Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleaning Cream

The rules for having a younger and healthier looking skin aren’t that many and it’s the following of the rules that puts us on the spot.

No matter if you’re using or not a high-end skin care product (it goes without saying that the more you’re paying, the more you get, though), playing by the rules when taking care of your skin is fundamental as you can’t skip any steps.

One of the steps you should never skip on is the good and efficient cleansing of your skin.

What is Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleaning Cream? Should you use it?

First of all, you shouldn’t even ask yourself whether you should use or not the cleansing cream by Murad. Able to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, the cleansing cream by Murad offers a moisturizing wash, with no risk for over drying your skin.

The pearled cleansing cream is loaded with apricot oil which increases hydration within your skin. The papaya within exfoliates nice and easy the skin, only to reveal brighter and younger looking skin.

The Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleaning Cream moisturizes your skin for 24 hours straight, improving the looks of your skin and protecting its natural moisture barrier.

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Still not convinced you should include it in your daily skin care routine? Scroll down for a detailed description on the main ingredients so that you should decide for yourself why to get it.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients

The list of ingredients sure isn’t short so you may need a couple of minutes the check it.

  • Apricot kernel oil- hydrates your skin, giving it a nice silky feel. However, it’s a non-greasy emollient that sooths a rough and dry skin. It’s full of vitamin A, C and E so it heals the skin damaged by the sun. It makes the fine lines less noticeable and improves the elasticity of skin. It fights against aging and boosts the collagen production in skin.
  • Borago officinalis seed oil-conditions the skin and minimizes inflammation in skin. It reduces redness and keeps acne at bay. It also cools the skin as it’s a great emollient for skin.
  • Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil- is a safe ingredient for all skin types. It’s rich in fatty acids and works great as moisturizer. It repairs the damaged skin and helps the skin’s protective barrier. It hydrates the skin and minimizes roughness, sustaining the collagen production in skin.
  • Evening primrose oil-moisturizes the skin and leaves it softer. It sooths skin in redness, rashes, swelling or itching. It has anti-inflammatory properties and increases skin’s suppleness. It fades out the dark spots and keeps acne under control. It addresses also psoriasis and it’s non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores).
  • Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract – presents anti-aging abilities. It reduces inflammation in skin and moisturizes the skin.
  • Carrageenan extract-is a thickening agent that presents incredible water binding abilities. It’s important for stabilizing various formulation and can thin under stress, but also recover its consistency when the stress is gone.
  • Papaya fruit-exfoliates the skin thanks to the enzyme papain within. It encourages newer and nicer skin cells to surface.
  • Matricaria flower extract-it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It keeps the outer stressors at bay and heals the damaged skin. It controls the acne inflammation and breakouts. It facilitates the deeper penetration of other ingredients and calms the skin in burns.
  • Imperata cylindrical root extract- protects the skin, while keeping it hydrated and moisturized.
  • Lemon fruit extract-has astringent abilities and conditions the skin.

How does it feel on skin? What to keep in mind about the use?

The cleanser has a creamy consistency but turns into an elegantly feeling lather, removing impurities and last traces of makeup.

It exfoliates the skin in a gentle way and protects your skin’s natural barrier. It has a nice scent and makes suds. It’s long lasting and cleanses the skin without stripping it from the natural moisture.

You only need a pearl-sized amount of the cleanser over dampened face and neck. Use some warm water to rinse it and pat dry it.

Women and men alike may use the cleansing cream.

Try not to get it in your eyes and keep it out of reach of children.

How does the list of pros look like? What about the cons?

We sure like many things about the cleansing cream, but a short list of pros is far more helpful when shopping:

  • It cleanses the skin from impurities and last traces of makeup
  • It doesn’t strip out the skin from its natural moisture
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • It protects the skin’s natural barrier skin
  • It has a nice scent and a little goes a long way

The cons aren’t deal breakers, but it’s wise to check them for a better image on the cleansing cream:

  • One may feel the scent a bit strong, but smell is a personal matter
  • Not everyone is going to feel the need to use it daily

What’s our final word on the cleansing cream?

Creamy and nicely scented, the cleansing cream is the choice of the dedicated customer that doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to keeping their skin healthier and younger looking.

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