Gone are the days when fashion and style was a thing for women. Nowadays, men too need to create a sense of fashion and style in themselves. With each passing day, people get to realize that men too need to look stylish since it contributes to boosting their self-confidence. The dapper people know that our wardrobes are not the only way in which we can create a sense of style. Accessories are among the main items which can be used to enhance style like watches. Watches can be used by anyone to add a sense of style in the outfit for the day.

Men’s Watch Style Tips

The Face of the Watch Should Match the Sky


The statement may sound like a language device but it’s not. Don’t mistake me and say during the day sky blue watches should be worn. No, what we are saying is that during the day it would be better to go for watches which have faces which are light in color like white since they are bright like that and have a sense of causality.

During the night, switch and choose watches which have dark faces or those which are black. Such colors have a sense of formality and are not sophisticated. In addition, such are also not awkward.

Always Wear the Size that is Right

When buying watches, we have seen watches with different face diameters. There are those sizes that when you wear they will flatter you. So when choosing watches always make sure that the face diameter of your watch us 2/3 your wrist size. This is called the rule of the thumb.

Look down the arm and ensure that the band, wrist and forearm are in a straight line. Take measurements on the top of the wrist and measure then multiply it by 2/3. This will help you know the diameter of the face you should choose. Watch faces that are extra-large or extra small have an intuition that your wrist looks unproportioned and awkward.

Be Knowledgeable about the Necessity of Dive Watches

Dive watches normally are made with that outstanding appearance that usually performs out well during non-formal days. Such are the go for if you will spend your day going on a hike or going to the park. However, they are not a good choice if you are wearing a suit or any other business wear. They are so bulky to the extent that if worn, the buttons on your sleeves will not lay well and they are so casual that they cannot match with these styles.

Match your Leathers

Among the many outstanding characteristics of watches worn by men is the leather band. They may be casual or not and they are also comfy compared to bands made if metal. When worn, one should ensure that the bands match with the cloth you are wearing.

Don’t be So Extra

Accessories are meant to complement an outfit, not to make it look a whole different thing. While styling your watch, you should make sure that you don’t make it too conspicuous in the outfit you are wearing. To help you go by that rule, do not go for watches that are flashy.

The colours in you look for in your watch when doing watch shopping should match with the colours on your outfit rather than being the one that is “shouting”. It would not be good to think that a pair of dark jeans and a black upper cloth will go with a white wristwatch.

Don’t Wear Watches in All Events

There are some events which do not go with watches. Some formal events, for example, do not go with watches. If you are planning on going to a formal event, first inquire on the dress code. It is allowed to wear a watch with a black tire but if you decide to pair that, make sure it’s subtle such that it does not put your sleeves on a misalignment. A watch with a face that is dark is considered a good choice if you are attending events that are formal.

Contrary to that, events in which white ties are worn have a greater sense if formality than those which black ties are worn. Ties should not be worn on events where white ties are worn.

Let Your Metals Coordinate

It is said if the decision of going for a leather band has been made, the leather to the shoes and belt should also be matched. Likewise, for your dressing to coordinate, one should match each of the metals worn. If one feels like wearing silver or white cuff links, the watch too should have a metal that is similar. This also is applicable to the belt buckle.

This rule does not apply to wedding rings since the color of one’s wedding band cannot be changed. Men nowadays are going for black or wooden wedding bands as they are cohesive with many dress techniques.

Include your Personality in the Watch

Just like every fashion item has guidelines and traditions, you should always remember that your style is a reflection of who you are. You should choose a watch which is most likeable to you and the one which will be suitable for you. One may decide to go for watches that show their interests.

Ladies’ Watch Style Tips

Ladies are said to have been interested in fashion and style for a long time and so we will just outline a few tips.

  • Match your watch with your outfit for a cohesive jewellery look.
  • Pair a vintage-inspired watch with prints or bohemian pants.
  • Team a menswear-inspired button-down with a watch design that is similar to that which is tailored.
  • Paid a silver watch pop with a chromatic outfit.
  • Create attention to your wrist by wearing a single-rolled up outfit.

Fashion and style is not only created by the outfits we wear but also by the accessories and complements to our clothes. Watches are a great accessory and they usually speak a lot about a person. Watches should be paired with the right outfits for cohesiveness and for a great sense of fashion.