Strong Hair

Beauty time is a ritual that women, especially, love to luxuriate in. Still, let’s face it, we will take all hair tips and tricks we can if it means simplifying the morning routine. This does not mean that you would be cutting corners but just learning some worthwhile tricks that truly work. We have gathered many hair ideas and we will present a few of them in this article.

Eliminating static

If you want to eliminate static, you should try using dryer sheets. The smooth one sheet over your entire head, from roots to ends. In order to prevent static from occurring, you should rub the dryer sheets on your combs and brushes prior to using them on your hair.

Faking a full pony

If you want to make your ponytail seem fuller, you can use the hair clip trick. This involves pulling your hair into a ponytail at the back of the crown of your head and then securing it using a hair tie.

Next, separate the tail into two sections, top and bottom. With a small or medium-sized claw hair clip, clip your hair at the base of the ponytail, right under the top section. Then, place the top section of hair over the clip. Spray a little bit of dry shampoo in order to obtain a fuller texture and also to hide the clip.

Use a T-Shirt to dry your hair

You can reduce frizz if you dry your hair with a t-shirt made of cotton, instead of a towel. You should blow dry using the cool setting. Regular towels cause a lot of friction that disrupts the cuticle and generates frizz.

On the other hand, cotton t-shirts absorb water and do not cause any friction. Also, it is recommended to squeeze your hair, and not rub it while you are drying it. Rubbing the hair causes even more friction. Moreover, drying your hair on the cool setting keeps the cuticle closed making less frizzy mess compared to the hot setting.

Easy and inexpensive highlights

Do you dream about subtle highlights for the hot season, but do not want to leave your wallet empty? A simple DIY trick can help you obtain highlights with very low costs. All you need is lemon juice. Squeeze an entire lemon into a cup, and dip a clean toothbrush into the juice.

Then, gently comb it through your hair. Once you are done, go sit in the sun for 45 minutes or even an hour. Of course, make sure you are wearing SPF. If you perform this ritual every two weeks, the lemon juice will naturally lighten your hair with the help of the sun.

Greasy hair

Greasy hair can be a real problem. Moreover, there can be a lot of build-ups that can happen in your hair due to various hair products mixed with oil which can clog up your scalp. You should know that this can also make your hair grow slower.

To fix this issue, mix baking soda with enough water just to make a paste. Use this paste to wash your hair. To rinse the baking soda out, you can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar. This way, you will be able to obtain clean scalp and hair in a very easy and cheap way.

Baby hairs

We all know how annoying baby hairs and cowlicks can be. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to tame them. Simply spray a clean toothbrush with strong-hold hairspray and comb down the cowlicks and baby hairs in order to make them sit with the rest of your hair. It is that easy!


Dandruff is a problem that can have multiple causes. From dirty hair to various scalp issues, and even stress, there are many things that can cause dandruff to appear. Not only does it look very bad, but it can also cause your head to itch.

Depending on how severe the situation is, getting rid of it can be as easy as washing and brushing your hair more often, or you will have to use other remedies and methods.

Remember the baking soda? It appears that this ingredient has many helpful utilities. You can use is to get rid of dandruff as well. To fix this situation, all you have to do is add a tablespoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo.

Once you apply it, make sure you massage it into your scalp for a few minutes. The improvement will be noticeable after a couple of applications, and in one or two weeks, dandruff should be eliminated.

Of course, there are many products intended especially for this problem on the market. Actually, you can find pretty much anything you can imagine.

From wheelchair gloves to face black spot vacuums or hair accessories, just anything you might think of. And when it comes to hair, you just need a little imagination and you can create a lot of interesting new hairstyles to reinvent yourself every day.