Getting Healthy in Style

Taking care of themselves is no easy task for all women out there. As the caretakers of their families, hard working moms and going to work on top of everything else, when it comes to finding time for their own well-being, women found themselves in a pickle.

This is why a little help and push from a celeb like singer Chrisette Michele is even more appreciated. At the Essence Festival this year, she talked a lot about her dedication to supporting Black women feel better about themselves. This may come as a big news to many, but Michele is also a trained yoga instructor which explains why she is so keen into helping Black women practice self-care and start putting their health on top of everything else (if possible!).

There’s always room for another tip, so don’t go away just yet.

Michele highlights that focusing on our breath and getting familiar with several breathing techniques for putting anxiety at ease is going to mean the world for so many of us out there. In her case, it was her parents that taught her about these techniques during her childhood years. She is a devoted fan of yoga and various wellness practices as they all help her feel great throughout the day.

As if all of these weren’t enough of an accomplishment, the wellness advocate just created and developed an inclusive workout line. The name is self-explanatory for most: Rich Hipster Belle Collection.

From dresses, to leggings and sports bras, the collection is in fact designed to fit and compliment the curvy women out there. You should take a look at the collection on On top of everything else, the collection is really affordable too.

You can also watch the video for more details about the collection.

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