fatigueIf you are wondering how you can manage fatigue while working then this article has got you covered. You must be aware by now that sleep plays a great role to get you moving. People who stay awake for more than 15 houses are aware that the functionality level diminishes from that time on. There can be several reasons for not being able to sleep properly. It can be due to work commitments, travel, or other reasons. You must have questioned yourself a thousand times that why it is extremely common to experience a lack of sleep? Every work is demanding and it challenges a person in one way or the other. A certain job requires you to stay awake and thus it is inevitable for one to experience a great degree of exhaustion and fatigue. Fatigue can impact your mental state to a great degree along with the physical state. One needs to realize that blood alcohol levels drop down to 0.10 if one does not sleep straight for 24 hours.

Why is Fatigue Management important?

One needs to realize that fatigue is not only tiredness but it is more than that. Getting fatigued does not impact only work but it will also affect all the dimensions of your life. Many times people fail to distinguish between tiredness and real fatigue. If you are not aware of what is the difference between tiredness and fatigue then the simple difference is the intensity. Fatigue is when you feel extreme tiredness, exhaustion, and energy drain. You mainly experience fatigue because of a lack of sleep. You might experience a long period of anxiety.

Types of fatigue: acute and chronic

Let’s dig into the types of fatigue. You might experience chronic and acute fatigue. If we talk about acute fatigue then this type of fatigue can be caused by short term sleep loss. This acute fatigue is reversible and you can compensate for it with adequate sleep. If we talk about chronic fatigue then this a long term state which you acquire by foregoing loss of vital sleep. The sleep debt continues to build up. There are numerous far-reaching effects of fatigue like a reduction in performance. Work fatigue devious a person from performing daily tasks effectively.

Effects of Fatigue

You might not realize that there are several negative effects that might experience while working without proper fatigue management. The extreme tiredness devoid you of decision-making capabilities and complex planning. It can reduce your reaction time to a great degree. If we talk about some serious effects of fatigue then it can cause memory loss and halt communication skills. There are certain jobs that require a higher degree of concentration from your end especially the night shifts.

Fatigue management tips

Now that you know the effects, let’s dig into the solution. Fatigue management can be done by providing prepared meals on-site, transportation facilities, and relaxed work schedules. Moreover the workplace should have adequate lighting and temperature for reducing stress and strain levels. On a personal level one must make sure adequate sleep for fatigue management.