PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic 2500 Stand Hood Dryer Review


Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic 2500 Stand Hood Dryer

Gone are the days when you used to spend a lot of time for drying your beautiful, thick and always moisture-thirsty black hair.

The market gives you various hair dryers, but if you’re looking for that special one that isn’t just fast, but also quiet and comfortable to use at home, your search is pretty much over.

What is the PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic 2500 Stand Hood Dryer 2000 Watt?

As you can tell by its name, the hair dryer is both a powerful and a stand hooded dryer that is a great option to keep in mind when in need.

The 2500 watt power is the reason for which the hair dryer saves you a lot of time when styling your hair. It’s also the reason for which you can rely on its versatility, as the hair dryer is great to use in case of straightening and deep conditioning treatments.

A closer look at its features

Apart from its impressive 2500-Watt power, the hair dryer comes with many good things attached to it that only make the use easier and more comfortable.

For instance, the dryer presents an Ionic Function which means you can get the salon looks for less the money. An Ionic switch on the dryer lets you know when you’re using it, so things couldn’t be easier. Anyway, if your hair is nice, soft and shiny at the end of styling, it means you just did use the Ionic Function.

The adjustability isn’t bad at all either and you can set 2 speeds for the dryer, only to get the right hair styling every single time.

The customizing of the dryer sure is something to highlight and the dryer also comes with a temperature control. The dial is easy to operate, whereas the built in timer simplifies operation.  The dryer also comes with an ON/OFF switch so you don’t have problems using it.

The list of features continues with the hood that is pretty large, so that you can also use the jumbo rollers from time to time. The front of the hood flips open, which makes it easier not only to get under the hood, but also to multi-task while drying your hair. The adjustability of the hood increases your comfort as you can change the angle of the hood, just the way you want and need at some point.

The height of the dryer is adjustable so you can set it according to your needs. You don’t need to be a certain height for best comfort when using the Pebco ProTools 2500, you simply need to set the right height for that time.

As it’s a standing model, the dryer comes with 5 legs that glide very easy around the house. The wheels roll just fine so you get plenty of freedom while using the dryer. It’s very easy to move it around, even though the dryer doesn’t sit at all on the heavy weight side. On the other hand, the dryer stays in place when you need it to stay and you shouldn’t stress about its stability.

Is it difficult to use?

Despite its adjustability, the dryer isn’t difficult to operate. The setup is easy and all the adjustable features are quite user-friendly.

Even though the dryer is rather powerful, it manages to run pretty quiet. The airflow is great and the design is thought out for your best comfort. You can rest your back and shoulder while using it and this is another box checked by the dryer.

Some may say that the dryer doesn’t come with fancy features, especially considering its price. But the reliability of the features sure compensates for the impressive extra-functions.

What counts the most on the dryer?

We came up with a short list of good things on the dryer:

  • The dryer has a 2500Watt power
  • It dries hair fast and easy
  • It comes with an Ionic function
  • It’s adjustable on many levels
  • It’s easy to use and to move around
  • It runs quiet

As for the downsides, they’re not deal breakers for us and they shouldn’t be for you either:

  • One may feel it gets rather hot under the hood, so ear protections and hair net may be a good idea
  • It’s not the cheapest, nor the priciest though, hooded hair dryer

Do we have a winner or not?

Even though the hair dryer comes with some minor problems, it still manages to be a dependable and easy to use option that dries your hair fast, easy and quiet- which should be enough for most.

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