For those with dry skin, it can be challenging to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, especially with many skincare products catering to those with normal or regular skin. Dry skin care faces many challenges because whereas other skin types can get away with only using a couple of skincare products, those with dry skin must build their skin’s moisture from the bottom up. Getting moisture into the skin and keeping it there is the magic formula for those with dry skin Below are ways you can keep your skin hydrated.  

Face Wash

The first way to keep moisture in is to select products that will not dry it out in the first place. Many face wash acts by stripping the natural oils off of the face which gives it a ‘clean’ appearance. The downfall to this is that for those who suffer from dry skin will often experience even drier skin after washing their face. By selecting skin washing agents that are tailor-made for those with dry skin will ensure you are not stripping vital moisture and oils from your skin


Moisturizer is one of the key players in keeping your skin hydrated. A moisturizer’s job is to get moisture into the skin and keep it there long enough for the skin to take in the moisture. Any moisturizer is better than no moisturizer however finding one tailor suited for dry skin will give you the best chance at keeping your skin hydrated. Most of the people are not aware of when to use a moisturizer on their skin.  The common mistake that we make is that we wash our face, dry it with cloth or towel, and then apply the moisturizer.  We do not get proper benefit from the moisturizer this way.  If you want to lock the moisture in your skin, apply it when the skin is still damp after washing your face.  If your skin needs a little more than a moisturizer, then go for serum. It will do the magic on your skin. 

Cream lotion

Cream lotions are different from standard lotions in their consistency. While standard lotions are often thin and watery, cream lotions are much thicker and are much better suited to protect your skin and keep moisture in. These cream lotions act as the front-line defense against the harsh elements. Finding cream lotions suited for dry skin will oftentimes also have a moisturizing component to offering your skin moisture and lasting protection from dried-out skin. 

Eye Cream

We pay attention to our overall look of the face and forget the most sensitive part. This sensitive part is the area around our eyes. When the skin is dry, you are most likely to have wrinkles around your eyes.  So, this area needs to be pampered. If you’re reaching your middle age, then you should apply a good eye cream. The selection of a good brand is a must.  

Don’t Ignore Your Hands and Feet

Hands and feet need attention too. Our hands are continuously in use during the day time. It is the night time when we can utilize time to take care of our hands and feet.  Apply moisturizing cream on your hands and feet before going to bed.  It will stay on your hands and feet for a long time and will provide care and protection. 

Avoid long and Steamy Shower

Taking a long bath with a steamy shower may result in making your skin dry.  Especially in cold weather, when we take a bath with warm water, our skin becomes dry.  It is important to moisturize the skin properly after taking a bath.  If you are a working lady and use makeup, it is very important to hydrate your skin. You can keep a facial spray in your bag and use it whenever you feel that your skin is getting dull.


Now that you have the basic skincare products for dry skin it is equally as important to know when to apply each of the products. One of the best ways to lock in moisture is to use the skin wash in the shower and immediately following the shower using a moisturizer followed up by a thicker lotion. What this is doing is cleaning the skin to bare skin with the wash and while your skin is still moist from the water from the shower you apply a moisturizer that locks that moisture in and prevents it from evaporating and leaving your skin dry. Lastly applying a cream lotion will lock in the moisture on your skin for all-day relief from dry skin. This is a simple routine that can be extremely helpful with those with dry skin. Another thing you can do is before going to bed you can follow the steps above but only wash your face and only apply some cream lotion to your body. This will ensure you have adequate moisture close to your skin for the night.  If you are thinking of a little investment in a humidifier, you are going in the right direction.  It will add moisture into the air and will keep your body hydrated.  For those who live in a dry climate, it is a blessing.  You won’t regret your investment in a good humidifier. 

Overall it isn’t too difficult to keep your skin hydrated if you suffer from dry skin. It is all about finding the right products for you and using them correctly to maximize moisture near your skin. Washing away dirt and grime, adding a moisturizer, and adding a final coat of cream lotion is a sure way to help dry skin. An additional often overlooked solution is to stay hydrated by drinking water. Many people today are underhydrated and simply drinking more water could alleviate many issues for people who have drier skin. Drinking a minimum of half a gallon of water is recommended by many health sources and could remedy dry skin without having to buy products.