Kipozi 1in Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Reviews

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Kipozi 1in. Pro Nano

The days when you used to search high and low for a good flat iron for less money are all gone and you can find nowadays reliable options without paying an arm and a leg for it.

As long as you’re not planning to get a flat iron for the professional use in a salon, you can have a good bargain with many models out there and you only need to give them a try when in need.

Why take a look at the Kipozi 1in. Pro Nano-Titanium flat iron?

The price tag may be the first thing to catch your eye when shopping, but the flat iron sure comes with plenty of good things.

Heating up to 450F degree and without you having to wait much for it, the Kipozi 1in. Pro Nano really makes a good impression on many. It glides nice and smoothly onto your hair, giving you the professional final touch from the coziness of your home.

Kipozi 1in. Pro Nano - does it work?

Reliable, fast heating and performant, the flat iron has various features that explain its popularity and comes at an unbeatable price too.

Let’s take a closer look at the features

The flat iron presents a maximum heat setting of 450F degrees and only needs a couple of seconds to get it. It comes with contoured floating plates that go nice and smoothly through your hair, leaving no frizz or static behind. The plates don’t snag the hair and are only 1” wide, which is great for trying various hair styles. Additionally, the 3D floating plates don’t pull nor pinch your hair, so you’re not going to damage your hair with the flat iron. The Nano-Titanium plates heat fast, but don’t damage your hair and leave it silky smooth.

The adjustability of the flat iron counts as a good thing and you get to use various heat setting, from 170F degrees to the top 450F degrees. Not only you get the chance to adjust the heat, but you can easily do it according to the type of your hair, as the flat iron informs you which heat setting works the best for a specific type of hair. The flat iron is safe to use on all hair types, African-American including.

The flat iron features also a digital LCD that is easy to understand and to use too.

The buttons are well placed so the risk for accidental pressing is minor. You get to use nice and easy an on/off button, whereas the automatic shut-off feature keeps you safe while using the flat iron. You don’t need to worry about forgetting the flat iron on thanks to the auto shut-off feature.

You don’t need to worry about travelling with the flat iron either as it comes with dual voltage. The flat iron checks the box of versatility as well.

The 8ft. cord is a swivel type so you get a good length for comfortable use, but also the freedom of maneuvering the flat iron without tangling its cord.

The flat iron comes also with an auto-lock feature so you don’t have to worry about its safety when travelling or storing it away.

On top of everything else, the flat iron comes with a pretty case so there’s no obvious reason for which you shouldn’t take it with you on all trips.

What’s to say about its use?

As the flat iron heats up fast, safety is one of the main concerns. However, the auto-lock feature and the auto-shut off feature keep it safe while you’re using.

The adjustments are easy to make and the buttons are easy to press, but there is no high risk for accidental pressing either.

Sleek and lightweight and with a swivel cord, the flat iron is comfortable to use for various hair styles.

It has a good build and it’s a good value for the price.

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What are the ups and downs?

The flat iron presents many good things so here are the most important ones:

  • It heats up fast up to 450F degrees
  • It has adjustable heat settings
  • It comes with a digital LCD
  • It has auto-shut off and auto-lock features
  • It’s easy and comfy to use it
  • It comes with an 8ft. swivel cord

However, there’s always place for some minor improvements and the Kipozi1in ProNano Titanium is no exception:

  • The risk for some split ends isn’t null
  • The touch screen could be better
  • The instruction is a bit poor

The final word

Reliable, heating up fast and allowing you to set the various heat settings, the flat iron is a valid option whenever in need, especially if you’re going shopping with just a few bucks in your pocket.

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