8 hour sleep for health and beautyGetting your “beauty sleep” isn’t just a silly phrase people coined because they thought it was funny. 8 hours of sleep can have numerous positive effects on our bodies and minds and lack of sleep can sometimes affect our hormonal status or immune system. Besides eating a healthy diet and taking part in physical activity, a high-quality sleeping routine is a number one goal for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading the article to find out what are some of the most important reasons to establish a natural sleep pattern.

Improve Concentration

Did you notice that after you get a good night’s sleep it’s automatically easier for you to deal with everyday problems if you encounter any? In other words, sleep deprivation affects your brain function. If you want to maximize the usage of your problem-solving skills and enhance memory, try sticking to a sleep schedule. You can receive much more information when your body is well rested. Not only that, you are able to process the information you’re given because you’re focused on the data that is relevant and not on the additional details. When you’re tired your brain loses the ability to think rationally and use its full potential.


Calming down your running mind is the main form of relaxation. Body and mind have to be in sync if you plan on establishing a sleep pattern. When you wake up in the middle of the night, toss and turn, or take too much time to fall asleep, your body is stressed out to the point that you start feeling physical symptoms such as migraine, depression or irregular heartbeat. If you’re wondering how to get better sleep, you can start by changing your current sleep rituals and focus on improving your sleep hygiene. Sleep regularly, minimize screen time before sleep, meditate or just do whatever you feel comfortable with that relaxes you. When your mind is at ease, your body will naturally be prone to falling asleep much faster.

Immunity Booster

Just like different vitamins or fresh fruits and vegetables provide energy and heal our bodies, sleeping throughout the night can have the same effect on our cells. If you’re constantly experiencing a lack of sleep, your immune system can be affected by the stress and pressure you put on the body to stay awake. That’s why you can be more prone to catching a cold or feeling fatigued all the time. Your immune system needs to be protected by creating more T cells (a type of immune cells) which are responsible for fighting off infections caused by viruses. If your body feels worn down, the cells are feeling this way too, so take care of your body so it can take care of you in times of need, so you don’t fall ill.

Healthier Heart

It is scientifically proven that blood pressure and heart rate go down when your body is relaxed, which means right before sleeping. Blood vessels have to relax, too. When our bodies are constantly exposed to stress due to lack of sleep, it can be the reason for a higher rate of cardiovascular and coronary diseases in people who are not getting enough sleep. When you feel worn out, your heart rate goes up as the heart has to work harder to give our muscles enough oxygen and nutrients to function properly.

Give your mind enough time to recharge, so you wake up energized. How do you get your body to doze off faster and wake up with more energy? In order to enable your body to function properly, make sure you nurture it and keep yourself away from stressful situations such as sleep deprivation. Tell us all about your tips for sleeping better in the comments below!