How to Whiten Skin FasterWe all had the unpleasant experience of dark spots, age spots or some blemishes that are too stubborn to go away. Whitening your skin is the very next solution for various hyperpigmentation issues and a quick look at the market is going to give you the general idea about your possible solutions to the problem.

Whitening skin- fast or slow?

Some are trying to get rid of a bad tan or to make their skin bright for a very important dinner office, looking for the fastest results. You can definitely achieve that by following some tips and tricks, getting the immediate lightening effect that you were looking for.

If your mind is set to lighten your skin by several shades (this is actual skin whitening), you may want to try your best as you need a lot of patience until you actually see the results. The ingredients that are actually able to lighten your skin are in fact melanin inhibitors and they only work by handling the melanin production in your skin. This whole process doesn’t happen overnight at all and you may need a couple of months until you notice the whitening of your skin.

Truth be told, when you’re determined to whiten your skin, it’s not really a matter of short-term and long-term option. Some of the lightening methods out there work well together so you may very well combine them in order to get faster short-term results, while you’re still going for the overall whitening skin for the long run.

Some of the methods that we’re going to talk about don’t give results over night, but if you combine them, you may see the obvious results sooner than expected!

Try the brightening home remedies

The skin lightening home remedies are popular because the ingredients you need are at reach, in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The home remedies aren’t very powerful and most of them have no power over the melanin production. However, they may produce an instant whitening and brightening that is important, especially if you’re in a hurry and only want a slight whitening.

The home remedies are various and plenty and you may try, for instance, the raw potatoes that whiten your skin as they’re starchy and include the enzyme catecholase. This enzyme presents also whitening abilities that minimize melanin production.

If you just bought some oranges, try a home remedy using the orange peels. You may dry them in the sun and blend them in order to obtain some orange peel powder, but they may even work when wet. You blend the orange peels (always use organic as they’re full of natural ingredients and free of pesticides) and apply the orange peel pulp to your skin. Orange peels are full of Vitamin C that brightens your skin as it exfoliates and reduces the melanin activity at the same time.

The face whitening masks

A great method to whiten your skin at home is to start using some whitening face masks. There are many options out there, but it’s all the way from Asia that we get the most popular one. This whitening face mask contains an efficient combination of lightening and brightening ingredients that give results right away.

Look for the sheet masks that are quite reliable as they’re able to penetrate deeply into your skin so the whole products get deeper in a higher concentration.

The ingredients are very important when it comes to this kind of whitening products so look for those that are well known to works. Some of them include a one-of-a-kind protein, namely conchiolin, that regenerates and renews your skin as it’s sustaining exfoliation and dead skin cells. It also boosts the skin cell turnover and its antioxidant abilities may also decrease the melanin production.

The whitening face masks that are loaded with Vitamin C are also dependable as they cause a fast and obvious lighter effect to your skin tone.

Some have noticed that whitening face masks that contain a good amount of arbutin, a natural skin lightener that instantly lightens dark spots, while brightening overall complexion.

The market is full of great whitening face masks that give you the instant results that you were looking for, but you need to try them until the one working the best for your skin.

The skin lightening lotion

From all of the solutions out there, it seems that creams and lotions are the most effective ones as they include more efficient ingredients that inhibit melanin, while staying on your skin long enough to produce noticeable results.

The range of skin lightening lotions is impressive, from revolutionary creams to the more concentrated serums. If you want to know which one works for you, it’s important to take a closer look at the ingredients and their power too.

Hydroquinone is the most popular skin lightening ingredient and you can find it over the counter at various concentration, that don’t go higher than 2%. Even when you use it on its own, it’s still powerful enough to control hyperpigmentation and lighten overall skin tone. When it’s also combined with retinols though, it can determine obvious whitening of your skin even in a month or two.

Only because it’s working though, doesn’t mean that it’s the single ingredient out there that whitens skin. As a matter of fact, when the skin is sensitive, it may even be too strong and harsh. A darker skin may also experience some negative effects. No matter how you use it, you still have to pay attention to guidelines so that you stay safe while using hydroquinone.

Some want to stay away from the possible side effects of hydroquinone and the market has plenty of other lightening ingredients that are natural. Kojic Acid, Licorice extract, Alpha Arbutin and mulberry extract are only few to mention on that list.

Truth be told, the natural skin lighteners may not work as fast as hydroquinone, but when you’re combining them and use them on regular basics, they get stronger and able to brighten your skin tone, no the side effects attached.

A good skin lightening lotion may include Arbutin, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract, vitamin C, Kojic Acid, gigawhite and some other plant-derived skin lighteners. A product like this is going to whiten your skin and has no hydroquinone in it either!

The skin lightening soaps

Don’t expect miracles overnight when using a skin whitening soap as you should search elsewhere for that. A reason for that would be the reality that skin lightening soaps only stay for a couple of minutes on your skin which isn’t enough to produce dramatic changes in the skin tone.

Small things do matter in the long run and you should give them a try as they’re not harsh on your skin. They’re safe to use along all the other skin whitening products that you’re using. So you may as well include them in your daily routine.

It doesn’t take you a lot of time when using a skin whitening soap and its use is quite easy. You simply wash yourself the way you typically do it and let the suds sit on your skin for a couple of minutes. It’s a great, easy and quite efficient way to gradually lighten your overall body skin tone, to fade various dark spots, from freckles to unfortunate tan lines. Just make your shower a little longer than usual.

Use the skin lightening peels

Keep in mind that no matter the ways you’re planning to use for whitening your skin, you should also “set the stage” for getting the so much wanted results.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a clue for you: the skin lightening chemical peel.

Unlike soaps, lotions or masks, the chemical peels can’t be used on daily basics and some of them should be in fact used only once a week. They stay on your skin for 5 minutes or so, but this doesn’t minimize their efficiency at all as they only need a couple of minutes to determine tremendous results.

Most of the chemical peels out there are made from alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), like lactic acid and glycolic acid. Some may include beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs) like salicylic acid.

AHAs and BHAs are both incredible non-abrasive exfoliators that bring the Ph of your skin to a higher acidity level. They chemically loose the “adhesive” that sticks together the dead and damaged dead skin cells. The exfoliating action naturally boosts new cell growth, leading to a brighter skin, higher collagen production and fading of dark spots, scars. All of these results translate into a healthier looking and brighter skin.

There are many skin lightening chemical peels that exfoliate and inhibit melanin doe to their ingredients. So you actually get a lightening of your skin and the exfoliation that shows the results way faster. This may be the fastest way to lighter skin, in fact.

The best part about the skin lightening peels is that you may combine them with all sorts of other methods that we’ve already mentioned. Make a list of your choices and be not afraid to try them until you find the best combination that works for you.

Even though you may not get the results overnight (and chances are you’re not!), two or multiple ways of skin lightening are going to give you the whitening that you wanted for some while now.