Best Blow Hair Dryer for African American Hair
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Hair Dryer for African American Hair Reviews

Getting a blow dryer for your African-American shouldn’t be that difficult to do as the market is full of options for all sorts of budgets.

African-American hair is quite the challenge when it comes to styling as it’s typically thick, coarse and the risk for damaging its ends is always high. You want a blow hair dryer that is strong enough to dry it evenly and fast, but without damaging the hair too.

What’s important in a blow hair dryer for African-American hair?

Most blow hair dryers come with various styling attachments that you may use in various situations. Diffusers, concentrators, combs and brushes are the typical attachments. You may also get them separately and some fit better specific hair styles and hair types.

For instance, a paddle brush or a ceramic barrel brush with reinforced plastic bristles are going to handle great a very curly hair during blow drying. Don’t compromise on the accessories and get the quality brushes and combs for a better hair styling.

How to make a decision?

Take a look at the technology of the blow hair dryer as the better advanced it is, the less harmful is going to be on your hair.

Always go with the higher wattage on the hair dryers as they heat and dry faster. You should also check for the hair dryer to have adjustable heat. Your hair dryer should at least have low and high setting and cool setting as well.

Don’t forget about the replaceable attachments. If your hair is natural, a broken comb is quite a common situation so get a blow hair dryer that features easy to find attachment replacements.

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TOP 5 Blow Dryer Reviews for African American Hair

1.Going shopping on a tight budget is quite the challenge but it’s not like finding the needle in the hay either. For instance, the Conair 1875 Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer is a great option when you only have few bucks to spend and its inherent flaws are to be easily forgiven.

Even though the blow hair dryer doesn’t come with a cool button, it sure compensates a lot with its power and ease of use.

The list of good things is quite impressive for the money you’re paying and the blow hair dryer even has two heat and speed settings. Its power cord is 5ft. long which isn’t bad at all when styling your hair at home.

The handle has an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip so the hair dryer is comfortable to use. Additionally, your hand isn’t going to get tired after holding the dryer for long time. As it’s quite powerful, you’re not going to have to hold it for long anyway.

The blow hair dryer is small and compact so it’s a great option when going on a trip. It fits easy your carrying bag and finding its place at home is easy-peasy too. Let’s not forget to mention its hanging hook that makes use far easier and comfortable.

In a nutshell, the blow hair dryer is small and able to blow strong air, handling just fine the thick or coarse African-American hair. And it looks cute too.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s small and lightweight
  • It’s powerful and adjustable
  • It’s easy to use and to store
  • It’s low priced and looks cute

We’re not making a drama out of the minor issues:

  • Its low setting feels a lot more like a cool setting
  • It doesn’t have a cool button

No matter how we put it though, the blow hair dryer is quite a nice surprise for the money and does a darn good job for the African-American hair too.

2.One of the most popular choices out there for the African-American hair, the Andis 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Styling Hair Dryer isn’t a dryer to miss when you’re going shopping with only few bucks on you.

Despite its low price, the blow hair dryer manages to bring many good things to the table. The even-heat ceramic technology keeps the natural oils and seals in moisture of your hair. When you’re done, your hair isn’t just dry, but also smooth, silky and the frizz is gone.

The blow hair dryer dries really fast thanks to the ionic technology that break up the water molecules, without damaging your hair.

The adjustability of the dryer isn’t bad at all and you may choose from 3 heat and speed settings, just the way you need it. The cool shot button is a very helpful detail that gives the final touch and seals your hair styling.

The hair dryer is lightweight and easy to use. Its attachments are easy to switch out and the hair dryer has a durability feel to it.

We would like to see some improvements:

  • It does overheat at times
  • It’s a tad noisy

However, the hair dryer comes with many good things and it’s quite a bang for your buck.

3.The Wazor Professional Hair Dryer Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer 1875W Far Infrared Heat Dryer is quite a nice surprise for the money you pay and it gives the professional performance without the extra buck.

The blow hair dryer comes with an AC motor that has an 1875 power and it takes the use for a long time. The motor is going to handle the heavy-duty use for a good amount of time. The airflow gets a speed of 90km/h and this means fast hair drying for sure.

The dryer is made with tourmaline ionic ceramic technology and your hair is going to get shiny, softer and less frizz when you’re done styling it.

We also need to mention the far infrared heat that has longer wavelength than regular heat, helping it to go straight into the cortex of hair cuticles. It heats from the inside out, evenly and faster. The risk for damaging your hair is lower and the technology also creates a protective barrier to diminish chemical and bacteria build-up.

The adjustability of the blow hair dryer is good and you get to choose from 3 different heat settings and 2 speeds, according to your needs. The blow dryer also comes with a cool shut button for the final touch of your hair styling.

The list of features also includes a removable lint filter that makes cleaning way easier. The double safety net minimizes the risk for the hair getting sucked into the hair dryer. The hair dryer also features an anti-leakage plug which means that, in case of a short circuit caused by leakage, the leakage protection is activated automatically so that you and everyone in the house stays safe.

The blow hair dryer impresses also with its elegant appearance. The attachments are easy to clip on/off and the blow hair dryer dries fast and easy the African-American hair.

Going shortly over the most important qualities:

  • The blow hair dryer comes with adjustable heat and speed
  • It dries fast and easy
  • It features anti-leakage plug and double safety net
  • The attachments are easy to clip on/off

The downsides aren’t major:

  • The bright LED is a bit annoying for some
  • The buttons could be placed elsewhere

All things considered, the blow hair dryer does a great job for the African-American hair and it’s worth every single penny.

4.Drying really fast your hair, the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is a valid option for the African-American hair.

The blow hair dryer has a 2000Watt power so it’s able to dry your hair in no time. It’s infused with ceramic and tourmaline so it protects your hair and doesn’t damage the hair either. It emits far-infrared heat waves that go deeply into your hair, diminishing frizz and static. Additionally, it also dries really fast your hair.

Lightweight, the blow hair dryer is easy to hold and gives a comfortable grip.

The blow hair dryer comes with 1 concentrator. The design of the cable gives great flexibility during drying.

As for the adjustability, the blow hair dryer has adjustable heat and speed and a cold button too.

Let’s not forget about its looks which are quite nice. The blow hair dryer is fast and powerful and is going to work for a good amount of time.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The blow hair dryer has a 2000Watt power
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use
  • It has adjustable heat and speed
  • It dries fast

We’re not making a big fuss over the minor problems:

  • Controls are a bit sensitive so you can turn them on accidently
  • The hot setting is really hot

All in all, as it’s powerful, fast and easy to use, the blow hair dryer is an option not to skip on when shopping.

5.The sleek appearance of the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer is one thing to notice to the blow hair dryer, but it’s more than meets the eye.

The hair dryer comes with an Ion Generator-enhanced that gives fast results, without damaging your hair. It’s powered by a T3 Tourmaline+SoftAire TM technology which is known for its healthier drying.

The dryer gives a high volume of air at soft and nice speed, boosted with the negative ions and far infrared heat. The dryer is strong, but doesn’t damage your hair and helps it retain its natural moisture, minimizing frizz. When you’re done, your hair remains shiny and soft too.

The hair dryer is quiet and lightweight and it’s quite comfortable to use. Its features are plenty and the blow hair dryer comes also with 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and 1 concentrator. Its cool shot button helps you give that extra special final touch to your hair styling.

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The slant handle is ergonomic and you can use the dryer for long time with less strain on the hand.

The cord is 9ft long and has cord wrap and you also get a 2.5” Tourmaline ceramic brush that is helpful in many situations.

The hair dryer comes with an easy-to-clean filter and gives cone-shaped flow.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • The hair dryer comes with a durable motor
  • It dries fast and it’s powerful, without damaging your hair
  • It’s adjustable on many levels
  • It’s lightweight and quiet

We’re not making a drama out of the minor issues:

  • The overall design could be improved
  • Some think it’s a tad pricey

All in all, as it’s strong, lightweight and looks so sleek, the blow hair dryer is money well spent when in need.

Best blow hair dryer for African American natural hair

Strong enough to handle the natural African-American hair, the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is a good option that comes for an affordable price too.

The blow hair dryer has 2000Watt power so it gives high drying force. It features ceramic technology that ensures delicate and even far-infrared heat that doesn’t damage your hair. Additionally, the AC motor gives amazing performance, without getting too loud.

The versatility of the blow hair dryer is important and you can choose one of the 4 heat setting when styling your hair. It comes with an 8mm concentrator nozzle that you may attach when in need. The filter is removable and the hair dryer is very easy to use.

Unlike many blow hair dryers, this one also comes with a cold shot button that you get to use for the final touch of your hair styling.

The blow hair dryer has a solid build and presents a durability feel to it. It has a lot of force and has a good weight. Its matte finish ensures a good grip and the blow hair dryer is made for the long run.

Listing the most important pros:

  • The blow hair dryer dries fast and it’s powerful
  • It has a good weight to it
  • It’s highly adjustable on heat and speed levels
  • It has a solid build and leaves a durability feel

Here are the cons:

  • Some feel it’s heavy
  • The temperature switches could use a better design

Nevertheless, the blow hair dryer does a great job for the African American natural hair and is money well spent.

Best professional blow dryer for African American hair

Entirely handcrafted in France, the Professional Ionic Hair Dryer Handcrafted in France isn’t the typical hair dryer, but it sure makes an impression.

The blow hair dryer is lightweight, yet powerful and ready to take the heavy-duty use in a professional use. You may easily use it for hours without feeling strain in your arms or shoulders. Additionally, it comes with a durable motor that handles the long time use.

The hair dryer has a 1600 watts’ power and it dries fast your hair, without damaging. It flows air efficiently, even though it has a compact footprint. It comes with a Dual Ion Generator and features on/off switch that makes the use so easy. The hair becomes shiny and soft and you may even want to give up on your conditioner. Many stopped using the flat iron when using this hair dryer.

If you’re not going for the shiny and sleek hair, simply turn of the Dual Ion Generator. Anyways, the frizz is going to go away when using the dryer.

The blow hair dryer also stands out from the crowd with its patented ergonomics so the risk for hand/arm/shoulder strain is minor.

The cord is 10 ft. long which gives you plenty of freedom. It features circuit breaker so you don’t need to worry about your safety in case of an emergency.

The adjustability doesn’t disappoint either and the hair dryer comes with 2 heat settings and 2 speed setting. It has two different concentrator nozzles so you may use the dryer for many jobs. The cold shot button is always helpful for completing the hair styling of your choice.

The list of features doesn’t stop here though. The dryer features anti-shock buttons and its build allows it to sit upright on the counter.

Last, but not least, the dryer comes in a nice shade of blue and looks very nice too.

Small, compact and lightweight, the dryer is also easy to carry around when traveling. It has a durability feel to it and comes with an attractive price for its value.

Let’s list our favs:

  • The hair dryer is made for the heavy-duty use in a salon
  • It dries fast and protects your hair
  • It’s small, lightweight and sits upright
  • It’s adjustable, durable and strong

Bells and whistles aside, we only note few minor things:

  • It gets hot after some time
  • Its cord is a tad heavy

Long story short, the blow hair dryer has a professional-grade quality and its impressive list of features and performances sure don’t let anyone done.