How Often Should You Trim Your Hair

Hair trimming is the process of cutting split ends any now and then. There are several factors that cause the appearance of split ends and trimming is a great solution.

Even if hair trimming doesn’t boost the hair growth, it’s going to maintain your hair lengths, reducing the risk for stunted growth and keeping your hair nice and healthy.

Does your hair need a trim?

Even if there is a generic period of time when you should trim your hair, your hair is going to show you when a trimming is needed:

  • Knots

Detangling your knots on your hair is no easy job. It depends a lot on where the knots are if you should try to detangle them or trim your hair instead.

Hair oils, hair stretched or hair oils and good conditioners are going to help when the knots are close to the hair shaft.

For instance, the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner Argan Oil Sulfate Free Treatment is going to put curls, dry, frizz and static under control, leaving your hair softer and shinier and easier to handle. It’s safe to use on color treated hair due to its impressive formula. It includes 18 different silk amino acids, argan and jojoba oils, but also botanical keratin. It has no coloring, sulfates, artificial fragrances or other harmful ingredients and it leaves your hair soft and knots-free.

If you’re also interested in using a hair oil, the PURA D’OR (4 oz.) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed is going to be a solid option. You only need a bit of it as it’s organic and natural. The oil is going to help your hair get better and healthier, leaving it softer and easier to tame.

  • Tangling

If your ends are constantly tapered and tangled, your hair is in desperate need of a trim. Excessive hair tangling is going to damage your hair and block a healthy growth.

Using the right hair styling tools is also important for your hair’s appearance and using a dependable brush can help your hair too. The Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush by Crave Naturals has cone shaped plastic bristles that are going to separate your hair sideways, eliminating the annoying tangles. It doesn’t dig into your scalp and it’s child friendly too. The soft plastic bristles actually massage your scalp and improve circulation, which sustains the hair growth. Just give it a try!

  • Split ends

Split ends can also play a role into your hair’s growth. Trimming the split, the affected part is the main solution for getting rid of them. You can also try the hair care products that work against split ends, but the trimming is going to be the final and most efficient solution.

Give it a try with Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment until you get by your hair stylist for trimming. It’s a home bond builder that is able to rebuild the broken bonds in any type of hair, revealing better and stronger hair.

  • Stunted growth

If you’re doing everything by the book and notice that your hair is still not growing, trimming may be the only thing left to do. Split ends may actually travel back to your hair shaft, slowing down the hair growth. No matter how many hair care products you’re using, trimming may be the only solution at times.

What are the benefits of hair trimming?

Trimming is necessary for the health of your hair and let’s list the things that trimming does for your hair per se:

  • It controls frizz and tangles

A damaged hair presents a higher risk for tangling and frizz. Getting rid of those type of areas is going to make your hair look tidy and smooth. Trimming isn’t cutting your hair short, but only eliminating the damaged areas.

Half inch of hair trimming is going to lead to 3in growth of hair every year. It may not look much, but a healthier looking hair is always something to aim for!

  • It maintains the hair style

Not all hair strands grow the same and this makes your hair style look bad. If you want to maintain your hair style, you should trim your hair on a regular basis. Not only that it’s going to keep the hair style, but it’s also going to block the split ends from ruining it.

  • It maintains your hair healthy

All styling products that contain chemicals are going to weaken your hair strands, which is going to result into split ends, tangling and dry hair. Trimming your hair is going to eliminate the frayed parts off your hair, helping it look pretty and healthy.

How often should you trim your hair, according to your type of hair?

As hair varies in terms of texture, you need to trim according to the type of hair you have. Let’s see how often every type of hair needs trimming:

  • Fine hair

If you have fine hair, trimming your ends is something you need to do on a regular basis. Split ends are only going to make your fine hair look even thinner and more frails.

Once your hair shaft starts splitting, it’s only going to split much more unless you get rid of the split ends. And fine hair is always going to show the split ends a lot better.

You should pay a visit to your hair dresser every five weeks. This is only going to help your hair look healthy and nice, encouraging the hair growth.

Wearing some turtlenecks and scarves is also going to protect your ends from tear and wear, especially in the cold seasons.

Using soft and gentle hair ties for your hair is going to reduce the risk for split ends. The Kens Laurenz No Crease Elastic Ribbon Ponytail Holders Hair Bands, Prints and Solids are great for fine hair and you should use them as ponytail holders. They’re made with soft and stretchy elastic, holding are great for fine hair and you should use them as ponytail holders. They’re made with soft and stretchy elastic, holding our hair without damaging it.

  • Coily hair

In the case of coily and curly hair, the hair products need to travel a lot until they reach the ends. This is why this type of hair is drying a lot faster. Co-washing is going to moisturize the coily hair as braids and buns are going protect it too. Trim it every 8-12 weeks and keep in mind not to drag it and always be gently while combing/styling it.

There are many options for co-washing your coily hair and Mielle Organics Detangling Co-Wash Pure Simple Natural is a reliable one. Made with pure oils, natural and organic ingredients, the co-wash is going to moisturize your coily hair, without weighing it down.

  • Wavy hair

As long as you’re not using heat damaging tools too much, a wavy hair may go up to 6 weeks without needing a hair trim. One with wavy hair may use the flat iron every single day, which dries out the hair. some silk rollers for your sleep are going to help as they protect the ends and reduce the need for constant use of heat damaging styling tools.

If you cannot go throughout a day without using the flat iron, the HSI PROFESSIONAL Top 5 Heat Hair Protector & Conditioner is going to protect your hair from heat exposure up to 450F degrees. You may use if before styling your hair or as a leave in conditioning serum. It hydrates your hair and puts frizz under control. It works for all hair types and its formula is sulfate-free, paraben-free and color- safe.

  • Curly hair

Once your curls start to tangle a lot faster than they used to, it’s time for some hair trimming. Split ends like to knot into each other and a good detangler before styling is going to help you on some level. A good example for that is the Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner/Detangler which is a creamy herbal conditioner able to benefit the cuticle and eliminate the knots in your curls. It’s going to detangle your curls, leaving them bouncy and easy to style.

Most of the curly hair owners out there are going to need a trim every 8 weeks or so. Nevertheless, your curls are going to let you know when it’s time, for sure.

  • Color-treated hair

It’s quite normal for the chemically treated hair to be prone to breakage and highlights aren’t going to make it any better. it’s fundamental that you trim your hair every treatment. Therefore, if you’re re-touching your roots once a month, you should trim your hair then too. Even if your hair doesn’t show it, you should always trim your hair before it splits as repairing it afterwards is going to be a lot more difficult.

A hair mask twice a week is going to maintain your hair shiny and healthy, but you shouldn’t rule trimming out once a month.

Especially formulated for color treated hair, the Rejuvenating Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner for Color Treated Hair with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil by Arvazallia is just one of the many hair care products out there that is going to leave your hair soft, silky and easier to style. Made with exclusive enriched MRV3 Complex, the hair mask is going to moisturize, hydrate and rejuvenate your hair, improving the color, but also the elasticity, volume and manageability of your color-treated hair. It’s infused with aloe Vera, hydrolyzed wheat protein, argan oil, and macademia oil which are going to nourish your hair and sustain a healthy growth.

Does the hair style count when it comes to trimming?

Even if you don’t see it, trimming your hair on a regular basis is actually going to help your hair style look better for longer time.

Let’s see how often you need to trim your hair, according to the style you’re wearing.

  • Bangs

This is no news to many wearing bangs: you need to trim a lot more often than other hair styles. Every two weeks is a good amount of time and it’s going to keep the hair out of control or in your eyes all the time.

  • The buzz cut

If you’re big on buzz cut, a regular upkeep is fundamental for a nice appearance. it takes 4 weeks to have a half-an-inch growth, but one wearing a buzz cut is going to notice the growth easier. Therefore, you should trim your hair every 3 weeks for maintaining its shape.

  • The pixie cut

The rule of thumb in the case of short cuts is to always keep their shape. You should take care of your pixie cut and trim it every 6 weeks.

  • Layers, bobs and lobs

Any of the aforementioned hair styles is going to need a good trim every six weeks for keeping the sharp and geometric lines. Any layered hair style needs trimming every 6-8 weeks for maintaining the look and the frame for your face.

What about length?

There are many things to take under consideration when trimming your hair and its length is one of them.

Here are some general considerations for various lengths of hair:

  • Short hair

A short hair (no matter the hair styles), is always going to need a monthly trim. It’s the same case for the damaged hair or fine hair. wavy and straight short hair may need a trim every 4-6weeks.

  • Shoulder-length

A mid-length cut is going to last a lot more than a shorter one. You can work a bit above the shoulders when the ends brush your shoulders, and you may wait up to 8 weeks until you get your hair trimmed.

The Hair Cutting Scissors, Hair Thinning Shears Kit is going to help you keep your shoulder-length hair in a nice shape, for a perfect look. Made of high quality stainless steel, the shears come with rubber gasket in the handle parts, for better control and less strain while trimming.

  • The long hair

If you have a one-length cut and fine hair, you may wait even 3 months until you go to the hair stylist again. However, if your hair is thick, curly or heavily layered, you should go a lot sooner. Once the layers don’t show anymore, it’s time for a trim.

One last tip before you go

It does sound counterintuitive, but trimming actually helps your hair grow as it eliminates the split ends, the broken and damaged hair strains. Don’t wait for more than 3 months to go to your hair stylist for a trim.

Don’t forget that some foods are going to boost the hair-growth process and try to avoid the heat styling as much as you can. Try to skip a wash every now and then as washing removes the natural oils from your hair.

No matter how careful you are with your hair, remember that trimming is also essential and you should not skip it from your regular hair care routine.