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Starting a small business is rarely an easy endeavor. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of companies that failed before celebrating their first anniversary. While sometimes things are just not meant to be, the most common reason why these businesses closed was a lack of research. Opening a business in the beauty industry is no different, so if you’re thinking about having your own manicure and pedicure salon, here is what you should know.

Work out a business plan

The first thing you need and something you cannot do without is a business plan. This is something you have to put a lot of effort in, seeing as how a well-drafted plan is crucial for the life of your company. Here, you should come up with a mission statement and elaborate on it. Write down where you see the business in a few months and in a few years. Setting short- and long-term goals is important as then you have something to work towards.

Research the Market

Research the Market

While working on your plan, you also need to do some market research. Being informed about what is happening in the industry will be vital if you want to stay in touch with the demands. This is also where you should scope out your rivals. Look into the services they offer and at what price. See who their regular customers are and decide if that will also be your target audience. Moreover, research will help you understand what your potential clientele expects from you and what they appreciate the most. Are people looking for a quick service? Something affordable? Something extravagant? Do they just want a relaxing salon where they can escape their troubles for a little while? All of these should play a role in your business plan.

Plan Your Budget

Of course, another essential part of the business plan is the financial aspect. Your budget will decide how big of a salon you can get, in which part of town, and the quality of your products. Seeing as how no one wants low-quality products and services, you should look for some extra money to ensure your company is top-notch. In case you don’t have enough money of your own, you can ask friends and family for some help or go down the traditional path of getting a loan from a lender. Don’t forget to think about the price of opening the business, obtaining certain permits and paying various taxes as well. Once you calculate how much your rent, monthly expenses, supplies and salaries will cost, you also need to come up with the prices you will charge for your services.

Get Proper Licenses and Education

Before you open your business, look into your state’s laws when it comes to cosmetology. See which licenses and permits you need to run such a business and work on obtaining them. To work as a nail technician, you will most probably have to attend a cosmetology school and get your degree. Furthermore, regardless of how good your skills are, you should keep working on yourself. There are various ways to improve, from going to various courses and attending technology workshops to keeping up with the latest trends online. Showing your clientele that you are in the loop about what is popular will keep them interested.

Equip Your Salon


After finding the right location with a lot of traffic and great parking, you need to start thinking about equipping your salon. Start by furnishing the space. What you most definitely need are pedicure chairs, manicure tables, stations for your technicians, and some furniture for the waiting area. Then, you need equipment like nail drying lamps and towel steamers. Of course, you cannot forget about storage as you will be working with a lot of products. Decorate the space to match your aesthetics and make sure the restroom is functional and pleasant as well. Lastly, you need high-quality products such as nail polish (and remover), moisturizer, clippers, towels and so on.

Employ the Right Staff

In case you plan on hiring more people to help you out, you need to ensure they are the right fit for the job. They need to be friendly and talkative, as customers often like to chat. Furthermore, make sure they are licensed as well, or invest in their education if you plan on employing them for a long time. Finally, ensure they are very hygienic and able to follow certain necessary procedures.

Promote Your Business

Another crucial factor necessary to keep your business going is customers. Luckily, there are many ways to attract people to your salon. You can create a page on Facebook and open an account on Instagram, where you can post pictures of your work, talk about various promotions and allow people to book appointments. Relying on word-of-mouth is also a very good approach but for that to work, you first need some satisfied clients. Buying ad space in newspapers, running ads on the radio and handing out fliers are all strategies that are worth looking into as well.

If you plan to open your own manicure and pedicure salon, you first need to do proper research to see what is popular and successful in the industry. After that, work on your education, get all the permits you need and find the right staff and suppliers. With some promotion, your company should thrive.