Chi Original Hair Straightening Iron Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Chi Original 1” Flat Iron

Whether your hair is fine and thin or thick and coarse, a reliable flat iron is going to work no matter the hair type, for a good amount of time.

When you’re looking for a flat iron, the heating ability and the protection of your hair should work together just fine as you don’t want to compromise on either of them.

What’s the first thing to notice about the Chi Original 1” Ceramic Iron

It’s difficult to highlight a single thing about the Chi Original 1” Flat Iron as the flat iron is a nice package of qualities and even its price isn’t bad either.

Chi Original 1” Flat Iron - does it work?

The flat iron features ceramic plates that not only heat up fast, but they also style your hair without causing any frizz or flyaways. The hair remains shiny and silky smooth when you’re done and you don’t need to spend much time for that look either.

Packed with many qualities, the flat iron stands out with its good performance and the attractive price, giving the salon look that you’ve always been looking for.

What are the main qualities of the flat iron?

Not only the flat iron heats up fast up to 392F degrees, but it also comes with plates that have just the right width to satisfy various hair lengths and types: 1”.

Going on with the details, we need to pinpoint the far infrared that penetrates hair from the inside out. The negative ions moisture your hair and leave it nice and shiny, and the flat iron reduces frizz and static electricity too. You finally get the smooth and silky finish for your hair.

The flat iron is amazingly versatile and you may straighten, curl, flip and wave your hair, just the way you want it. The design is ergonomic and the grip is sturdy, so the flat iron doesn’t glide from your hands.

Additionally, the ceramic plates get a good hold of your hair, but don’t snag at it either. Due to their quality, the flat iron is protective for all hair types and works great for the African-American hair too.

The list of functional features continues with the flash quick heating that informs you when the flat iron is ready to go. Unfortunately, the heat isn’t adjustable and you’re going to have to learn how to work it without damaging your hair.

The flat iron comes with a 11ft. cord that is also a swivel model. This way, you get all the freedom you want for trying various hair styling, without worrying that you’re going to tangle the cord in the process. Therefore, even though the heat isn’t adjustable, the flat iron does compensates with other features.

The flat iron presents dual voltage so you may easily take it with you when travelling.

The on/off switch is small and well placed and the risk for accidental pressing isn’t notable.

Chi was an official sponsor at the 2018 Miss America edition. Naturally, the straightening irons used on the models were provided by Chi:

Is it easy to use or not?

The 1” width of the plates allow you to easily try various hair styles. As the heat isn’t adjustable, you don’t need to worry about going through various heat setting while working your hair either.

The swivel cord is 11ft. long which gives you great liberty of movement while using the flat iron.

Lightweight and with a good and sturdy grip, the flat iron is easy to use and everything about it it’s user friendly.

What do we like the most about it? What do we hate?

Even though the flat iron isn’t the most sophisticated model out there, it still makes a good impression for most. Here’s a shorter list of the good things about it:

  • It heats up fast
  • It comes with ceramic plates that don’t damage the hair
  • It straightens, curls and flips waves
  • It comes with an 11 ft. swivel cord
  • It diminuates frizz and static
  • It’s versatile and works on all hair types, African-American including

As for the parts we like less, they’re not major, but still important enough to mention:

  • It doesn’t come with adjustable heat settings
  • Some doubt its durability

What’s our final verdict?

Even though one may sit on a fence about the flat iron, for the good performance, protection of your hair and good price, the flat iron still stands as a valid choice for most.

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