How to Prevent The Neck Lines

Looking a lot like a necklace, the neck lines are in fact wrinkles that may appear from various causes, from genetics to even looking at your mobile phone (yet, another good reason to cut down the time of using it).

You may not realize it, but checking constantly your phone isn’t bad only for your mental health, but also for your neck lines, worsening them.

As a matter of fact, dermatologists highlight that aging means the loss of elasticity and strength of our skin, leading to the unpleasantly looking neck wrinkles.

Are neck lines all the same?

You may have noticed that neck wrinkles may be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal wrinkles appear from the reduced collagen production in the skin, which is normal as we age. In women, this process also means less estrogen production. Let’s not forget the long-term exposure to the sun, lack of hydration and smoking- all factors that aggravate the aging of the skin. in addition, the constriction of muscles under the skin and the weakening of the skin foundation are going to cause the skin to fold, resulting into wrinkles that show even when you’re resting.

As for the vertical wrinkles, they’re caused by holding the head in the same position for a long time. When you’re sleeping or working with a computer, the risk for developing vertical neck lines is quite high. The more you’re developing activities that cause the folding of the skin, the higher the risk for the lines and wrinkles to set it. The “tech neck” is a phenomenon that everyone in the cosmetic industry is talking about bow. When you’re bending your head down, the skin on the neck is going to fold, leading to permanent wrinkles. In addition, this type of wrinkles may even show to younger patients, as they’re not related to the aging of the skin.

The neck skin isn’t attached to any bones which makes it pretty normal for this part of the skin to show the natural process of aging.

Despite the fact the neck lines are the first to show the aging of the skin, it’s quite common for people to take good care of it. We need to face the truth and admit it that we tend to take good care of our face with cleansers, serums and the right moisturizers, forgetting about the neck.

What causes the neck lines?

Just because you may be having more neck lines than your friends, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re spending more time on your phone than they do. Smoking, sun damage and even skin tone play also big part in showing neck lines. If your skin is damaged, chances are the elastin and collagen production aren’t doing that great. Your skin isn’t able not to wrinkle or to bounce back from folding, as healthy and younger skin does. Furthermore, a lighter skin is going to present a higher risk for environmental aging, showing wrinkles at an earlier age than a darker skin type.

How to address neck lines?

There are several methods to use for making the neck lines more difficult to notice.

  • The anti-aging products

Using anti-aging products for your face isn’t going to cut it, so you should use anti-aging products for your neck too. Did you know that the skin on the neck is one of the thinnest out there, which means it’s a lot more prone to environmental damage?

You may use some products with antioxidant protection for the neck, without eliminating your regular sunscreen. A cream formulated with retinol should be used on the neck, face and chest at night. Boosting the collagen production is going to help the neck lines slowly fade away.

  • The laser solution

If you are willing to pay the extra buck and step up your game, you should use lasers for boosting the collagen and strengthen the skin. even if it’s not a permanent solution, you may also consider the botox solution. This option is going to relax the muscles under the skin, reducing the risk for the fine lines to form. When the effect of Botox is going to go away, the neck muscles are going to constrict again, re-folding the skin. however, the effect of botox should last for 3 to even 5 months.

  • The fillers

Even if the fillers are a valid choice for many, you should make sure you stay on the safe side. The fillers may be injected into the horizontal lines, but it’s a bit risky as the skin is quite thin. Sure enough, there’s a lot of movement happening in the neck, so the risk for lumpiness isn’t to be ignored.

How to avoid neck lines?

Only raising your tech devices isn’t going to be enough so you should also consider developing a routine for your neck too.

  • Cleanse

You should start cleansing the neck just as you do with your skin on your face. Next time you’re cleansing your face, go down to your neck as well. You want to remove dirt, build up, toxins or other types of residue on your neck too.

Try to stay away from soap as it may have a bad influence on the pH of your skin. you should start using a creamy and delicate cleanser that removes in a gentle way the impurities from your skin.

  • Use a neck-specific serum

Even though some steps are important, simply using a neck-specific serum or cream may actually mean the world for your neck. don’t fall into temptation and never use the same face serum on your neck, as you may worsen the whole situation.

The skin on your neck and décolletage is really fragile and thin so any regular cream or lotion is going to lead to more sagging and creasing.

Make an effort and get a product that is especially made for your neck for efficiently removing the “tech neck”.

  • Apply sunscreen

You want the harmful rays to stay away from your neck too. Get a sunscreen at least SPF30 and use it every single day. If it’s a sunny day, put on a wide-brimmed had to protect your neck even better.

  • Exfoliate once a week

You should exfoliate your neck just as you exfoliate your face. You want to boost the cell renewal and to get rid of the dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresher and better looking.

It doesn’t have to be a physical exfoliator like a scrub as a cleansing brush may very well do it. Some like to use an acid exfoliator, so don’t hesitate to try various options.

  • Stop spritzing

Do you like wearing your perfume also on your neck? well, now it’s the best time to stop as fragrances dry out the skin, leading to wrinkles. You should only use your perfume onto the inner wrists and a bit of it behind your ears. You can also switch to natural perfumes as they’re not formulated with alcohol, which dries the skin.

  • Move your computer

If it’s possible, you should place your computer higher up on the desk so that you reduce the risk for developing vertical lines. Make sure you’re using your phone/tablet without looking down. Even if it’s going to be a bit weird at first, you’re going to stay younger looking for a longer time. It’s worth it, right?

  • And Yoga

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