Pore Corset Serum by Skinmiso Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum

Young and healthy looking skin is never easy to achieve, but you can get the fairy tell looks if choosing wisely your cosmetic products.

When it comes to skin care, it seems that some really know their business. It’s the case of Koreans who aren’t’ just impressing all of us with their impressively efficient skin care regimen, but also with their highly effective skin care products that don’t disappoint, most of the time.

Who is Skinmiso? Why use Pore Corset Serum by Skinmiso?

Skinmiso is a Korean cosmetic brand that is devoted to pore problems and exfoliations. Everybody knows by now that using the best anti-aging serum in town is going to be useless if your skin isn’t properly cleansed and the dead skin cells aren’t removed from your skin.

A flawless skin and the proper dead skin cells management are essential for a younger and healthier looking skin. Skinmiso is the perfect results of a productive collaboration between pharmacists, aesthetic professionals, skin care experts, doctors of traditional oriental medicine, dermatologists and cosmetic developers and Pore Corset serum is just one of their solutions to better and cleaner skin.

The Pore Corset Serum addresses the customer who struggles with enlarged pores or to anyone with an oily appearance of their skin or with excess sebum.

Pore Corset Serum - does it work?Where to buy the Pore Corset Serum? Here's the current price on Amazon.

This may come as a big news to you, but enlarged pores (caused by various factors) are damaging the hydration barrier of skin and reduce the elasticity of the skin. Pore Corset Serum is going to transform pores and control sebum, the main causes of skin problems and oiliness.

You’re going to want to use Pore Corset Serum as it ensures a nice hydration balance for your skin, helping it control the excess production of sebum. This way, it reduces the risk for pore enlargement, while hydrating and leaving a light finish to the skin.

The list of benefits doesn’t stop here as the serum also protects the already abused and irritated pores from damage, leading to a healthier and younger looking skin.

Which ingredients make the formula so effective?

The serum’s formula includes several ingredients that are well known for their benefits on skin.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

  • Butylene glycol-hydrates the skin and sustains the easier and faster absorbency of the other ingredients within the formula
  • Glycerin-it helps the skin hold on to its natural moisture as it’s a natural humectant. It develops a barrier that protects the skin.
  • Sodium hyaluronate- fills in the fine lines and hydrates the skin for a long time. It moisturizes the skin, leaving it plumper and tighter. It gives a young glow to the skin.
  • Witch hazel leaf extract-eliminates puffiness from skin. It repairs the skin on cellular level and comforts the skin in case of eczema or razor burns.
  • Camellia sinensis leaf-has anti-inflammatory abilities and helps the skin fight the aging process.
  • Hydrogenated castor oil-smooths out the wrinkles and fine lines. It controls acne and brightens the hyperpigmentation. It has anti-aging abilities.
  • Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract- has antioxidant abilities and slows down the aging of the skin. It brightens the skin complexion and helps the skin look and feel better.
  • Hizikia Fusiforme Extract-lightens the skin and reduces inflammation. It protects the skin from the sun’s UVs and has anti-aging properties too.
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract-sooths the dry and irritated skin and has antioxidant abilities too.
  • Ecklonia Cava Extract-is a great antioxidant and reduces inflammation in skin.
  • Helichrysum Arenarium Extract- is a great ingredient for the oily skin. It reduces the appearance of discoloration and age spots. It addresses the sensitive skin as it’s very gentle to skin. It moisturizes the skin and reduces the risk for dryness. It’s anti-aging and helps the skin get younger, firmer and vibrant.
  • Codium Tomentosum Extract-hydrates the skin and improves the skin complexion
  • Gelidium Cartilagineum Extract-helps the skin get brighter and healthier looking. It whitens the dark spots and it’s loaded with vitamin C. It moisturizes the skin and keeps acne at bay. It reduces irritation to skin and lightens the skin.

The formula is based on plant extracts and contains only few preservatives. This is why it calms and reduces irritation in skin.

What’s to keep in mind when using it?

You should start with a good cleansing of your skin. You need to empty out your pores completely. Apply the serum on areas with enlarged pores. You want to wait for at least 20 minutes in order to get best results. Use gentle taps to help the serum get easier into the skin.

When you’re aiming for a thorough cleansing of your skin, you should give it a go with SKINMISO Pore Corset Serum 1 Oz / Spot Repairing Serum 1 Oz / Rice Foam Cleanser.

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The serum is going to keep acne at bay and reduce the pores. It doesn’t cause breakouts and has a nice smell. It’s lightweight and soaks right into the skin. It feels nice on skin and tightens it, while moisturizing it too. It comes for an attractive price so it’s quite a good option for most.

Don’t forget to follow the serum with a moisturizer (after the 20 minutes are gone). SKINMISO Pore Zero Night Cream, renewed, pore tightening cream is going to step up your game, completing the skin care routine.

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What are the best parts about it? Is there something we don’t like about the serum?

The serum is a great addition for your skin care regimen so here are the best parts about it:

  • It tightens the enlarged pores
  • It moisturizes the skin
  • It improves the skin complexion and texture
  • It soaks right into the skin
  • It feels nice on skin
  • It’s lightweight and has a subtle scent
  • It hydrates the skin and balance the oil production in skin
  • It reduces the risk for pore enlargement
  • It evens the skin tone
  • It comes for a good price

Even if the minor issues aren’t going to make us change our mind, it’s important to list them in order to get the accurate picture:

  • Some feel it a bit sticky
  • Not everyone likes the dropper
  • Skin reacts differently so it may not work for everyone

What’s our conclusion?

Effective, able to reduce pores and to keep the oil production under control, the serum is a valid choice and money well spent any given day too.

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