Makari Classic Duo Pack Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Makari Classic Duo Pack Review

If you’re not only looking for whitening some dark spots on your beautiful African-American skin, but also for a cream that does a bit more for it, put your money at stake with the Makari Classic Duo Pack Premium.

What is it and when to use it?

The duo pack is in fact a safer choice than the typical skin bleaching products. It’s loaded with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals that soften, heal and tone your skin, for a better appearance. The luxurious is great for the African-American skin and its ingredients work, with no concerns for being too harsh on the black skin.

For just one price you get a Duo pack that consists of two effective toning treatments that are made with Vegeclairine.

The face cream is great to use for nourishing your skin and eliminating dullness. It also protects against the environmental damage and diminishes signs of age.

As for the serum, you can confidently use it for treating the brown spots and scars.

The duo pack is specially formulated for the dry to normal skin type so it’s a versatile option to have in mind when in need.

Are its ingredients really working?

Even though the ingredients aren’t many, the duo pack sure presents an impressive list that explain its performance on many levels.

  • Vegeclairine- it’s a naturally derived active agent that whitens skin. It’s safe and goes deeply into your skin. It’s active on the small scars, acne and pimples, while fading out the production of melanin in a natural way. It helps the skin stay young through its anti-free radical action.
  • Licorice extract- is great for calming the itchy and irritated skin. It’s also used a lot for comforting the symptoms in eczema.
  • Cocoa butter- it’s both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It offers protection against sun’s bad UVs and moisturizes skin.
  • Macadamia oil- it’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It softens and moisturizes the skin, being a safe choice for the dry skin. It also controls the oils in the skin, which is why works for the oily skin too. It heals a damaged skin and minimizes itching and redness of skin.
  • Mulberry root extract-clears the skin from dark spot, acne scars and blemishes. It’s safe to use on dry and sensitive skin and has anti-aging abilities. It leaves the skin soft and silky.

Another important thing to mention about its formula is the fact that both the cream and the serum are made with plant-based vitamins and minerals from the sea and earth. The duo pack has no hydroquinone and it’s cruelty free too.

The combination of these ingredients create a cream and a serum that leave your skin bright and glowing, younger and healthier looking. The hyperpigmentation of various causes whitens, the skin tone evens and the premature signs of aging are slowly diminishing.

How and when to apply the duo pack?

The duo pack is easy to use, eliminating the need for other cosmetic products. The serum isn’t too watery and the cream is lightweight and easily absorbed into your skin.

You may increase the power of the cream by adding 20-60 drops of the serum. You can use them once or twice a day, on face and body, according to your need.

You can pay extra attention to any dark marks, acne blemishes or discoloration. The duo pack nourishes the skin and moisturizes it altogether. Use the serum specifically on the brown spots or scars that refuse to go away.

On top of everything else, both the serum come in beautiful colored and shaped recipients. Not only the formula leaves a luxurious feel onto your skin, but also their appearance. The gold details make the duo pack look nice wherever you’d place them.

How does the short list of pros & cons look like?

Even though there are so many things we like about the duo pack, some qualities count a bit more.

Here are the main strengths:

  • The formula is based on plant-based vitamins and minerals
  • It’s safe to use on dry to normal skin, especially on black skin
  • The pack includes a cream and serum
  • The cream moisturizes, hydrates and helps the skin look younger
  • The serum whitens brown spots of various causes

The negatives aren’t major, but it’s wise to take a look at them too:

  • One may not want to go with two products at the same time
  • The results may not come as soon as expected in some cases

Our conclusion is right on point

The duo pack brings to the table many good things to consider. Not only it whitens dark spots, but it also moisturizes and hydrates the skin, leaving it more glowing and younger looking.

We like it a lot as it doesn’t include hydroquinone and because it’s made to bring out the best from the black skin. It’s non-commedogenic, hypoallergenic.

A selling point for many is the fact the pack looks luxurious and elegant, but also leaves the same elegant feel to your skin.

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