benefits of grapeseed oil for health

There are so many essential oils out there that have benefits for your skin and overall body health and you only need to keep your mind open and be willing to try them, enjoying their benefits.

One of the oils that you should start using for your skin and more is the grapeseed oil. And yes, its name tells it all: it does relate to grapes.

What is grapeseed oil? Why is it good for us?

Grapeseed oil is processed from the seeds of grapes, that we all know are essential for the winemaking. It’s extracted in factories by crushing the seeds and using solvents. However, it’s better to go with the oils that are cold-pressed or expeller pressed.

There are many out there who still take grapeseed oil with a grain of salt as this oil still stirs up the things. Grapeseed oil is similar to olive oil, as it includes monounsaturated fat, but it’s made of polyunsaturated fats (omega-6s and omega-9 fatty acids). This type of fats reduce inflammation and are good for hormones, heart health, brain health and so son.

The debate comes from the reality that some people already get too much of the fatty acids, putting the use of the grapeseed oil on hold.

What are the benefits of grapeseed oil for our health?

Grapeseed oil sure has a place of its own for the human use and we should take a closer look at its overall qualities:

  • It’s highly concentrated in PUFA omega-6s and linoleic acids

There are studies revealing that consumption of grapeseed oil is able to lower inflammation and insulin resistance in obese or overweight females. This oil has a high concentration of linoleic acid, which is going to help for reducing cancer, weight loss, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and many more.

  • It doesn’t contain trans-fat and non-hydrogenated

No matter the debate on the fatty acids, one thing it clear: trans fats and hydrogenated fats should always be avoided. Fast food, fried food and packaged snacks to contain trans fats. At the moment, several food manufacturers are trying their best to remove them from food.

  • It contains vitamin E

Grapeseed oil has a good amount of vitamin E which is, probably, the most powerful antioxidant we know at the moment. As a matter of fact, grapeseed oil contains double the vitamin E as opposed to olive oil.

  • It has a high smoke point

Even if PUFAs aren’t great for cooking as they oxidize rather easy, becoming toxic, it’s not the case of grapeseed oil which has a higher smoke point. This is why you can safely use it for aromatherapy, for instance.

  • It’s good for your hair and skin

Grapeseed oil isn’t just for consumption, but also for moisturizing the skin and hair. As it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, this oil is a good source of vitamin E and moisturizing fatty acids, which benefit both the skin and hair.

Why is grapeseed oil good for skin?

grapeseed oil good for skinMany cosmetic products out there do include grapeseed oil as their base. Its formula and thickness make it a reliable ingredient for various skin issues:

  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Rich in vitamin C, D and E, grapeseed is a great ingredient that tightens the skin, reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • It softens the skin and improves its elasticity

Grapeseed oil has been tested, among other herbal ingredients, for checking its ability to improve the elasticity and softness of the skin. The research did reveal that grapeseed oil softens the skin and helps it bounce back a lot faster. It contains vitamin E and vitamin C which are always good for the skin.

  • It moisturizes the skin

The formula of the grapeseed oil turns it into a reliable moisturizer. This oil is good for balancing both oily and dry patches of the skin, going deep into the skin.

  • It addresses acne breakouts

Thanks to its proven antimicrobial abilities, you can use grapeseed oil for treating acne breakouts. Even if there aren’t studies at the moment about how this oil really works, we do know that it attacks bacteria that gets deep into your pores. This is why grapeseed oil is able to clear your skin and eliminate acne breakouts.

  • It evens out the skin tone

Another important quality of the grapeseed oil is that it contains a strong antioxidant ingredient, which is proanthocyanidin. This ingredient evens out the skin tone when used on a regular basis. It seems that taking grapeseed oil orally is going to help when dealing with melasma (which is a hyper-pigmentation of the skin.

  • It protects your skin from sun damage

Due to its concentration of strong antioxidants, grapeseed oil is also able to protect the skin from the damage of the bad UVs.

  • It’s good in eczema

The linoleic acid within the grapeseed oil explain why this oil helps in eczema treatment, so you should keep it in mind if you’re dealing with this type of skin condition.

How to use grapeseed oil for your skin?

The use of grapeseed oil is quite fool-proof and you should give it a go next time you want to upgrade your skin care routine. You only need to pour out a couple of drops onto your fingertips, rubbing it into your skin. Here are some tips to remember when using grapeseed oil:

  • Use around 3 drops of oil on your face
  • Rub the oil in nice and easy with your fingertips
  • Remove the excess oil with a tissue
  • You may apply the oil after you wash your face
  • If you’re trying to treat a specific area, you may apply another drop of oil on that area.

Why is grapeseed oil good for hair?

Grapeseed oil doesn’t have benefits only for your skin or overall health, but also for your hair. Here’s why you should start using it:

  • It revitalizes your hair

Traditional Indian medicine has been using grapeseed oil as a hair revitalizer for a long time. The cold-pressed oil is highly concentrated in linoleic and oleic acid, which nourish the hair. Let’s not forget the vitamin E which heals the scalp from free radical damage.

  • It moisturizes the scalp and hair

Due to its high level of fats, the grapeseed oil is going to moisturize the dry scalp and your hair. It keeps the skin moisturized and doesn’t allow your hair to dry out.

  • It calms an inflamed scalp

Thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols and fatty acids, the grapeseed oil helps with the healing. It’s a valid ingredient for soothing a sore and inflamed scalp.

  • It helps in hair loss

Research has revealed that grapeseed oil is going to work for hair fall caused by androgenetic alopecia. It’s the procvanidin oligomers in the grapeseed oil that sustain the hair regrowth so write down its name when you’re dealing with hair loss.

  • It fights dandruff

You can use grapeseed oil as a treatment for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. This condition makes your scalp all red and itchy from a rash, which turns the skin all flaky and scaly.

  • It’s a good all-weather conditioner

Grapeseed oil doesn’t clump in cold weather and gives a nice shine to your hair, nourishing it at the same time. It’s lightweight almost as jojoba oil and doesn’t weigh down your hair. Using it as a carrier oil along with essential oils (lavender, rosemary, thyme) may also treat alopecia areata.

  • It slows down the aging of hair

Antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, grapeseed oil is a natural solution for cleansing and nourishing your hair. It contains leucoanthocyanins, some of the most powerful compounds that fight the free radicals, the main cause of aging. According to research, free radical damage is the main cause of your hair turning gray. This is why grapeseed oil helps with the premature graying of your hair.

How to use grapeseed oil for hair?

grapeseed oil good for hairToning the hair follicles, removing the deposits from scalp and hair, grapeseed oil is quite the miracle worker when it comes to healthier scalp and hair. Here are some ways to use it on your hair:

  • You may use it alone for your hair care before washing. Warm up 2-3 tablespoons of the oil and apply it with your fingers to your scalp. Use your fingertips for massaging it, going near the hair roots.

When you feel your hair shafts could also use some grapeseed oil care, simply comb your hair for spreading evenly the oil towards the hair ends.

  • Another easy way is to make a mixture from the grapeseed oil and various essential oils. The thumb rule to keep in mind that you only need to mix 4 tablespoons of grapeseed oil with few drops of an essential oil. Mix them very well in a small glass bowl.

You should wash your hair with your shampoo, rinse it and dry your hair with a soft towel. Heat the mixture in your microwaves for a couple of seconds. Begin applying the mixture from the back of your head, going toward the forehead. Go towards the hair ends, especially if they need it. Make sure you’re not using all the mixture as you’re also going to need it for the hair roots and your scalp.

Cover your hair with a towel and let the mixture work for 30 minutes or so. Rinse your hair with warm water when time is up and rinse it once again with cool water.

You only need to apply the mixture 2-3 times per week so that your hair gets healthier and better looking.