Shiseido Bio Performance Cream Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the Shiseido Bio Performance Whitening Cream

There are many whitening creams, but if you’re also looking for a luxurious feel on your skin, put your money at stake with Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream Whitening Formula.

Why give it a try?

The luxurious skin revitalizer is great for getting a clear and even skin complexion. It minimizes the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines, but also hydrates your skin well.

You can make your skin look younger by simply taking the first stages of wrinkles formation under control. The cream is made with the patent-pending Bio-Revitalizing Complex that maintains the elasticity of the skin, improving your skin’s resilience and firmness.

The formula is safe and good for all skin types, but it gives better results on complexions with uneven color and dark spots.

What’s to say about its formula?

The ingredients are many but it’s the combination that explains the efficiency of the whitening cream.

The cream is made with ingredients that protect the skin against the aggressive environment. It reduces fine lines and eliminates dryness, roughness or other signs of premature skin aging. It hydrates and rejuvenates the skin at the same time.

Here are some of the ingredients within the formula:

  • Hydrogenated castor oil- it’s anti-aging and fights against acne. It fades out blemishes and keeps the risk for stretch marks under control. It reduces pigmentation and moisturizes the skin.
  • Butylene glycol- even though some may stress over this ingredient, it’s good to know that it has many benefits for the skin. It helps the other ingredients penetrate deeper and easier into the skin and helps with thinning the formula of the cream.
  • Rosa roxburghii extract- it’s a great sources of antioxidants that keep the free radicals under control. It minimizes inflammation and irritation and brings relief in sunburns.
  • Agar- it’s a reliable emulsifier very frequently used in the cosmetic products. it’s a good antioxidant that has thickening abilities. It adds a nice fragrance to the cream.

Who should use the cream?

Women of all skin types older than 30 can benefit from the cream. The formula is efficient and gives great results after some time.

The cream is able to correct skin problems and minimizes the risk for further aging. Who doesn’t want that?

What’s the best way to use it? What’s the feel on the skin?

You can use the cream twice a day, including it in your daily skin care routine and evening routine as well. For best results, you should apply it after your regular cleanser and softener.

A little goes a long way so the cream is going to last a good amount of time. It’s lightweight and it’s easily absorbed into the skin.

It has a pleasant scent, but it doesn’t stay for long on your skin. The cream glides nice and smooth onto your skin, leaving it nice and glowing. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue, or any other kind of residue.

The cream is a great base for your makeup and doesn’t create a cakey feel onto your skin.

It’s a great choice for the harsh environment conditions and moisturizes a dry and sensitive skin.  An acne-prone skin may also benefit from the cream.

What’s to keep in mind when shopping?

The cream has many benefits for one’s black skin, so here’s a shorter list of pros for easier remembering:

  • The cream is made with patent-pending Bio-revitalizing complex
  • It evens skin tone and brightens dark spots
  • It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It protects the skin against the harsh environment
  • It’s a safe choice for the dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • It’s good for all skin types

Even though the inherent flaws aren’t major, some would appreciate the whole picture:

  • The price is steep, according to some
  • The jar doesn’t look sanitary to some
  • One may feel like using a richer moisturizer for the night time

Our fair conclusion

Luxurious, elegant and evening your skin tone, the moisturizer may be the final key of a great skin care routine for your black skin. Even though the price isn’t its selling point (quite contrary for some), we still like it for its efficiency, nice texture and nice results.

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