Strip lashes are one of the most popular false lashes used to increase the beauty of your eyes. These are made from synthetic fibers or the real human or animal hair. Keeping in view the demand, they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. So should not worry about the size of your eyes or whether you’ll find the right ones or not because you definitely will. While some are used for a natural look, you can get a much bolder or dramatic look too. But these all include fluttery lashes that are attached to the strip that adheres to your eyelid.  These lashes are growing in popularity at a very high rate due to their increasing demand among women. They can be customized according to your desire. Fluffy lashes are the best way to give any makeup a pleasing touch

How to Apply Strip Lashes

One of the best strip eyelashes that you can find is made from synthetic materials, typically plastic fibers and is meant to be disposable on its single-use. They are also really cheap as compared to human or mink hair, which is quite expensive. You can apply these strip lashes in three easy steps.  

Step 1

Carefully measure and cut the lash according to your eyes or your need. These lashes are generally long. You have to cut and adjust according to the size of your eyes. Applying extra-long eyelashes can give an artificial look that you do not want in any case. You can trim them and make them suitable for your eye and face. You have to be concerned about the entire look of the face.  No one is going to look at your eyelashes separately. It is the overall look that counts.  

Step 2

Clean the area where the lash has to be placed so that the glue can stick better. Curl your natural lashes to provide space tor falsies. 

Step 3

Use a minimal amount of adhesive with a cotton bud onto the strip of strip-lashes and let it rest so that the glue dries up. Carefully starting at the corner of the eye paste the thin ribbon along with the band of your lashes. It is better to use your finger for better grip and control. Once the eyelash sticks to the place it’s supposed to, hold it down to make sure it sticks well. Press the corners well. 

Faster Growing Eyelashes

How to Remove False Lashes

You can remove these lashes very easily. Use a q-tip to apply makeup remover or coconut oil to the adhesive. You can also use warm water. In a while, the glue will weaken. Gently grab the lash from one corner and slowly peel it off if it feels sticky or hard to remove the use of some more removing solution. 

How to Take Care of False Lashes

Taking care of your strip lashes is not very difficult if you follow these tips the proper way, and get the best value out of them:

Take Them Off

Take your lashes off every day or when you’re done with work. False lashes should be the first thing that comes off your face when removing makeup. Remove them gently so that the remaining makeup from the eyes can be removed.  If you are wearing lenses, make sure you remove them too before cleaning your eye area because rubbing can cause damage to your eyes. Once you have removed artificial lashes and lenses, use eye makeup remover and gently remove all the makeup from your eyes. Treating your eyes carefully is important. 

Clean Them Up

After you take them off, clean them thoroughly. You can use a soap and water solution, or you can use a false lash cleaner to soak the lashes in for a while and then gently clean them with a brush. Remove all the mascara and dirt gently. Remove all the glue. Now take it out, rinse it, and let it dry. After its dried, comb it and put it In its container.

Avoid Oil Based Products:  

Do not use oil-based cosmetics after applying eyelashes. You can check the products before buying them. Many of the products are labeled if they are oil free. If you want your lashes to last long, buy only these products. Try to avoid using mascara. As artificial lashes are already long, you don’t need to use mascara. Artificial lashes are already meant to give your lashes a long and lengthy look. So, the result is already achieved by using artificial lashes. There is no requirement for mascara any more. Still, if you want to use mascara, it must be water-based. Avoid coating too much and apply it on tips only.

How Long Do They Last

Typically you can reuse synthetic lashes for 4 to 5 times, whereas the human or animal hair ones can be used for about 25 to 30 times it kept with the right care. How long do they last depends upon the quality of the material of lashes, and how much you take care of them?  

You can have just the perfect look which you desire by using these fantastic strip lashes. They will not only add beauty and glamour to your personality but also boost your confidence and self-esteem when you’ll feel good about your self. They’re easy to apply, remove, and maintain. There’s a ton of variety for you to try on and find the best fit for you. Eyes are a sensitive part of our body. We should take great care while applying anything to it. Products used must be of good quality. If you use lashes excessively, it may cause damage to your natural eye lashes. So, be careful while applying and removing the lashes. Make sure the procedure does not hurt your natural eyelashes. After all, no one can wear makeup permanently. You have to remove and come back to your normal life.  Giving value to your natural look is equally important.