T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Professional Dryer Review

Sugar & Fluff’s Review of the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Professional Dryer

Working in a hair salon is challenging but it can all become easier and faster when you’re using the right tools.

You cannot make your customer wait, which is why you only need hair drying tools that are strong, fast and yet protective of your client’s hair.

Why invest in the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer?

Winner of Allure Best of Beauty for Best Blow dryer and Best Beauty Breakthrough in 2013, the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is a good investment for your money, no matter how you put it.

Created with T3 Tourmaline+Ceramic+Soft Aire technology, the dryer puts out a high volume of air at a soft and delicate speed. The negative ions and far infrared heat increases its power and performance, and the dryer dries hair fast and easily every time.

The impressive air flow exits the dryer in a cone shape that is pretty wide so you get to dry larger sections of hair, in less time.

The negative ions in the airflow eliminates static and seals the cuticle fast, so your hair isn’t just dry, but moisturized in a natural way, without any flyaways and shiny altogether.

What are the features? What’s to say about the performance?

Able to dry your hair fast and easy, the hair dryer leaves your hair soft and smooth, frizz-free. Even though it’s strong, it runs pretty quiet.

The dryer sits on the lightweight side and has an ergonomic design so it’s easy to handle it while drying your hair. The strain for your arms and shoulder is minor and the dryer is comfortable to use.

The adjustability adds up to the list of good things and the dryer lets you choose between two speed settings, whereas the 3 heat settings allow more versatility. The cool shot button lets you seal in your hair style, giving the salon final touch even from the comfort of your home.

The dryer presents an ergonomic slant handle so you shouldn’t encounter any problems holding it for linger time. The handle doesn’t get hot which gives you more speed while drying the hair.

The concentrator helps your better focus on hair and the air flow is evenly distributed.

The motor has a long life and the build of the dryer has a durability feel to it. The dryer is made to take the heavy-duty use in a salon, for a good amount of time.

The cord is 9ft. long which is great for liberty while styling the hair. Additionally, the cord comes with cord wrap, for easier use.

The 2.5: tourmaline ceramic brush is great for the final touch of the hair styling and for leaving your hair soft, shiny and smooth.

The dryer eliminates frizz and increases the body and shine of your hair. It makes the hair easier to comb and improves the style retention too.

How does it feel when using the dryer?

Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the stress and pressure on your arm and shoulder is minor while using the hair dryer.

The lightweight and well thought design increase the comfort so you’re not going to feel tired after using the dryer.

The buttons are well placed and the risk for accidental pressing is minor.

Even though it’s powerful, the handle of the dryer doesn’t get hot either. The dryer has a good build and its durability feel gives you confidence while hair styling.

The grip is good and the dryer stays sturdy in your hands. Adjustable and well made, everything about the dryer recommends it for the salon use.

What are the main takeaways?

The hair dryer comes with a long list of features, but a shorter list is far more helpful for most:

  • The dryer is an award winner
  • It’s powerful, yet quiet and reliable
  • It’s long lasting and takes the intense use
  • It dries your hair fast and easy, eliminating frizz
  • It has an ergonomic handle and a good design

There’s no such thing as the perfect hair dryer, but the issues are easy to overcome in this case:

  • It’s not the cheapest hair blow dryer for sure
  • Some feel it’s a tad bulky

Do we have a winner or not?

Durable, quiet, powerful and protecting your hair as it leaves it shiny and frizz-free, the hair dryer stands out from the crowd with its dependable performance and quality. As for the negatives, we’re pretty much sure they’re easy to overcome, even by the pickiest customer out there!

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