How to Repair Your Melted or Broken Lipstick

On the off chance you’ve never been in this situation, you should know you’re quite lucky! We’re talking about the situation when your no.1 lipstick has melted inexplicably in your purse. You may have lost its cap or break it when searching for a pen, let’s say.

Long story short, you no longer can rely on your no.1 trick when you’re in town running for errands. Don’t despair though as help is on the rescue!

Sure, the solutions are going to involve some cutting, melting and crafting, but at the end of it all you’re going to be able to use that very special lipstick once again. Or, at least, some of it anyway.

How to fix a broken/melted lipstick?

Whether your lipstick melted, broke or got stuck on the bottom of your purse, knowing a thing or two about saving it is going to become handy at some point.

  • How to save a crushed lipstick?

You need to begin with taking a very close look at the tube and see how crushed is. It may be smeared all over the bottom of your purse, for instance. After all, you’re not going to be able to save a lipstick that got all over some old receipts or gum wrappers. You can, however, save anything else left over inside the tube.

Begin with cutting off the end marred by whatever you had in your purse and put the rest of your lipstick into a separate container. Remove the lipstick from the bottom of the tube (in case you don’t know, there’s a lot of lipstick hiding in there) and put it in the new recipient too.

You may use your hair dryer or the microwave for melting the lipstick. Do it for 45 seconds or so and allow it to cool down afterwards. You may be able to use the lipstick with a lip brush or your finger later on.

  • How to fix a broken lipstick?

Clean breaks are easy to repair on the tube itself and your lipstick doesn’t suffer much. Sure, you’re going to lose the contour of your lips that you’ve been trying so much to split on the lipstick.

You should begin by getting a tool to scrape (you can easily use the opposite end of a pair of tweezers) and a hair dryer. Put the area stuck in the tube under the hair dryer for a couple of seconds and continue with pressing the broken end right on the top, so that it sticks.

You may get some weird gaps between the two, but don’t hesitate to use the tool for scraping lipstick from the top of the product, placing it in between so that you do the fixing right.

Use the hair dryer once again over that area so that you can seal your job, putting the lipstick aside for cooling down.

  • How to repair a melted lipstick

Should you ever find yourself in this kind of pickle, the very first thing to do is to place the lipstick into the freezer so that you handle better the whole damage.

When your lipstick hasn’t lost its entire shape, you can use it as it is. However, it may end up stuck to the cap or turn into something that you can no longer use, in which case you should try fixing it.

You may get as much as you can from your lipstick and put it in a small container. Get to the bottom of the tube and add it too. You may crush or melt the lipstick down into the new recipient.

Use a candle combo and a metal spoon. You may very well place the recipient (make sure it’s safe) inside a microwave for a couple of seconds.

How to use your lipstick so that you don’t ruin it!

There are many tips to consider when using a lipstick and you may extend its lifespan if you use the tips. Here are some of them:

  • Pay attention when applying it

There are no specific rules when it comes to applying the lipstick. Some recommend using the lipstick brushes, whereas others can never get along with the brushes. One may even use the middle finger, whereas most out there apply it straight from the tube. Make sure you don’t press it to hard so that you don’t break it.

  • Use liner as a base

Your lipstick is going to last longer if you’re using a liner first. Go with a nude liner if your lipstick is light.

If you’re using a lip gloss, you may have noticed by now that it’s prone to wearing off easily. However, you can help it a bit by applying a liner first so that it has something to stick to.

Some women like to star with a liner, as you’re not going to be able to see your lips natural line if you apply the lipstick first. However, there are women out there who are doing it the other way around, so it all depends on how it works out for you. There’s no reason for which you shouldn’t try both ways.

  • Avoid the marks on glass

You don’t have to let everyone know which glass is yours as you’re leaving your lipstick all over the rim. You may lick the lips before drinking to avoid the mess.

  • Save the almost done lipstick

As you get to the bottom of your favorite lipstick, don’t forget there’s still some deep down in the tube. Use your creativity and patience for using all of it.

You can scrape out the remains of the lipstick with a q-tip and mix it with some Vaseline (a lip gloss is going to work too). You’re going to use a brush or your finger for application later on.

When nothing else works…

One of the things we hate about lipsticks is that they don’t last very long. You may definitely start using a lip stains that lasts for many hours. They are liquid lipsticks and the stain is highly pigmented, but sheer. Therefore, tour lips are going to be tinted, yet show through the lip stain. Stains are a great solution for the casual and you don’t need to check up all the time. Many of the formulas out there may also be used as cheek tints.

Once you apply this kind of lipstick, it’s going to stay on your lips for quite some time. You may use a bit of gloss so that you fade a bit the matte finish.

You can also go with the liquid lipsticks which have become very popular. Even if the formulas are pretty different out there, they’re very easy to apply. They dry down on the lip and leave a velvety finish that typically doesn’t budge.

The liquid lipsticks sure look a lot like the lip glosses, as they come in a tube and you use a wand for application. If you’re aiming for a long lasting color on your lips, the liquid lipstick it the solution. Keep in mind that the long lasting part comes with a big downside as many of the formulas may dry out the lips as well.

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