice accessory travel storage bag. Let’s not forget the cleaning brush that you should use every now and then for proper cleaning of the clipper.

The blades and guards are easy to detach and rinse after use. The clipper presents DualCut technology as it comes with 2xmore self-sharpening blades. They are made of steel and sharpen themselves as they work. So, the longer you use them the longer they stay sharp.

The clipper comes with a Li-Io batter that is rechargeable. A full charge is going to provide 60 minutes of run time.

You may use it for all hair lengths, but not for shaving.

Here are its best qualities:

  • It comes with many accessories
  • The blades are self-sharpening
  • It’s easy to use and to clean
  • Its battery lasts for long

The flaws aren’t major:

  • There’s no battery indicator
  • You can’t use it for shaving

All in all, for a very low price, you end up with a tool that is great not only for the line ups, but also for various trimming jobs.

2). Versatile as you can use it for total body grooming, the Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper, Haircut Kit for Men Total Body Grooming 24 pc comes with many features that may satisfy many out there.

The clipper features a strong motor that even though runs a bit loud, it’s quite fast which makes out for the noisy part.

The price tag may be misleading for some as the clipper doesn’t disappoint on many levels. For instance, it presents a comfortable grip and is well-made, surprising with its good build. The clipper also looks nice and its dura-chrome finish and taper control allow you easy adjusting of length while cutting.

The Self-Sharpening precision blades remain sharp for a good amount of time. Whether you’re planning a long or a short cut, the clipper stands the job. It comes with plenty of accessories and several guards to use on various jobs.

The high-carbon steel blades remain aligned all the time and the 10 adjustable guide combs are easy to change. The sliding thumb-operated switch allows easy adjustment of the combs for the right height on a specific job.

Well balanced and easy to control, the clipper is going to help you for the line up too.

Here are some of the best qualities:

  • The clipper comes with many attachments
  • The blades are self-sharpening and made of high-carbon steel
  • It’s well balanced and easy to use
  • It has a good build and a powerful motor

We’re not worry about the inherent cons:

  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Some find the on/off switch difficult to operate.

However, for the reliability, versatility and performance, the clipper is quite a bang for your buck.

3). Leaving a real feel in your hand, the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-51 is more than meets the eye.

The clipper feels sturdy in your hand and gives dependable performance. It comes with a strong pivot motor that runs nice and quiet.

The blade sure matches the performance of the motor as it’s made of steel and easy to adjust between size 000 and 1. Packed with these features, the clipper becomes versatile and ready to cut through all kinds of hair, wet or dry. You may even use it for different parts of your body too (head, chest and belly).

The ergonomic design makes the clipper comfortable to hold, whereas the textured housing ensures a steady grip when using it.

The power cord is 8ft. long so you get plenty of freedom for moving when cutting. The clipper comes with 4 guide combs: 1/2”, 3/8”, ¼” and blending. Changing between the setting is easy thanks to the adjustable blade lever.

The clipper isn’t just sturdy, but also very stylish and its sleek shape is easy to notice. Well-made, the clipper has long lasting feel to it.

Even though its motor is strong, the clipper doesn’t get hot fast, but may be sitting on the heavy weight side. It’s easy to clean it and you should do it on regular basics to extend its life span.

Our favs would be:

  • The clipper is well-made and feels durable
  • It comes with several guide combs
  • It’s easy to use for various jobs
  • It looks nice and has a strong motor

There’s always some place for improvement:

  • It’s not as lightweight as you may expect
  • It’s a tad slow so it may not be the best choice for a fast trim

Nevertheless, as it’s reliable, strong, versatile and nice looking, the clipper isn’t a waste of your money at all.

4). When you’re not only going for a good clipper, but also for one that takes the intense use, no matter the jobs you’re using it for, put your trust and faith in a clipper like the Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper.

Even though it may be its sleek design and luxurious feel that strikes you first, the clipper is more than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, its looks may even fade away when it comes to its performance.

Giving you dependable performance for all-around outlining and fading, the clipper comes with a strong magnetic motor that runs rather quiet, considering its strength.

The aluminum housing impresses the eye, but it’s also resistant, explaining the long lifespan of the clipper. Rugged, the housing allows the clipper to take a fall, within some limitations.

Versatile, the clipper manages to do w good jobs on the close cuts as well. It’s not going to disappoint you on blending either.

Taking care of the clipper isn’t complicated at all. You just need to oil its blades from time to time.

A true power horse, the clipper is a good investment for many.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The clipper is well made and has aluminum housing
  • It’s great for fading and all-around outlining
  • Its motor is powerful, but runs quiet
  • It’s made to take the intense use

Don’t over think it because of some minor issues:

  • Some didn’t find it easy to use right from the beginning
  • It’s a bit heavy

Regardless of the problems, the clipper still is a great looking and reliable tool for many jobs, fading and outlining especially.

5). If you’re determined to give yourself a haircut and to be accurate as well, put your money at stake with the Philips Norelco QC5530 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper.

The clipper comes with a full range of length setting and the 180-degree rotating head may be its most impressive feature. The comb follows nice and easy the contours of your head so you may easily cut or trim your hair even in the difficult to reach areas.

The handle has an ergonomic design so the clipper is very easy and comfortable to hold. The clipper has no less than 20 easily adjustable length settings so you can try all sorts of haircuts.

The Li-Io battery is rechargeable and only needs one-hour charge for 60 minutes of use.

The precision trimmer follows the lines and trims sideburns and the clipper is highly versatile. Easy to use and so easy to clean as it’s fully washable, the clipper stays sharp and impresses with its versatility.

We really like some of its features:

  • It comes with a 180-degree rotating head
  • It’s easy to use for all sorts of jobs
  • It’s fully washable
  • The motor is strong and the clipper comes with 20 length settings

We’re not that worry about some minor downsides:

  • The comb is a tad wide
  • The plastic guides are too soft

As long as you’re determined and don’t mind its price tag, you’re on a safe side when getting the clipper.