Have you ever wondered why your skin does not look good like it used to be, even after using so many products? Lack of sleep could be a good reason behind that. Skin is the biggest organ of our body. A dull and dead looking skin is a sign of your body wants to sleep more. The stress caused by everyday life is hampering health and sleep. So here are some reasons why you should look forward to getting that extra sleeping hour.

Some of the skin problems are caused by lack of sleep

Often we see people around us who are complaining about acne after skipping a good night’s sleep for days. People who sleep less usually get acne in their face as their first  sleep deprivation symptoms. If you use a good skincare regime and still not getting a result then sleep an hour earlier than before.

If sleep was the only reason for your acne, then it will go away. Your skin is inflamed when you do not get enough sleep. The other sleep deprivation symptoms like nausea and fatigue also make your skin less cared.

Immune-related diseases get worsened by lack of sleep.

Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis is skin problems that seem to be impossible to cure. People with these get tired of trying different prescription regarding this. This stresses them out to the worst level. The stresses that they face hampering their daily activity and even sleep. They cannot get a good sleep for the stress that they are going through. So the first thing as a patient with this should get stress out of their life. They should try to sleep more or it will get worse.

Skin Beauty fades away for the lack of sleep

If you a busy person, you are more likely to see your skin getting dull day by day. If you are already in that stage, then look at you. Do you have that radiance in your skin like you used to? So try to get more sleep. Some unfortunate people cannot sleep for the lack of comfort in bed. If you are one of them, then get mattress for side sleepers.

This is the best for giving you comfort at its best. Then you will get the best sleep that your skin will glow at its best. Memory foam for side sleepers will also improve your sleep pattern.

Premature ageing is caused by lack of sleep

We all know that our skin does not get enough rest for the lack of sleep. But sleeping also is a detoxification process for all the organs of our body. Skin is also no exception. The skin cannot detoxify enough for the lack of sleep.

The lack of sleep causes premature ageing. Also, sleep well makes sure you do not get dark under eyes. The dark under eyes is the first cause of making skin look aged. So sleep more to avoid getting dark eyes and take care of your skin. This will keep you younger for longer.

The skin becomes dehydrated for lack of sleep

When we are sleeping the body rebalances hydration process. Dehydration takes a toll on your overall health by making you sick often. This dehydration process causes the psoriasis or eczema. So calculate your sleep cycle by tracking it with sleep calculator. Sleep calculator will give you a proper idea of your sleeping time every day. You will be able to track how much more sleep you need and compensate it the next day.


Our skin is the first thing that gets noticed by people when we meet them. Beautiful skin is natural jewellery that enhances a person’s beauty. So don’t kill you health waking up in social media instead of sleeping or someday you will regret.