Truth be told, when Michael B. Jordan (and his impressive abs) showed the world what he is all about on the cover of Essence’s June 2018, the famous actor (which you may have seen in “Creed 2”, “Fahrenheit 451” and most recently in “Black Panther”) almost blocked the whole internet. It was his photo on Instagram that got all of us put our eyes on him.

And just when we all thought that a glimpse of his very toned body is more than enough, the New Jersey native actor took everything to the next level with one of his witty captions: “S/O to the baby oil lady! She did her thang on this one. Honored to grace the cover of @essence for the 2nd time this year. Issue hits stands 5/25.”

Obviously enough, there was only one big dilemma to solve from now on: Where do women all over the internet should apply?

Suffice to say, it was only a matter of minutes until the “baby oil lady” applications started to flood in on social media, leaving all of us with one big fat problem: what to do with the applications? This hasn’t stopped Jordan to be open about it and have a little candid chat with editors Cori Murray, Charli Penn and Yolanda Sangweni. It all happen during an Essence’s “Yes, Girl!” podcast that was in fact a surprise live taping during Essence Fest 2018.

Even though it was no mind-blowing surprise for most of us, the actor point it out how come the caption got to be so sexy: “Sometimes, they send you the cover and the preferred caption and it’s like, that doesn’t even sound like me” He continued:  “So you gotta kinda change it up a little bit. I wanted to do something a little fun.”

And we should all agree that women out there did kind of lost their minds about the whole situation. After all, should the emergency did occur…Who was going to put some oil on those amazing abs, after all?

“My next shirtless cover shoot, I’ll probably put out a little competition, why not, on the internet for a fan. I’ll probably do that.”

The sign up is open. Just write down your name.

In case you’re not sold, here’s the link for the entire “Yes, Girl!” podcast interview with Jorda.