How to Cut Black Boys Hair with Clippers

Cutting your black boy’s hair is a great idea that can spare you money and time, not to mention that you begin a nice and fun activity with your little man. You can definitely take advantage of it and get creative, turning the hair cutting into a lovely bonding activity that leaves your boy both happy and pretty looking.

If you’re planning to do it with clippers, here are some things to keep in mind and steps you need to follow in order to get best results.

Using clippers may be a great idea to cut your boy’s hair especially when the hair is shorter.

The preparation

You need to get your tools ready before sitting down your boy. No matter how old he is, staying still for some minutes isn’t something he’s willing to do, so you need to have everything handy around you before you actually start the hair cutting.

Even though you’re going to use the clippers, you still need some barber’s scissors handy. Get a booster seat with a low back so that you may easily access to the sides of the hair, from various angles. Use a comb with a pointed end so that you may also section his hair easier.

Try not to use household scissors as they typically are too dull for cutting hair. You could give it a try with some multi-purpose scissors, but they’re not as good as barber’s shears. Get to a grocery store or to a local pharmacy to get the real thing.

Don’t forget to prepare the area and place some towels, magazines or newspapers under the chair so that you gather the hair clippings that are going to fall. Put also a towel on your boy’s shoulders so that not much of the hair clippings gets to his clothes.

Get him on board

This is the part about your creativity. Sure, you may play the discipline card, but why frustrate your boy when it’s easier to have him on board? Turn the hair cutting into a nice and fun activity for both of you and find the games that you both like. From the singing sessions, to the story-telling, try to find creative ways to keep him still on the chair for a couple of minutes.

Don’t put him on the chair if he’s tired, hungry or sick. Try to set the hair cutting session in front of the TV set, if that works better for him. If you’re not doing something together, it’s better to distract him and keep him focused elsewhere.

Put a smile on your face and give him constant positive feedback. You’re not necessarily aiming for the perfect haircut, but for a nice activity that ends up with a cute hair cut for your boy too.

The wetting part

You may spray a mist of water on his hair before you try to cut it. Use also a spray bottle to detangle the hair. You need to wet it all evenly so you don’t end up with an uneven cut.

Use a wide-tooth comb that you may also went down. Comb his hair before you start cutting. A wet washcloth may become handy too. Keep in mind not to wet the hair too much, though.

Using the clippers

You should get a good set of clippers from a department store. Don’t be afraid to use the clipper guard for best results.

You may start with the #3 guard on the clipper. Hold the clippers at 90degree angle or so, clipping straight up from the base of the neck.

Use the clippers to cut upwards, all around your boy’s head.

When you’re done cutting the back and sides, it’s important that you go ahead with the fine adjustments.

Continue with removing the guard from the clippers, cleaning up the hair around his ears. You should go very slow so that you don’t injure him.

Use carefully the clippers to clean up, giving a nice shape to the style, around the nape of his neck. Always take time and be patient when doing so. This is another part where he has to stay really still so that the hair cut doesn’t go wet.

The details

When you’re done with the clippers, you may want to use the scissors for the final adjustments. Try not to use the clippers on the top of your boy’s hair.

Useful tips

There are some things to keep in mind when cutting your boy’s hair:

  • Take time and pay attention to his hair as it may present several textures and weak hairlines
  • Overload a very coarse hair with some conditioner or treatment so that it’s easier for you to comb it and get it ready
  • Try to cut the hair as technically as the texture lets you. It may be unbelievable, but even a one-length simple line may become three-dimensional when the hair is dry
  • After the hair is dry, don’t hesitate to play with it, using your hand so that the multi-textures blend better
  • Keep it simple and focus on seamless works on outlines, as it’s complements bone structure
  • Try to maintain firm tension on a very strong and coarse texture, applying the freehand technique only on dry hair
  • You always have to use the clippers for the hairlines.
  • Take time to clean all sections, so that the haircut looks nice in the end. Keep every single section fine so that you may notice the previous one every time
  • Tension is going to create some graduation so don’t hurry up when doing it, as it’s going to give shape
  • If you’re cutting dry hair keep in mind that curly hair is way shorter when dry. You should pay attention to the initial sections and get elasticity- you may refine the lines later on, if necessary
  • Try to keep layers at the top for longer time as you’re going to gain softness and dimension to the shape

Some haircuts for your boy

Here are some haircuts that your little boy may want to try. These are only general information and you should inform more if you want to try a specific one.

  • Patterned fade

This is an afro haircut that many boys like as it includes shaving in lines or sophisticated patterns. Creative or simple, playing with the intensity of the fade, this haircut requires great cutting skills, for sure.

  • Curly top fade

There are several forms of this haircut, but the main focus is always on the curls. Light fades as temple fade are a good example, creating a nice contrast with the ample curls.

Your boy can keep his hair short, tapered fade afro or aim for some height. The combinations are plenty.

  • Short fade

Many afro styles are good at giving nice volume and height, but you may also try a classic cropped fade for your boy.

Go for a low fade haircut to add length to the afro and draw it out or aim for a high fade for a cropped one for a clean finish.

  • Faux Hawk fade

You may choose a range of lengths and contrasts and try a long afro or a tight, cropped one. Use a high fade to underline a Mohawk, or get a low fade when you want a subtle look for your boy.

  • High top fade

The high top fade presents clean straight edges and it’s popular. It may look amazing if you’re doing it right, but you can also play with the various heights and textures.

You may create something short or go with a high afro. A curly high top fade is another option, working with anything from wavy or tight curls.

Take care of his hair

If your boy shampoos too often, his hair may dry and become brittle. Most shampoos out there contain a chemical that not only cleans up the hair, but also strips it from its natural oils that protects it. The hair remains dry and exposed to breakage. Your boy should only shampoo once or twice a week in order to maintain the natural oil in his hair.

A black hair also needs moisturizer daily and a simple oil can help you on that. Apply it to the roots of the hair so that it softens it, but doesn’t give flakes or dry scalp. Almond and coconut oil are always good options.