Skin Brightening Cream by Tulip Natural Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Active Pigment & Lifting Cream By Tulip Natural

When you’re looking for a cream that doesn’t just address the hyperpigmentation issues, but also brings other benefits to your African-American skin, take a confident leap of faith with the Active Pigment & Lifting Cream – Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots Corrector by Tulip Natural.

The cream is made with several natural ingredients and has no parabens so it’s not only able to fade out the dark spots of various causes, but also improves the overall appearance of your skin.

Is the Skin Brightening Cream by Tulip Natural the right choice for you?

Even though the cream isn’t especially made for the black skin, it’s going to work just the same on the African-American skin.

You’re not going to find hydroquinone among the ingredients, but this doesn’t make the cream any less efficient. The combination of Retinol, glycolic acid, AHAs and multiple natural ingredients make the skin work on whitening age spots, dark spots, sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation or freckles.

Additionally, the cream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving a healthy and nice glow to your skin.

If you’re looking to have all of that and a bit more (who wouldn’t?), than it’s time to give it a go.

What are its main ingredients and how to they work?

The list of ingredients is rather long, but we’re only going to focus on the most important and most popular ones.

  • Retinol-it’s a popular ingredient that fights efficiently against hyperpigmentation, evening out your skin tone. It’s able to lighten dark spots and to moisturize a dry skin. It’s great for the oily skin and also diminishes the skin aging signs. It keeps acne at bay and sooths symptoms of rosacea as well.
  • Glycolic acid- it’s always a safe choice for the sensitive skin and gives no irritation. It works against fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes the scars. It’s great at boosting the collagen production and removes dullness from your skin. It smooths skin and leaves it fresh and younger looking.
  • Lactic acid- it improves hyperpigmentation in skin and fades out the early signs of aging. It’s great for the dry skin and sustains the collagen production too.
  • Mulberry root extract- it’s known for clearing the dark spots and blemishes. It softens the skin and has anti-aging abilities too. It’s great for the dry and sensitive skin.
  • Licorice extract-not only sooths an inflamed and itching skin, but it also calms symptoms of eczema
  • Bearberry extract- it whitens and brightens skin tone, fading out hyperpigmentation. It contains allantoin so it comforts a damaged skin. It’s safe for the sensitive skin and offers protection against sun’s bad UVs.
  • Aloe Vera- it’s a great moisturizer that calms sunburns and alleviates symptoms in eczema psoriasis. It keeps acne at bay and fights against skin aging altogether. It minimizes the appearance of stretch marks, making your skin younger and healthier.

The cream has a nice, yet subtle scent that doesn’t linger for long on the skin. You may perfectly combine the cream with other cosmetic products.

Despite the fact is strong, the cream has a rather lightweight consistency so it’s easily absorbed into the skin.

Not only the formula is loaded with all of these well-known powerful ingredients, but it also has no parabens, which is why it’s safe on most skin types.

On top of everything else, the formula is FDA approved so it works, while being safe too.

Are there any rules to keep in mind when using it?

As the formula of the cream is powerful, without containing harmful ingredients, you can use the cream for a long time.

You should be able to see results after 3 or 4 weeks. If you’re dedicated and use it religiously, you’re even going to appreciate the dramatic changes after 3-4 months of use.

Let’s go over it once again for the takeaways

Summing it all for the most important qualities is a bit challenging, but here are the main benefits of the cream:

  • It has a formula based on several efficient ingredients
  • It doesn’t contain parabens nor hydroquinone
  • It’s safe for all skin types, sensitive skin included
  • It’s lightweight and has a pleasant scent
  • It’s easily absorbed and gives results after few weeks

The downsides shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you and they surely didn’t change our mind:

  • The instructions could be better for an easier understanding
  • Some experienced break outs when using the cream
  • One could see it as a tad pricey

What’s our final thought about it?

Regardless of the minor and inherent issues or the extra buck you have to pay for it, the cream doesn’t disappoint when it comes to whitening the skin or helping it look younger and healthier. Don’t you think your skin is worth it?

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