Eyelash Growth Serum DIY

Thicker and longer eyelashes is something we all want. After all, your eyes are only as beautiful as your soul, right?

You can go the expensive way and get the eyelash growth serum from the store. Easy and convenient, but it’s going to empty your pockets for sure. As you do want results, you should be willing to pay at least $70 for obvious results.

If only there was another way for a good eyelash growth serum…

If you’re the DIY customer that is also into the natural ingredients, there are no obvious reasons for which you shouldn’t try to make your very own eyelash growth serum from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to know the recipes by heart, you only need the patience and the will to follow our instructions.

On top of everything else, it’s going to be a lot cheaper for you and you’re going to master the art of DIY when it comes to cosmetic products. And a good eyelash growth serum may be a very good start.

Why make your own eyelash growth serum?

This type of serum is going to be made with natural oils for lashes, going deeply into your eyelash hair follicles, nourishing and moisturizing your eyelashes. They’re going to restore the health of your eyelashes and reduce the risk for eyelash fallout, prepping the base for the eyelashes to grow healthier and thicker.

Another great part about making your own eyelash growth serum is that you can use more than just one oil and you can try various combinations of the natural lash growth oils, for a customized recipe. Let your creativity flow and be patient about the results too.

Here are some recipes to try at home!

The homemade beauty solutions that we’re going to talk about are great for deep conditioning of the eyelashes, but they’re also able to nourish and calm the over-stressed lashes.

Credits: Katrinaosity

Our recipes are very easy to whip up and they’re going to help you for a good amount of time. Before you get started, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Empty and reuse a mascara tube and wand
  • Get the ingredients you’re going to need for your homemade eyelash growth serum

1. Big Boost of Lash Growth Serum

You’re going to have to pay attention to this serum and the ingredients that you’re going to use are going to give a nice boost to your eyelashes.

  • What you need:
    • Liquid biotin –Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and the “H” comes from the German words “haar” and “haut”, which translate “hair and skin”. This vitamin is impressive for the health of your hair and skin. It’s a powerful ingredient for helping your eyelashes grow, especially if your eyelashes are prone to thinning, brittleness and breakage.
    • Argan oil- is loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E (which we all know it’s a great moisturizer as well), but it’s also full of essential fatty acids that hydrated, nourish and improve the health of your lashes. It’s a rich oil that reverses the damage caused by the harsh chemicals (mascara and lash glue are to name). Research has also proved that argan oil sustains faster and longer hair growth too.
  • How to make the serum

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Empty your mascara tube and pour the argan oil in it
  2. Add 5 to 10 drops of liquid biotin
  3. Seal tightly and shake the tube very well
  4. Dip your mascara wand into the DIY lash growth serum and brush it carefully onto your lashes, going from the root to tip.

2. Not so sweet Strength Lash Growth Serum

one thing you should know about this DIY lash growth serum is that it’s great for lengthening and strengthening lashes, but it doesn’t have the loveliest smell in town.

The serum is formulated on neem oil, which is amazing for faster natural lash growth, but it doesn’t smell just as amazing. Some may not be willing even to make the sacrifice, but the results are impressive so you should give it a go any now and then.

  • What you need
    • Neem oil- is one of the most potent oils for the eyelash growth. as a matter of fact, it’s great for all sorts of hair growth and it’s the main ingredients in many hair loss/hair growth shampoos. It’s loaded with fatty acids (oleic acids and linoleic acids) that moisturize and condition on deep level the brittle and dry lashes. It restores their health and presents regenerative abilities that improve the health of the hair cells, boosting the hair follicle function and growth.
    • Sweet almond oil- this is going to balance a bit the smell of the neem oil. Nicely scented and light, the sweet almond oil is full of monosaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and sustains the growth of calcium as well. It hydrates and moisturizes the lash hair follicles on deeper level and reduces the risk for breaking and falling out.
  • How to make it

In order to get best results, you should follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a 70/30 mixture of sweet almond oil to neem oil into your previously emptied mascara tube
  2. Seal the tube tightly and give it a good shake
  3. Dip the mascara wand into the DIY lash growth serum and brush your lashes nice and slowly, moving from root to tip.

3.Deep Nourishment Lash Growth Serum

This may be the easiest eyelash condition serum to make and it’s going to thicken your lashes in a couple of weeks.

  • What you need
    • Coconut oil-the tasty smelling oil is also loaded with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids that bind together to the protein in lashes, protecting both their roots and strands. The common fatty acids within the coconut oil are lauric acid that presents both antibacterial and antifungal abilities. It’s able to protect your eyelashes from falling and reduces risk for infections that stop the hair growth.
    • Castor oil-the viscous oil is thick and very rich in vitamin E, proteins and fatty acids. It goes deep into the hair follicles, hydrating and nourishing your eyelashes almost immediately. It’s an old ingredient that keeps baldness at bay, plumping your lash line at the same time.
  • How to make it

This is one easy to make serum and you only need to pay attention to few details:

  1. You need to use equal parts of castor and coconut oil and pour it into the empty mascara tube
  2. Close tightly the tube and shake it very well
  3. Dip your mascara wand into the DIY lash growth serum and carefully apply it on your lashes, from root to tip. Use only a tiny amount as castor oil is pretty heavy and may weigh down your lashes, leading to an unpleasant look and feel.