Shape Up Clippers Reviews
The more you’re taking care of your looks, the more you’re going to improve your self-esteem and confidence. In order to look at your best, you do need some tools that aren’t just easy to use, but also great for the various jobs.

For instance, some well-chosen clippers are going to help you shape up better, so that you can enjoy better results and looks.

What to look for

Good clippers are also efficient for cutting your hair, not only for the details. They have an ergonomic feel which makes the handling easy, giving you best control while working on the details. They’re lightweight so that your hand doesn’t get tired after long time use.

You’re going to want to get clippers that come with adjustable blades so you may use them in various situations. The variety of blades is going to help you get the customized look that you were looking for.

Not only the blades should be adjustable, but they should also be made of hardened stainless steel, so that they can cut through thick and thin as well. You may want to look for clippers that present a carbon steel build, taking the use for the long run.

Is there anything else?

Some manufacturers seem to have been found already the key for a successful product, so you should go for the popular and well-known bands. After all, why try a no-name brand when you can have the sure thing with a popular clipper instead?

Don’t forget to check the motor of the clipper as it seems that strong magnetic ones are the most reliable for the shape up. You want the motor to run fast and quietly as well.

On top of everything else, a good clipper for the shape up is also going to be good on various jobs, due to its high versatility.


TOP 5 Shape Up Clippers Reviews

1).  Just because you go shopping on an empty wallet, doesn’t mean you should come back home empty handed. By contrary, you may very well get a reliable and good clipper like that Wahl Beard Trimmer Lithium Ion All in One Men’s Grooming Kit with Rechargeable Beard Trimmers, Hair Clippers and Electric Shavers.

For the little money you’re paying, the clipper is quite a surprise and impresses not only with its decent performance, but also with the long list of accessories that come along with it.

The clipper is lightweight and small, ensuring a comfy and nice feel to the smallest hands. It’s great for trimming and does good job on the detailed work, shape up including.

The Li-Io battery offers you 3 hours of continuous run time and 1 minutes of Quick Charge is enough for 3 minutes trimming. For the 3 hours of full operation, the clipper only needs one hour for charging.

The clipper gives close and smooth shaves and cuts. The full size dual floating foil shaver head comes with bi-directional long hair intercept cutter bar, for better performance. You may confidently use the clipper for face, head and body and it’s a great detailer for the ear, nose and brows too.

The pro-grade blades are reliable when working on the details and the clipper serves you well.

Well-built and easy to clean, the clipper comes with many accessories that are also easy to change. The guard is adjustable and the clipper comes also with cord for charging.

Going shortly over the main features:

  • The clipper is great for detailed jobs
  • It comes with many accessories that are easy to change
  • The battery lasts long
  • It’s lightweight, small and well built

The minor issues aren’t concerning:

  • The hair trimming may stick to the rubberized handle
  • The manual doesn’t do justice to the clipper as it’s rather poor

As long as you’re focusing on the goods, which are plenty for the money you’re paying, you shouldn’t complain much when getting the clipper.

2). Small enough to comfortably fit in any hand, yet reliable for many uses, the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is going be a lot of help for various hair-related jobs.

The clipper is very use and its ergonomic design allows you to easily get into the more difficult to reach areas to the body: on the back of your head, around your ears or on the neckline.

Featuring precision ground and stainless steel blades, the clipper cuts even the thickest hair, with minimal risk for snagging or pulling. Another explanation for this type of performance may be the very wide curved blade that follows the contours of your head, sustaining a close and even cut every time.

The clipper comes with a Li battery that is easy to recharge and runs for 40 minutes cordless. You may also use the clipper corded, so the clipper checks the versatility box as well.

The list of accessories is long and you’re going to be able to use 9 length-adjusting combs, a cleaning brush, a charging adapter, oil and a useful storage/travel pouch.

The clipper needs around 4 hours for a full charge, but it’s 100% waterproof which may compensate for the long time needed for charging.

Compact and so easy to use for all sorts of self-cuts, the clipper is a good choice for many. It’s easy to clean too, which may seal the deal for many.

Listing our favs:

  • The clipper comes with many accessories
  • It’s compact and very easy to use
  • It gives clean cuts even through thick hair
  • You may use it corded or cordless

The inherent downsides shouldn’t change your mind:

  • It may pull when not used right
  • The motor isn’t very fast

However, for the list of accessories and ease of use, the clipper may satisfy many of you out there.

3). Versatile and easy to use, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148 isn’t just for the use at home as its build and performance recommend it for the professional use as well.

The clipper is very easy to use so no beginner should have problems when using it for the first time. It’s a cordless model which means you have amazing freedom when working on the details, shape up or anything like it. The Li-Io battery lasts for a long time and charges quite fast. If the cordless option doesn’t fit your needs, you may very well use it corded.

The list of good things continues with the precision zero-overlap 2161 blades that ensure fast and easy cutting. The taper lever is great to use when fading and blending, or other detailed work that you’re trying to do.

The accessories included are many and you’re going to use them all if you like all sorts of hair-related jobs: cleaning brush, attachment cobs, recharging transformer and red blade guard.

The build doesn’t disappoint either and the clipper is made to last for a long time. It’s made with high quality materials, taking the heavy use.

The clipper runs smooth and quiet, but this doesn’t motor is weak. By contrary, it’s powerful and works well.

Lightweight and comfy in any hand, the clipper is a safe choice for both the professionals and the amateurs.

Going shortly over the main qualities:

  • The clipper is well made and takes the use for long time
  • The motor is strong, but runs smooth
  • It’s great for fading and detailed jobs
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use

Don’t let some inherent flaws change your mind:

  • The plastic parts don’t feel durable
  • The motor isn’t the most powerful out there

Reliable no matters your level of hair-cutting skills, the clipper is a good buy that serves you well for a good amount of time.

4). If you’re the nostalgic type and go for the old-fashioned looks, give it a go with the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

Not only the clipper has a great look, but it’s packed up with plenty of features that recommend it for the heavy-duty jobs, shape up including.

The second thing to strike you on the clipper (the first one being its looks) is the single speed universal motor that is strong enough to take long time use, even in a barber shop. The versatility of the clipper is another feature which explains also its popularity.

The clipper comes with detachable blades sizes 000 and 1. Its build has a durability feel to it and its housing is break-resistant.

The power cord is 9ft. long which gives you plenty of freedom during your cuts.

Well-made and versatile, the clipper cuts easy both dry and wet hair, through all sorts of hair. Due to its ergonomic design, is very comfortable to hold in hand.

Cutting nice and smooth and giving you the chance to work on details and shape up, the clipper is one wise, and nice looking option to keep in mind.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The clipper is very well made and looks amazing
  • It’s versatile and made for the heavy-duty jobs
  • The motor is strong and the clipper cuts smooth
  • It works great for details and shape up

We’re not forgetting about its minor issues:

  • It’s a bit long
  • It may get hot after a while

However, for its reliable performance and amazing looks, you should give it a go whenever in need.

5). The ceramic blades instead of metal ones are the first thing to notice on the Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, but the clipper brings a lot more to the table.

The motor is strong and it’s a rotary model that takes the use for a long time. Even though the clipper sits a bit on the heavy-weight side, it’s still comfortable to hold and easy to use.

The clipper may be the best option for medium weight hair, proving its performance on thick hair types as well.

When it’s fully charged, it runs for one hour straight. You may charge the battery separately, which makes the clipper more versatile since it may be used corded too.

The clipper comes with detachable blades, giving you the chance to try all sorts of styles. Additionally, the blades are easy to change and to clean as well.

You get 7 black plastic attachment combs, variously sized. Everything comes in a storage case that solves both the problem of portability and storage at the same time.

Everything about the clipper has a high quality feel and the clipper doesn’t disappoint.

We’re going faster for a quick look:

  • The clipper has a powerful rotary motor
  • It’s great for medium weight hair
  • It comes with many accessories
  • It uses ceramic detachable blades

As for the downsides, we’re not making a fuss out of them:

  • It’s a tad pricey
  • Some feel it’s not as lightweight as expected

Using ceramic blades and impressing with its overall high quality, the clipper is worth every single penny.