Eve Hansen Hydrating Serum Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Eve Hansen Hydrating Serum

No matter how powerful or concentrated your anti-aging moisturizer may be, as long as your skin isn’t well hydrated, the chances for a nice and younger looking skin are pretty slim.

Sure, you can pay the extra buck and make the effort of finding one face cream that is formulated on hyaluronic acid, providing your skin the hydration it needs. Another solution comes from the hyaluronic acid serums that go right to the point due to their hydrating and moisturizing behavior.

Does the Eve Hansen Serum hydrate the skin?

Not only does the Serum from Eve Hansen hydrate your skin, but it also increases your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Strong enough to fight against inflammation, the serum boosts the collagen production in skin and minimizes the damage from the free radicals.

Hydrating the damaged skin and giving it a healthy radiance, the hyaluronic acid serum has anti-aging abilities and is a nice surprise for many.

How does its formula look like?

The formula of the serum is well thought out and it’s not based only on hyaluronic acid. It includes several natural ingredients that are well known for their potency on the skin, which may be the reason for the multiple benefits of this serum.

  • Hyaluronic acid- hydrates and moisturizes the skin, bringing comfort to rough and dry skin. It’s safe to use on all skin types and makes the fine lines and wrinkles more difficult to notice. It protects the skin from the UVB rays and nourishes the skin, by adjusting its moisture absorption rate based on the humidity-relative to the current season and your climate as well. It makes the skin more glowing and younger looking.
  • Organic aloe- speeds the healing of skin and calms the skin in psoriasis and eczema. It sooths sunburns and keeps acne at bay. It’s anti-aging and lessens the visibility of stretch marks
  • Witch hazel– has astringent abilities and heals the skin on cellular level. It eliminates puffiness and comforts the skin in eczema and razor burns, while putting acne under control.
  • Jojoba oil- controls the oil production in skin and addresses the dry skin. It doesn’t clog pores and calms in sunburns or cracked skin. It treats eczema and psoriasis and helps the skin to protect better from the outer aggressors.
  • Geranium essential oil- reduces inflammation and makes wrinkles smaller. It supports the cell growth and leaves the skin toned.
  • Vitamin C- keeps the damage of bad UVs under control and boosts the collagen production in skin. It makes under-eye circles less visible and speeds up the healing of damaged skin. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin and smooths out discoloration.
  • Vitamin E- diminishes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines and brightens the brown spots. It alleviates symptoms of dry and rough skin.
  • Green tea- it’s anti-inflammatory and puts acne and breakouts under control. It diminishes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, controlling the oil production in skin as well. It brings comfort to skin in case of eczema.

on top of everything else, the serum doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrance, nor parabens and it’s 100% vegan.

What’s to keep in mind when using it?

You should start by cleansing and toning your skin. In order to get the best results, you may apply it both in the AM and PM.

Put 3-5 drops of the serum on your fingertips and pat it nicely and smoothly onto your face, neck and everywhere you need. Let it dry for a couple of minutes until it’s fully absorbed.

The serum comes with a dropper so it’s fairly easy to use. Its glass bottle helps maintain its properties.

A little goes a long way so you should be able to use the serum for one month or so, with twice a day use.

You may go with the Anti-Aging Serum Set by Even Hansen

or simply follow it with the Hyaluronic Acid Cream by Eve Hansen


What are the best parts about it? Are there any downsides?

We like the serum for its amazingly efficient formula and a list of pros if great for the road:

  • The serum is made with natural ingredients
  • It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • It brightens the skin and improves its appearance
  • It sinks right in due to its nice consistency
  • It’s easy to use AM and PM

The inherent problems are no deal breakers for us:

  • If you’re trying to get rid of acne, the serum may not be enough
  • Not everyone likes its scent
  • It may give results slower than expected in some situations

Should you take the leap of faith?

As the good outweighs for sure the bad, we’re pretty confident that the serum isn’t going to be a disappointment for most. Able to make your skin look younger and healthier, while hydrating it for all day long, the serum is money well spent any given day.

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