Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hood Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hood

Getting what you want in life ain’t easy, but if you get your ducks in a row and figure out exactly what you want, you may end up with a nice surprise.

For instance, you may want to get a hooded hair dryer that gives you that salon look from the coziness of your home, but you’re not willing to open up your wallet big. What’s to do then?

Lucky enough, the market actually gives you several options and you can get a dependable hair dryer that is also a great bang for your buck.

What makes the Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hair Dryer so special?

Even though the price tag may be the first thing to notice and even the deal sealer for many, the Hooded Dryer from Salon Sundry is far more than meets the eye.

As a matter of fact, the dryer is loaded with a great number of features and its overall performance doesn’t disappoint. Scroll down for the details!

What’s to mention about its features and build?

The dryer sure is a nice surprise for the money and this may explain its popularity too.

Lightweight and economical, the dryer has a 1,000-watt power and this means two things: it’s strong and cost effective altogether.

The dryer runs fast and easy and leaves your hair silky, soft, smooth and free of flyaway. It’s strong enough to be used for perms and various hair treatments.

The heating element is made of stainless-steel so the dryer doesn’t need much time to get hot. The fan is multi-bladed and ensures fast and quiet drying. Additionally, the heat is evenly distributed which is always a good news.

The hood has a good build and it’s made from durable tinted acrylic. It’s pretty big too and may even accommodate the largest rollers. It features a hinged front visor for easier and increased comfort. It’s easier to get under the hood and to multi-task while drying your hair too.

The pedestal base is spring-loaded so it’s not difficult to adjust the height of the dryer. You may also lock in place the right height using the tension knob. The height adjusts from 50” to 64”.

The adjustability of the hood is another feature to highlight. You may swivel bonnet on the base and tilt it up and down too.

The customizing of the dryer doesn’t stop here and you can also adjust the timer and the temperature. The timer may be set up to 60 minutes, whereas the temperature control goes up to 165 F degrees.

The cord is 7 ft. long which isn’t that much, but the portability of the dryer sure compensates for it.

The base of the dryer is wide, matching the large size of the bonnet. The portability is great and the wheels run smooth around.

Is it difficult to use?

First of all, setting up the dryer isn’t challenging and you don’t need any tools for it. The dryer comes with the required screws, anyway.

The dryer is easy to operate and you can also make the adjustments you need without difficulty.

As it’s lightweight and portable, the dryer is also easy to move around.

When in use, the dryer runs quiet and some noted that the timer is a bit louder than expected.

Even though the enclosure is made of hard plastic, you shouldn’t worry much about the durability of the dryer as it’s sure made to take the use for a long time.

What’s to highlight about the dryer?

We like many things about the dryer but here’s a shorter list to use when shopping:

  • The dryer comes with many adjustable features
  • It’s strong, but runs quiet
  • It features a spring-loaded pedestal base
  • The hood is also adjustable and large
  • The hood features a visor
  • The drier heats fast and dries evenly

As for the parts we like less, they’re not many nor major:

  • The hood is a tad heavy
  • The timer is a bit louder than you’d expect
  • The base is wide and bulky, balancing the size of the hood (which isn’t a bad thing, if you think twice)
  • The cord could be longer, for sure

What’s our verdict?

Not the cheapest, nor the strongest hooded dryer out there, the model from Salon Sundry impresses with its package of features and attractive price, standing out as a valid option for most.

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