Typically, the more you pay, the more you’re expecting from your product. This isn’t necessarily true when it comes to skin care products and it all depends on the list of ingredients, the amount of a specific ingredient, the formula of the skin care product and so on.

What makes the price higher in some situations?

The price tag isn’t always related to the efficiency of a cosmetic product. Many of the high-end cosmetic manufacturers do use pricier ingredients, but the packaging plays also a big part into the final price tag. This doesn’t mean you cannot get better options for your skin that are great even for your wallet. For instance, CouponSolver is a great place to look for skin care products. Not only that you’re going to find so many various and multiple options for your beauty concerns, but you can also find daily discounts at Duvolle. Duvolle is a place where you can buy skincare products, curling wands, accessories, cosmetics and styling tools.

Coming back to square one, let’s take a closer look at the retinol technology used in a famous night moisturizers. It’s a moisturizer that has been proving its efficiency over and over again, but that doesn’t mean that all retinol moisturizers are going to have the same efficiency. The formula and the quality of the ingredients are also fundamental for the overall quality of the product, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Should you pay the extra buck or not?

Even though a generic cosmetic product may work just fine most of the time, you should splurge in some situations. When you’re aiming for anti-aging or other specific targeting cosmetic issues, you should get the more expensive options, simply because they’re going to work a lot better.

For instance, you don’t need to empty your pockets for a body lotion, but you do want to spend more for a sunscreen. Go for a sunscreen that includes compounds that are more photo stable. Chances are you’re going to get better protection against the UVs too.

You may confidently use the drugstore options for hydrating your skin, washing your hair and body and anything related to regular hair/skin care routine. However, if you’re determined to get an anti-aging serum or a whitening cream, you should take the leap of faith and get the pricier options. Don’t forget to do due diligence, checking the prices in several places.

What ingredients cost more in skin care products?

Even though not all skin care products are created equal, some ingredients are more expensive, thus explaining the higher final price.

Here are some of the ingredients that are going to make you give a second thought when buying:

  • Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is highly appreciated for its amazing smell and skin benefits. It makes the skin tighter and firmer, reducing the appearance of redness as well.

However, the process of obtaining it is pretty painstaking, leading to an amazing high price for it. 10,000 pounds of rose petals help obtaining only one pound of rose essential oil.

  • Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil is another expensive oil and it takes thousands of jasmine flowers to obtain only a very small amount of the oil.

Not only that it smells amazing, but the jasmine essential oil is also able to reduce inflammation, to even out the skin complexion and to soothe a sensitive skin. It has anti-aging abilities and it’s a reliable moisturizer as well.

It takes 125 pounds of petals to get one ounce of oil, which explains the high price.

  • Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that our body is able to produce in a natural way, as we need it for building proteins. The skin-care products are formulated with a synthetic version of arginine, which explains the final price.

Arginine is able to increase the blood flow, sustaining the healing process. It’s an important ingredient in skin-care products addressing the rejuvenation and repairing of the skin. The materials and the technology used for producing it are expensive, so this is why an arginine cosmetic product isn’t going to be very cheap.

  • Caviar

Caviar isn’t just expensive for eating, but also for our skin-care products. Many serums, lotions and even nail polish are formulated with caviar.

Despite of what you may think, it’s not the fish eggs that are used for the skin-care products, but the extract from a matrix surrounding them. This one has an impressive amount of amino acids and vitamins that slow down the aging of the skin.

  • White truffles

We all know that white truffles are really rare, which explains the whole price issue right from the start. They’re only found in the wild and only one pound of it is going to cost you somewhere around $10,000.

They’re great for hyperpigmentation as they present a high concentration of vitamin C. They also contain vitamin B3, B6 and B12 which repair a damaged skin, reducing the risk for developing irritated or dry skin.

White truffles are also able to reduce inflammation, making the fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. They’re a special ingredient in moisturizers, eye creams or masks.

  • Gold

Gold doesn’t come cheap either and gold particles, gold extract are a popular ingredient in skin care. There are many serums, lotions, sheet masks or creams that are formulated with gold.

Gold is amazing for reducing inflammation, but it’s also able to brighten the skin, when used on a regular basis. Even the addition of few gold particles may raise up the price on a cosmetic product, so make sure you look for it/stay away when buying.

  • Helichrysum essential oil

You may have never heard of this one, but it’s simply because it was used with one of its other names. This oil is also known as “immortelle” or “everlasting” oil and it comes from sunflowers. It’s in fact obtained from a plant belonging to the sunflower family. It’s a remarkable ingredient for the skin care as it presents so many benefits for the skin.

This oil stands out with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities, and it’s one dependable ingredient for the anti-aging skin products. It’s also used for the products that keep acne under control.

The immortelle oil presents a high concentration of neryl acetate, which explains the healing and tissue building properties of the oil. This one is able to reduce the visibility of age spots, scars, blemishes and makes the fine lines less obvious.

This oil is expensive as there’s an impressive amount of plant required for producing the oil. However, its amazing abilities for the health of the skin are worth the price and the efforts.