LAVO Giro Facial Cleansing Brush Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Lavo Giro Facial Cleansing Brush

If you’re new to the topic and don’t really know which steps you need to take in order for having better and healthier looking skin, here’s a piece of advice: create a good skin care routine!

One of the steps you shouldn’t skip on daily basis is using a face cleansing brush. A good cleansing brush isn’t just going to remove the impurities from skin, but it’s also going to help the other skin products that you’re using to go deeper and faster into the skin. Long story short, an efficient face cleansing brush makes any serum or moisturizer go deeper into your skin, improving the skin complexion and slowing down the aging process.

What makes Lavo Giro Facial Cleansing Brush any different?

The face cleansing brush by Lavo is an attractive option for anyone going shopping on a tight budget, but this doesn’t mean the brush doesn’t raise up to the task of cleansing efficiently your skin.

Sure, its popularity may give you a hint about its quality and performance, but only going through the details is going to give you the clearer image on the cleansing brush.

First thing to begin with is that the face cleansing brush comes with adjustable speed and two different brushes, so you can use it for versatile skin care related jobs.

Let’s focus on the features and build!

The face cleansing brush is one popular option and satisfies many out there. It comes with an upgraded switch, motor and seals and its electronic parts match its better quality.

It’s a waterproof and leak proof unit that has a durability feel to it. The motor is stronger than in previous models and offers better torque. This means that even if you’re pressing firmly the cleansing brush on your skin, it’s not going to stop, but it will continue to spin.

The face cleansing brush is IPX6WPF rated so you can safely use it in the shower. Additionally, you can also rinse it off in the sink. This doesn’t mean you can completely submerge it underwater though. In order to extend its lifespan, always dry the machine off when you’re done with it and always keep it dry. Don’t let it in any humid area as moisture and condensation may get inside and ruin the electronics inside.

The adjustability of the cleansing brush is another thing to highlight and you can choose from 2 speed modes. The brush heads may spin 210 times per minute or up to 420 times per minute. This is going to give you good speed for cleansing your skin.

The brush fibers feel soft onto the skin and they’re only .05mm thick, going deeply into your pores for removing the dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, oil or any bacteria causing the scarring or acne. The unit comes with two different brush heads that address various skin types.

The face cleansing brush features LED lights that inform you on Hi/LO setting and runs on AA batteries.  It has an ergonomic rubberized handle that offers a good and sturdy, yet comfortable grip.

The face cleansing brush has a 360-degree rotation which provides thorough cleaning every time. It’s easy to use and seems well made. Switching between the speed modes or removing the brush heads isn’t difficult either.

Versatile and dependable, the face cleansing brush addresses women and men alike.

What does it do for your skin?

Adjustable and powerful, the face cleansing brush eliminates blackheads and whiteheads from skin, fading away acne scars. It cleanses out even the most challenging areas of your skin like the T-zone and your nose.

You may confidently use the face cleansing brush for exfoliating dry flaky skin or to massage down cellulite. You can slow down the aging process thank to this little helper as it’s strong enough to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles.

The face cleansing brush lowers the risk for clogged pores and brightens your skin complexion. It sustains the skin cell turnover and boosts the collagen production in skin. It gives your skin a healthy shine, without irritating the skin.

How does the list of pros and cons look like?

We like many things about the face cleansing brush but a list of pros is going to serve you even better:

  • It comes with adjustable speed
  • It features two different brush heads for various skin types
  • It removes dirt, oil, makeup from skin, improving your skin’s appearance
  • It’s IPX 6 waterproof rated so it’s safe to use in the shower
  • It’s well made and very easy to use
  • It’s battery operated
  • It has a rubberized grip for better and easier use
  • It presents a 360-degree rotation for thorough cleaning

There’s always place for improvement and the face cleansing brush makes no difference. However, its minor flaws aren’t deal breakers on our part:

  • Some think the LEDs are too bright
  • One may think it’s not strong enough for an oily or rough skin
  • It comes with plastic casing
  • It may not pass the durability test


Should you get it or not?

The face cleansing brush is not the strongest option out there. Adjustable, versatile, easy to use and reliable, it manages to overcome the slight lack of force and to stand as a great choice not only for the tight budget, but also for anyone looking for a reliable face cleansing brush. Only for the tight budget.

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