Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion

Made for leaving your skin nice and smooth, the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion isn’t just easy to use, but also a great way of pampering your skin all over your body.

What is Clinique Deep Comfort Body Lotion in fact? When to use it?

Clinique Deep Comfort is a body lotion that comes in a dispenser with a pump so it’s easy to use. Some like to apply it daily, whereas some get great results even when using it any now and then.

If you’re trying to eliminate dullness and dryness of your skin from various parts of your body (heels, elbows, knees), the body lotion is definitely a wise choice.

The body lotion not only calms an irritated skin, but also moisturizes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

You should use the body lotion for softening the dry and rough areas of your skin, or only for giving a fresh feel to your skin. The body lotion sooths the skin and adds just the right amount of moisture to your skin.

You can also use Clinique Deep Comfort on sensitive skin, problematic skin areas and even in case of sunburns.

What’s the best way to use the body lotion?

The body lotion comes in a recipient with pump dispenser and it has a small foot print and slim profile, for easier storing. It’s easy to use and to include in your daily skin care routine. Some like to apply it more than once daily, but the best way to tell is by paying attention to your skin. If you feel like it’s dries again, you can apply it more than once.

Best way is to apply it on the clean, towel-dried skin after bathing or showering. Additionally, you can also use it every time your skin needs a moisture boost. Be patient and take time on the rough and rough areas.

A little goes a long way so the body lotion is going to keep your skin in good shape for a nice amount of time. It has a subtle fresh scent that doesn’t linger for long, so you may combine the body lotion with other cosmetic products.

The texture is rather creamy and rich, but the body lotion glides on nicely and is easily absorbed into your skin.

We like the body lotion as it doesn’t leave a sticky or a greasy residue behind. It moisturizes the skin, without leaving it oily, but fresh and luxurious.

What’s to note about the ingredients?

The body lotion is made with an impressive number of ingredients and some do stand out with their benefits for the skin.

  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice- this is just another name used for Aloe Vera. It’s great for healing sunburns, but also for soothing symptoms in eczema and psoriasis. It diminishes the appearance of stretch marks and the fine lines or wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin and keeps acne at bay.
  • Gentian lutea root extract- it sooths skin and it’s a great anti-oxidant ingredient. It eliminates dullness from skin and leaves it healthier and glowing.
  • Caffeine- it fights against free radicals, the main cause for skin aging. It minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining the elasticity of skin. It has anti-inflammatory abilities and eliminates redness of skin. It diminishes cellulite and improves the overall look of your skin. It works in case of rosacea, repairing the skin damaged by the bad UVs. It tightens skin and makes your skin younger.
  • Sorbic acid- it’s a non-toxic preservative that is derived from berries of the mountain as tree.

The formula is sophisticated and dermatologically tested, which makes it safe to use on sensitive skin. It doesn’t include parabens or perfume so many like it for so many reasons.

What’s to keep in mind?

We like many things about the body lotion, so here’s a very short list of pros:

  • It’s made with numerous ingredients
  • It sooths and calms an irritated, dry or rough skin
  • It leaves the skin smooth, fresh and younger looking
  • It has a rich texture but it’s easily absorbed into the skin
  • It has no powerful scent and glides easy onto your skin
  • It comes with an easy to use recipient and has a small foot print

The downsides aren’t many, nor deal breakers on our part:

  • It’s not a very cheap body lotion
  • One may need to feel to apply it more often

What’s the main takeaway?

We like the luxurious and creamy consistency of the body lotion. We also like it as it softens, calms and makes the skin feel smoother and fresh. We like it for keeping the skin aging at bay and for making the skin looking younger and healthier altogether. What we don’t like, though, it’s the price tag and its too small recipient.

All in all, the body lotion is a great investment and money well spent for your skin and yourself.

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