mastectomy braSurgical bras are uniquely designed to keep you comfortable during your recovery and prevent serious complications such as lymphedema, excessive post-operative pain, seromas, as well as the shifting of implants. They type of bra you choose solely depends on the type of surgery you’re getting. So, make sure that you buy the model that’s perfectly suited to your personal needs.

Some doctors will provide you with an exceptional post-surgical compression bra while others will recommend that you buy one for yourself. During recovery, it’s advisable to wear a seamless bra, so desist from underwire bras. Plus, the bra you choose should be comfortable as well as form-fitting. And it shouldn’t compromise the shape of your breasts. Since you’ll be wearing your bra around the clock, consider getting one with breathable fabric in addition to adjustable shoulder straps.

The Different Types of Recovery Bras

Post-surgical bras come in numerous shapes, fabrics, as well as sizes. And determining the best model for your specific medical needs is an important aspect. Here are some of the top-notch designs to help prevent skin irritation, minimize your risk for allergic reactions, provide optimal comfort, and promote quick healing.

Sports bras

After surgery, most women feel more comfortable in sports bras. As long as it offers ample support plus compression, these types of bras are an incredible option.

Ensure that you purchase one that’s created with breathable fabric, without underwire. Your doctor might sometimes recommend switching between a surgical bra and a sports bra after surgery.

Compression vests

Also referred to as surgical vests, these types of bras are similar to conventional post-surgery bras but they extend further down the waist. They actually resemble a vest.

If your doctor feels that you need additional protection around the incision areas, he or she might recommend that you purchase a compression vest. For instance, if the breast fold approach is utilized under the breast, you’ll need to wear a post-surgical vest so that those incisions aren’t disturbed.

Breast bands

Breast bands are often placed above the breasts so as to prevent implants from migrating upwards. Plus, they provide a more full appearance to your breast’s upper pole.

Wearing bands will help shape and support your breasts, but they aren’t designed to curb discomfort or offer compression. So, they‘re normally used alongside breast surgery bras.

Mastectomy bras

Some models of post-operative bras are uniquely designed for mastectomy patients. Typically, these bras come with pockets that hold breast prostheses or forms. Most people with cancer utilize these bras to support and hold their breast forms after surgery, but they’re also intended to promote healing.

Possible Complications

One of the most common risks associated with breast surgery is lymphedema. This complication is typically a buildup of soft tissue that occurs when the lymphatic system is damaged.

About 70 percent of breast surgery patients develop lymphedema. But when properly treated, this isn’t a cause for concern. Nonetheless, it can result in infection and other serious complications when it’s left untreated.

When the body fails to eliminate excess fluid, seromas might also appear. This condition is particularly common after breast implants, as well as mastectomy, is performed.

Some post-surgery bras feature unique removable drainage pouches that make it easier for patients to manage post-op drainage tubes.



When it comes to post-surgical bras, there are countless options to choose from. It all depends on the type of surgery you underwent. Whether you need sports bras, compression vests, breast bands, or mastectomy bras, you can readily find them on the market.