Google has been having a very shaky start but due to the Android Wear 2.0, they have become a rising platform. They have even gone ahead to switch the name to Wear OS, this was done during the early periods of 2018. Despite the fact that Android Wear is over, they have come up with Wear OS which is way much better. Some of the improved features Wear OS has are improved navigation and improved battery life.

Google saw it wise to change their name because of iPhone users. The Wear OS watches are compatible with both Android and iPhones. However, they should be carefully checked before being bought to check on how compatible they are. The list below briefly describes the best Wear OS watches available in the market today.

Fossil Sport


Apparently, this is the best Wear OS watch. We cannot really say that it is the best smartwatch overall since the unit does not exhibit many unique features but it provides a very unique package with all round. It combines value and outstanding features in a watch that is light and which you can wear day to day or at any time. 

It has GPS. It has a battery which lasts for around two days and gives you access to the latest Wear OS applications. It is also among the very first smartwatches to locate the Qualcomm Snapdragon ear 3100 chipsets. By this, we mean that the watch allows you to have a very smooth experience compared to other watches listed below. Its software also works better compared to the rest. 

TicWatch E2

This is one of the cheapest smartwatches one can buy. It uses the latest Wear OS software. When comparing with the last generation TicWatch E, its battery life has been improved by at least 30% which lasts for more than 2 days when used in an average manner. This should not, however, be the choice for someone who is looking for features concerned with fitness.

It is a waterproof watch and can, therefore, be used in a swimming pool. It also contains a GPS which can be used to track your location. However, it does not contain NFC and therefore cannot be used on Google Play. The watch company has taken time to produce quality features.

TicWatch Pro

The watch company of TicWatch Pro is in Mobvoi and the watch comes with 2 displays. By 2 displays we mean that it has a transparent LCD display which is on top of a full-color OLED. In occasions when it is minimizing battery usage, it switches to the LCD screen and this signalizes to you the time and step count among others.

It is OLED screen functions just like the other smartwatches but the other display ensures it has much better battery life compared to other watches on this list. It also has a design that is premium, a heart rate monitor, great GPS tracker, NFC for Google Play, latest Wear OS software which powers the whole watch and many more characteristics.

TicWatch S2

This watch can be confused with TicWatch E2 because it is very similar to the watch. The specializations are basically the same only that the company decided to release two versions of watches with different names because of the difference in design. This watch represents sport since it has a design that is more long-lasting compared to the other one. 

It has military-grade durability and so because of this, it can withstand beating more compared to other watches on this list and is therefore suitable for runners. It has a battery which lasts for 2 days, a GPS, it is waterproof and contains all other features found in the latest Wear OS software. 

Misfit Vapor 2

This watch has been a solution to many problems which were there in the previous watches. It has NFC for Google play, GPS to track your running distance and this can be found in 2 different sizes.

It has a simple design and this is one of the things watch buyers look for in smartwatches. The display at the centre of the watch can either be 1.2 inches or 1.4 inches. This allows for enough room to navigate around Wear OS.

It is a very good smartwatch for exercising. It has a very cheap price and this makes people find it attractive and a good option for them.

Fossil Gen 5

This is one of Wear OS smartwatches which has made use of the nest software situations and has excellent hardware and performance. Unlike many smartwatches which normally have a RAM of 512MB, this has 1GB. It also does not lag behind performance-wise due to its Snapdragon 31000.

It gives access to items like Google assistant, calendar and many other Google applications. It has a new feature of tiles and this eases navigation and makes it impressing. It cannot be said to be cheap but the money paid is worth it.

Misfit Vapor X

If you are looking for one of the best Wear OS watches you can ever vet, this is one of them. It, however, comes at this number in this list due to its price, it is quite expensive. It is quite similar to Fossil Sport only that it has a few upgrades and by this, you have to dig down $300 more compared to Fossil Sport.

Despite the price, it can be said to be worth it. It has the most recent processor, Google pay support, GPS and heart rate monitors. They have not really spent much consideration in their performance and battery life. However, if you looking for that unique design, Misfit Vapor X is the one you should go for.

There are many smartwatches from which a buyer can choose from in the market today. The Android Wear OS watches are among those which provide exemplary features to their users. Their quality is way much better than the previous android watches.