Before we start, I really want to discuss what is fashion. With the passage of time, this idea has changed very much this I learnt at WeRedesign.

Now, fashion is something classy, unique and attractive. If we consider the term fashion, then it literally means “the way”, as everything is commercialized now and because of this massive commercialization the term fashion itself has changed.

Now, fashion means the trending things. It is not just related to our clothes now. The way we live also falls in the same category.

Now a days, people have become so materialistic, they will judge you by the way you talk, the accent you speak and the house you live in.

The issue is the lack of money. You cannot buy each luxury and design for your dress and your house.  the only motivation for writing this article, is of sharing some good ideas, for men, women and kids.

Recently, my sister came up to me. She was extremely depressed as she was also one of those teenagers who think that looking great is something which only rich people can do.

I was about to console her, but as I was short of time, so I contended myself by asking her to be herself all the time.

I will like to discuss this “be yourself” thing, before we get into the trouble and plethora of fashion ideas. Being yourself is the ultimate fashion.

The confident you will be wearing makes every mundane thing a fashion. So, make sure that you have got this sense and confidence for making yourself look comfortable in whatever you have on your body.

What do you think, fashion models being doing all this time, they are asked to wear the weirdest clothes sometimes because many clothes have got an implicit meaning with them? What do they do?

Still those models, wear the asked dresses, the amazing part is they look gorgeous in whatever they have. This aura is because of the confidence.

Now, let us see what the fashion ideas for women frits are, because they say, “ladies first”.

1. Plan first

If you are not planning your dress before wearing, then I doubt you being a woman. No, it is not a serious thing, but I have seen every other woman planning.

I personally believe that if you can dress better just by spending 5 minutes on planning daily then you must go for it, while planning you are not supposed to think only about your final look, you must also consider the weather conditions. The event in which you are going to wear that dress also affects your decision.

2. Do not be over

I personally believe that women must not wear extra. I mean, you are a women and women are naturally overly beautiful, so why do they need to excursive something to make themselves more prominent.

This will destroy their personality; they must acknowledge their inner beauty which is going to make them more beautiful.

3. Seek for inspiration

If you are unable to decide what to wear, get your mobile phone and think about some personalities which are known for wearing the best dresses.

Check them out and decide. This will help you if you are confused about your dress.

4. It is more than dress

You need to dress more than you think, it is not about the garment. You must create an entire look, which includes the earrings you are wearing, the shoes you will have and the accessories such as watches or scarves.

Always think about the entire look, I have seen many people who think that they are only supposed to think about the color of the dress and its cuttings, nope.

Have you ever noticed models on magazines, they have got a very profound look which has got some striking hair as well?

5. Try something new

New things are change and change never disappoints especially in dresses. You must think about those dresses which you have never tried.

Now, plan accordingly, I would advise you not to wear these first dresses at an important event. I believe because of their very careful nature; women tend to get nervous. So, they must not get confused while wearing something new.

6.Understand your body shape

Without knowing your body shape, you are not allowed to follow the fashion, because fashion is not something everybody is wearing, it is what suits you so be very careful.

Fashion tips for kids

1. Ask them to choose

you must tell your kid, that he must be responsible for his dress. Many kids are unable to decide, that is a part of learning and you must support them.

I believe that they can decide well, and kids do not understand fashion they are pure, and they want to wear what supports their feeling.

2. Tell them about accessories

Kids need to learn about accessorize. I have seen parents talking about kid’s accessories as completely useless.

That is going to be a very affective thing. I have seen adults who were not made used to accessories they still do not use or buy them.

3. Safety comes first

You need to make sure that your kid is wearing some safe things. For instance, if you want your daughter to wear heals, then make sure that they are not very pointy.

Otherwise your girl can be in danger. So, make sure that just for the sake of fashion, you should not put your child at risk. Do not let them wear what they can not carry.

4. Cleaning

You must teach your child about cleaning their clothes instantly, teach them some hacks and for their help you must always tell them how to fold their napkin.

Secondly, sometimes our kids wear some silk or synthetic dresses which can be very difficult to clean, you are supposed to tell them about the delicacy of the dress so that thy wont get in any sort of trouble, because of their dress.