Chanel Blue Serum Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Chanel Blue Serum

Some of us already know that taking care of your skin is one thing that helps you present better into the world and makes a nice impression on everyone. Healthier and younger looking skin is a sign that you care not only about your looks, but also about your health. Being responsible for the well-being of your body, and skin means you have the will and the patience to be a well-schooled human being that follows religiously his/her skin care routine.

Introducing a skin serum in your daily skin care routine is one thing you can do in order to have better and healthier looking skin. And if you’re also willing to pay the high dollar for it, it means you’re one step closer to maintain the youth of your skin.

What’s so special about Chanel Blue Serum?

The French iconic brand was found in 1883 and it may be one of the most well-known beauty brands around the world.

The Chanel Blue Serum is the result of the study of the regions where people live longer, also known as the Blue Zones. Chanel Research came up with three longevity ingredients from the diet of these people, creating the revolutionary formula of the serum.

Chanel Blue Serum - does it work?

The blue zones where people live longer and better are as follows: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy and Ikaria in Greece. Chanel managed to choose 3 fundamental natural ingredients from the diets of those people and extract the strongest molecules, giving us the Chanel Blue Serum.

What are the famous ingredients?

Even though the formula doesn’t resume to them, here are the most important ingredients within the formula:

  • Green coffee from Nicoya, Costa Rica

This ingredient has impressive antioxidant abilities and protects your skin’s complexion. Thanks to an elaborated Polyfractioning extraction process, the obtained Green Coffee PFA contains 70 times more antioxidant active molecules that we typically find in common coffee beans.

Naturally produced Oleanolic acid is able to strengthen the abilities of skin to repair itself. The molecules are purified through CO2 Supercritical Extraction and are amazing for the protection of the skin.

  • Bosana olives from Sardinia, Italy

The high-level skin-fortifying polyphenols and essential fatty acids are able to protect the skin. The Oleo-Eco-Extraction process is patented and ensures amazing properties for the skin.

What does it do for your skin? How does it feel when using it?

The serum leaves an instant feel of freshness and makes your skin ready to get the benefits from all the other cosmetic products.

Here are the main benefits of the serum:

  • Firmer skin +21%
  • Smoother wrinkles-35%
  • Evener skin tone+38%

Chanel Research also developed 2 indexes *** to appreciate the youthful and healthy appearance of your skin:

  • Youthful aspect index (density of your skin and muscle tone, but also even skin tone, lessening of the appearance of wrinkles and spots): +23% *
  • Healthy aspect index (plumper and smoother skin, firmer skin, radiance and well-rested appearance of skin): +23%**

*Clinical appreciation of 44 women after 4 weeks of use in France

**Clinical appreciation on 45 women after 4 weeks of use in Sardinia

***Designing the index and consolidation of efficient results by Chanel Research

The serum comes in a sleek and solid opaque white bottle that maintains the stability and properties of the ingredients even after opening the bottle.

It’s important to start with cleansing your skin with something like Chanel Mousse Confort Rinse-Off

Lightweight, the serum glides smoothly onto the skin and leaves a nice fragrance and a soft touch feel as well. It dries fast and has just the right consistency. It doesn’t cause breakouts and has multiple utilities for the skin. You may use it as a pre-serum for evening your skin tone.

Use pressure with your fingertips when applying the serum and follow it with a moisturizer. Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition is a great option to keep in mind.


You can use Chanel Blue Serum Eye for the eye area.


What do we like the most? Is there something we hate?

The serum stands out with its one-of-a-kind formula so here are our pros:

  • The serum is formulated with revolutionary ingredients on a great formula
  • It evens your skin tone and smooths out the fine lines and spots
  • It smooths and refreshes the skin
  • It has a great consistency and gives a nice soft touch feel to skin
  • It smells nice

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • It’s not a cheap serum
  • Some don’t like the smell as it doesn’t fade away fast

Should you put your money where your mouth is?

Even though it may not have anti-aging abilities (and it doesn’t even claim that), the serum leaves a great luxurious feel on your skin and it’s totally up to you (and your wallet) whether you should splurge your skin or not.

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