Cosmetic Contact Lenses

There’s no doubt that the coolest and quickest way to totally transform your looks is to add on a pair of colored contact lenses. Celebs love experimenting with them and it’s great for anyone to use them on a daily basis or just every now and then. Popular brands like Lens Me lenses are available in a wide range of colors and can be bought with and without prescription. These popular brands of contact lenses UAE and are easily available online on various e-commerce portals. During the time of Halloween, many people are more inclined to experiment with colored contact lenses to add an impact to their Halloween looks.

If you are a first-time lens user or you are not used to wearing colored contacts, here are a few facts about cosmetic lenses that should put your mind at ease.

Colored contact lenses are pretty much the same as regular lenses, the only difference is that these lenses are colored. If you’re used to wearing lenses regularly, you should have no problem wearing and adjusting to colored contact lenses.

Sometimes regular lenses wearers may complain about a little bit of initial discomfort when wearing cosmetic lenses. That’s because these lenses are a little thicker than your regular lenses and hence may take a little getting used to. However, the advantage is that these lenses are easier to put on and remove as they are thicker.

Colored contact lenses are available in a wide range of powers as well as with zero power. So, whether you have perfect vision or powered vision, you can wear these lenses. However, even if you have perfect vision, it is always better to consult with an ophthalmologist before choosing your cosmetic lenses. Please remember that lenses are inserted into your eye and can sometimes damage your eye if you have some pre-existing conditions that you are not aware of.  Therefore, consulting an ophthalmologist is highly recommended.

Always make sure you order your lenses from an authorized dealer with reputed brands. Even though you may use the lenses temporarily, you don’t want to damage your eyes using cheap products.

Keep in mind to never share your lenses with your friends. You can land up with a bad eye infection. Plus not all the lenses are the same since some may have a different power reading or the diameter may differ.

If you experience pain or discharge when wearing your lenses it’s best to remove your lens and call your doctor immediately. These could be signs of any eye infection and could worsen if not treated.

Follow the correct steps to remove your lenses, care for them and store them.  Make sure to wash your hands and dry them before handling the lens. Cream or any other substance on your fingers may cause irritation while wearing your lens. Clean your lenses with contact lens solution and store them in a clean lens case with fresh solution and avoid using tap water to clean them. Don’t sleep with your lenses on and wear them for the time recommended by your optician. Usually, the box they come in will have instructions to help you especially if you’re a first-time lens wearer.  If stored incorrectly it is better to get a new pair rather than try and wear the old ones, or if you wear cosmetic lenses occasionally it is better to get daily disposables.